Kandi’s Wedding Recap: All’s Well That Ends Well

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Last night was the finale of Kandi's Wedding. Of all of Bravo's weddings, this one may have been my favorite. It was really unique, the performances and venue were really fabulous, plus Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker seem to be genuinely and madly in love in a really sincere way. Am I crazy?

Before all the happiness, we have to wrap up last week's melodrama! With the prenup still unresolved, Todd bails on the rehearsal dinner but leaves his mommy Sharon there, alone, to fend for herself among the wolves. Or at the very least – wolf: Mama Joyce. Kandi and Todd have a fraught conversation about why he won't sign. Todd insists he doesn't care about money, but Kandi argues that if that's true he would sign. It's unfortunate that she's letting her 'Mama Joyce' show and arguing about leaving her husband something in her will if she dies – the night before her wedding. 


Mama Joyce, sniffing out death like a vulture, sidles over and barely hides her delight when Kandi reveals the wedding may be off over the prenup – she of course feels vindicated and crows that she knew Todd was all about Kandi's money. Then she stalks Sharon around the party, lurking behind her and sneering. It was horrifying. I am sure Sharon had trouble sleeping that night – imagining the horror that is sanity-killer Joyce! Joyce even sidled up to Titus from behind while he was eating to suggest, nefariously, that he get involved. Titus refused to even look at her, kept to one-word answers like she was a police interrogator, and was craning away from her like she smelled something awful. Bad vibes will permeate! 

That night, Todd and Kandi talked and agreed to resolve a couple issues in the prenup – mainly issues about the house and the clause about what happens if they die. The following day Todd makes plans to sign, on video, despite his attorney's protests. 

The day of the wedding, things are on track. Except for the fact that none of the dresses have arrived and the groom still hasn't finalized signing the prenup! Better late than never is the theme of this wedding! But everyone is hopeful, optimistic, and relieved that the wedding will take place. Everyone that is, except for Joyce!

Todd's daughter Kaela is in town from New York. Kandi is excited to welcome Kaela into her family and considers her a daughter. Visiting Kandi in the hotel room while Kandi, Riley, and Kaela are getting their makeup done, Mama Joyce chooses this time to make snappy comments about how she doesn't like the wedding theme, and that she hopes Kandi remembers she has only ONE girl. Only one girl, meaning Riley. One girl that she better 'take care of' (meaning financially). Did I mention Kaela was sitting right there? Yes, Mama Joyce was talking about Todd's daughter right in front of her. 

Finally Reco arrives with Kandi's gown. She loves it. I think it looks like a glorified figure skating costume with extra extra feathers #sochi. Then Reco dumps the couture gown in a sheet, rolls it up, slings it over his shoulder Santa-style and strolls out to finish it. Derek J has the vapors and needs the smelling salts over the affront to couture. The disrespect!

While Mama Joyce cruises the bridal party suite making snippy comments, Tan doles out drinks and keeps Joyce in line. Rasheeda suggests Carmon talk to Joyce about all their issues. Carmon knows Joyce better than that – and also doesn't wish to cause drama on Kandi's day – so she continues to ignore her. Sharon tells Carmon that Kaela heard Joyce's comments and is hurt that Joyce insinuated Kandi should not continue her part of the family. Carmon was not surprised. 

Todd signs the prenup and has to do a video recording attesting that he was signing of free will and was not coerced – or subjected to harm or duress (does Joyce count?). He does and the wedding is officially on! Kaela is now visibly unhappy and Sharon tells Kandi that Joyce said something but they can discuss it after the wedding. Sadly, Kandi did not look surprised. 

Joyce checks in with Kandi and is all too disappointed to learn that Todd will, in fact, be marrying her daughter. Of course she takes that moment to start a big argument with Kandi when Kandi asks if she said anything to Kaela. Joyce insists she knows how to act around kids and then starts getting loud with Kandi. "Don't check me!" she demands. Kandi does need to check her mother. And stop writing the checks!

Riley starts to cry because Kandi and Joyce are going at it – again. Then poor Riley has to parent Joyce about how she shouldn't be starting drama on the wedding day. Things calm down and Kandi and Riley head to the wedding venue. Late. Of course – this is Kandi! 

As lions (or tigers – depending on whether or not you ask Porsha Stewart) arrive in cages outside the venue, I'm wondering where Mama Joyce's cage is?

The wedding venue looks spectacular. But backstage, the dresses are STILL not finished and this is looking like a Project Runway episode with sewing and fitting happening moments before they make their debut to the world. Feathers – and fur! – were flying. Phaedra Parks had the best dress in my opinion, but Carmon and Tan also looked fabulous. 

As Todd walked up to the altar, you could see in his eyes how happy and in love he is. And when Kandi made her entrance, after the sensational African dancers and from behind feathered fans, Todd started to cry. I love these two together – they seem genuinely in love and I am truly rooting for them. 

kandi burruss mama joyce wedding

The entire time her daughter was walking down the aisle, exchanging emotional vows, and even giving Riley and Kaela rings to welcome them into the family, Joyce did not smile. She did not clap or exhibit joy. BUT – at least she did not make a spectacle and everyone pretty much ignored her which probably really made her angry. Well everyone ignored her except for Peter Thomas who had to comment on the situation because well as NeNe would say, "A bitch acts like a bitch." 

Also making an appearance was Sheree Whitfield, who is pulled out of retirement for every ATL wedding – except for NeNe's! Hey it's like her new job; Bravo spinoff guest star. 

During the wedding photos Joyce sulked, but everyone else just rose above and pretended her tantrums and antics were not taking place. How dare she try to destroy Kandi, Todd (and their daughters') happy day with her foul mood and constipated expression. I would say I hope her face freezes that way, but it already has! And karma – she embarrassed herself horribly on national TV. 

At the reception, Kandi reveals a new ring – bigger and blingier – and Joyce doesn't even care. Todd tells Kandi to ignore her because they're happy and shouldn't let anyone ruin their good vibes. And so they did – it was a fabulous party with dancing, great live performances, and best of all: BEL BIV DEVOE pulled out of retirement. YES!

Neither Kandi nor Todd wanted it to end. And during the speeches, Derek J coerced Joyce into coming up and saying some words to her daughter. Joyce, for once, kept it respectful for Kandi. Kandi tossed the bouquet and Porsha knocked somebody over diving for it. Assault with a floral arrangement! 

In the end, Kandi and Todd are ecstatic with their wedding and happy that all the drama is over so they can start their lives together. Congratulations you two!

[Photo Credits: Bravo]