Divorce Is Not An Option For Teen Mom 2 Couple Jeremy And Leah Calvert

Teen Mom 2 Leah Calvert

Last week, Kail Lowry and Leah Calvert shared their best “woe is me” stories to promote new episodes of Teen Mom 2. Well apparently Leah wasn’t done whining sharing.

Drama queen, thy name is Leah, lives to share vague, negative thoughts on Twitter. Her latest bender included “this is one battle I will NOT back down from, and the bitterness to come will not be on my hands” and “any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time.”

Leah‘s fans instantly assumed she and Jeremy Calvert were having marital problems. Because, Leah. The mom of three denied it, tweeting, “Jeremy and I are perfectly fine.” But Leah’s latest chat with her tabloid of choice sings a much different tune.


Speaking to In Touch, Leah admitted that she and Jeremy argue a lot… but divorce #2 before birthday #23 is not going to happen!

“Divorce is not an option for us,” declared Leah. “I truly believe that Jeremy is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my girls, and I really think we can overcome anything.”

Leah revealed that she finally convinced Jeremy to seek couples therapy. “It’s helped us to see each other’s feelings from a different point of view. We are doing our best to fix our relationship.”

“We’ve had problems, but Jeremy and I promise each other every day that we’re never going to give up,” insisted Leah. “In the end, I feel like that’s what marriage is all about.”

Leah is one of the most exhausting Teen Mom stars ever. She’s tie with Kail in my book. Considering that list includes Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans, and Briana DeJesus, oh my. I do think Leah and Jeremy have serious marital issues, and I’m not the least bit surprised. I wouldn’t last one hour in the same room as Leah, or Kail, in real life.


Photo Credit: Facebook