Ladies of London Finale Recap – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

 Ladies of London cast

On last night’s Ladies of London season finale Caroline Stanbury and Caprice Bourret’s friendship ended, a ton of babies were born, Annabelle Neilson proved to be the wisest person on the show, Marissa Hermer followed all things Royal, Juliet Angus evolved (sort of), and Noelle Reno chose a side. Her own. All in all a good end to the season.

We’re back at Caroline’s dinner party with everyone wondering about Caprice’s whereabouts. And suddenly she appears. Like Beetlejuice. After acknowledging all of the Ladies and some of the waitstaff, Caprice finally says hello to the host. Caroline is angry that she wasn’t acknowledged first. Caprice is upset that Caroline didn’t stand up to greet her. It’s pretty damn awkward around that table. After some chitchat, Caprice announces that her surrogate is dilated and she’s about to leave the country to be with her. There’s talk of a mucus plug, but I don’t even want to know what that’s about. Caroline thinks Caprice is being overly dramatic and should just get on the plane already. And she better take the rest of that vegan meal that Caroline had prepared especially for her.

Later Caroline gets Caprice alone. It’s time to go over Showergate. Again. Caroline is offended that Caprice asked her to throw the shower, deemed said party not good enough, and then asked two members of their circle to throw a shower for her instead. Caprice denies, denies, and denies. Then she accuses Caroline of bullying Marissa and Noelle about the shower. Now Caroline denies. She brings up the fact that Caprice asked Matt and Marissa to have the shower for her at Bumpkin. More denials. But Caroline has proof in the form of emails. She’s not a liar, Caprice! This is just like a Housewives reunion with evidence being presented. Caroline brings out her phone and Caprice reads an email that Marissa wrote saying Caprice asked her to use Bumpkin for the shower. Caprice deflects and accuses Caroline of bullying Marissa and Noelle. Again. With that said, it’s time for her to go. You think? She interviews that Caroline is angry because her cheerleaders are now cheering for the other team. Well this all feels very high school so that’s an appropriate way of putting it.

Before Caprice leaves she tells Marissa that she has a gift for her and pulls her outside. Caroline tells her other guests that Caprice called her a bully and Noelle stirred all this up in the first place. Juliet, of course, takes Caroline’s side. She’s also glad to be out of the drama for a change. She’s just a spectator. But also a cheerleader, right? We get into a quick round of she said/she said. Caroline tells Noelle that Caprice said she (Caroline) bullied her (Noelle). Noelle denies saying that she felt bullied. Outside, Caprice tells Marissa and Julie that Caroline is a big bully. Marissa reminds Caprice that she did ask her to use Bumpkin for the shower. Caprice says she has “pregnancy brain” and forgot. Well played. Noelle comes running out to tell them that she’s being “thrown under the road”. Bless her heart. Caprice denies saying Noelle called Caroline a bully. She must defend poor, scared Noelle. Oh, please. Marissa tries to smooth things over with Caroline, on Noelle’s behalf. Noelle reiterates that she never used the “b” word. Caprice arrives to back her up. She’s the only one who called Caroline a bully. Caroline has had enough and promptly kicks Caprice and her baby bump out of her house. Caprice tells us that she’s done with Caroline forever. That was exhausting. Caroline interviews that Caprice and Noelle are just using each other and in the end Caprice will drop Noelle once she’s done. I’d say that’s accurate.

The next day, Noelle and Marissa are discussing the dinner party. Noelle still feels horrible. Her Catholic guilt is kicking in. For real? Marissa is only half-listening because she’s fixated on the live stream of Royal Baby watch. Later she goes to the hospital to wait for the Prince’s birth announcement. She owes it to her new country. Oh course you do, Marissa.

Meanwhile, Caprice fills Annabelle in on the dinner party. She throws around the bully word again. Annabelle isn’t buying it and says that label is a bit harsh. Caprice won’t hear her. Annabelle thinks Caprice and Caroline are just being competitive with each other. Caprice denies this. So much denial. Annabelle thinks she should clear the air with Caroline, but Caprice isn’t interested.

At the same time, Caroline and Juliet are rehashing the party. Caroline feels vindicated after the confrontation. Juliet is proud of herself for staying clear of the fight. Maybe she’s the rational one. Probably not. They move on to Noelle’s ish stirring. She calls Caroline at that moment. Right on cue. Noelle feels terrible about what happened. Caroline says she can’t play both sides. Noelle takes this in and decides she’s staying firmly on Team Noelle from now on. It’s a very “I choose me” moment. Kelly Taylor would be proud. In any event, Caroline is over it and lets Noelle off the hook.

Elsewhere Caprice and Ty leave for LA to be with their surrogate. After a long wait, the baby finally arrives. A month later, Caprice is back in the hospital having her second baby. It’s another boy. Caprice says she must have done something really good in her life to deserve this. Wow, that was cheesy.

Back in England, Annabelle’s riding coach, Pip, and Julie come to Slades Farm for a visit. Annabelle missed out on the race this year, but vows to ride next year. And she’ll do it in her McQueen silks. She’s also learned to ask for help and that human nature is better than she thought. It’s a nice moment.

We end the episode at the Audi Polo Cup, the last party of the summer. Juliet, Marissa, Noelle, and Julie discuss Caprice. Juliet thinks Caprice divided the group. Julie just wants everyone to get along. She also wants to be a regular cast member next season. Marissa thinks it’s for the best that the two queen bees, Caroline and Caprice, have been separated.

Now we’ve come to the “where are they now” moment of the finale with the helpful write-ups from the producers:

The court ruled that Scot was worth 40 million pounds. His ex-wife was awarded 20 million pounds. But Noelle received a flawless six carat diamond engagement ring. Who got the better deal?

Juliet says she’s not going to change the American she is, but she can also be a little British. We learn that she and her family are still in London, but she hasn’t taken anymore etiquette classes. Rosemary is crushed.

Marissa says she feels like she’s proven herself. She’s more than just Matt’s wife. She and Matt had a second son. Now they have an heir and a spare. Take that, Kate Middleton.

Caroline hasn’t spoken to Caprice since the party and she continues to socialize with the Americans. That’s nice and all, but what about Luke?! He was MIA this episode. How is he? Oh, wait. I found him on Twitter. Nevermind.

Caprice continues to accuse Caroline of mean behavior. But she better watch out because there’s going to be a different Caprice in the future. Whatever that means. We’re told that Caprice and Ty are back in London with their boys and nobody threw her a baby shower. Well, you can’t have everything.

Annabelle says her accident taught her how to appreciate life. Her injury is healing and she plans to ride & race again. Good for her.

As the Ladies dance awkwardly at the Polo party, Marissa talks about how London is a different league. It’s the center of the universe. A small town with a big name. You might be pretty, but this is her city. And we’re out. Later, Ladies and Gents.

Recap Author: Geoff


Photo Credit: Rebecca Miller/Bravo