Brandi Glanville Clears Up Rumors; Explains Why A Certain Media Outlet Hates Her

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Brandi Glanville is fed up, y’all!  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to her podcast this week to hit back at some of the crazy rumors floating around and also gives a scathing explanation of why a certain media outlet loathes her and will never write a nice article about her.  Hint: it involves drugs.

Brandi first addresses the rumors that Lisa Rinna is joining the cast of Beverly Hills and that Brandi supposedly super jealous over it.  Brandi says that she can’t confirm or deny anything regarding casting and says she honestly doesn’t know if Lisa has signed on, but she hasn’t filmed with her.  She says that she met Lisa at an event a few years ago and loved her and chatted with her all night.  So, jealousy rumors are total B.S.

Brandi shares that a bulk of the negative stories about her originate from Radar and there’s a reason why…

Brandi says that the reason Radar Online runs awful stories about her is because the editorial director Dylan Howard used to do drugs in front of one of Brandi’s friends who is sober and Brandi bitched him out for it because it was hard on the friend to see/deal with.  Now he’s a head director at Radar and they hate her guts and won’t print anything nice for very personal reasons.  She says the incident happened about 3 years ago before he was at Radar. Brandi went on to say that so many outlets quote Radar, but they (R.O.) don’t know what they’re talking about.

The next rumor she clears up – Brandi is not suing Eddie or LeAnn for anything they say on their reality show.

She also confirmed that she got in huge trouble for what she said on Howard Stern last year, so she can’t talk about casting, paychecks, or anything regarding RHOBH at all anymore.

Brandi is tired of all the hate aimed at her.  She loves when blogs and news outlets play nice.  “I love all of my nice people that are nice. Just because you disagree with me, doesn’t mean you have to hate on me.  Just say ‘listen, I disagree with you!’  You don’t have to be horrible to get your point across.”

Brandi did admit that she cut some negative people out of her life.  The ones who seemed to relish it when she was at her lowest point.  She’s also keeping Twitter engagement at a minimum because it’s so shockingly hostile.   She admitted, “it’s easier to just shut your computer and walk away.”   I don’t blame Brandi there.  I’ve read responses to her Tweets and they make me cringe most days.



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