Teen Mom 2 Recap: Choice And Consequence

jenelle evans confronts nathan about drinking

On last night’s Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and Nathan continued to be a study in dysfunction. Chelsea Houska may have broken the law, and Leah Calvert battled Corey Simms and his insurance company over Ali’s much-needed wheelchair. 

Jenelle Evans is still pregnant. But lucky girl was blessed by the court gods who don’t want to deal with her because her latest charges have been dropped. Barb brings Jace over, where he knocks over a plastic slide and nearly maims his cousin while Babs freaks out. Jenelle sits there and stares at the ground. Barbara worries about Nathan Griffith leaving Jenelle alone for 30 days – what if she gets on some ‘pregnant and single’ app! – while he goes to jail for his DUI. Barb is anxious that without Nathan, Jenelle will have to get herself to school alone. Jenelle is how old? Oh right – mentally she’s 12. And that’s generous.

However, Barbara is also worried because Nathan is violent. To be accurate, Nathan is Dr. Fakeyl and My. Lyes and he could snap at any moment – especially when his friend Mr. Alcohol joins the party! Jenelle claims they’re getting along better because they talk now. Oh that’s nice – I’m sure they have plenty of insightful things to say. Either that or the Dr. Phil Home Therapy app they downloaded and bought cliff notes for told them to just talk til they’ve got laryngitis. Hooked on Phonics Psychology, y’all! 


Nathan’s lawyer Amy (we’re on a first name basis with her too now!) calls to inform him that next week he’ll have to submit his guilty plea and immediately head to the jail to serve his 30 days. Good thing he’s already wearing his orange shirt! Then Amy asks Nathan if he’s been driving, because her spies (the MTV camera crew?) have seen him driving around town on a suspended license. He denies it but you can see him starting to turn into Mr. Lyes, he’s getting red in the face and tense, but he was trying super hard to keep it in check. However in exchange for doing his 30 days, Nathan won’t be charged with a DUI. 

Jenelle, driving her new Hummer?!?!?!?, confronts Nathan about his drinking. He has a job, you guys, but he’s been out drinking all day. I love the irony of these two – last season Nathan was keeping Jenelle clean and sober from her drug use (and she failed a drug test), but this season Jenelle is helping Nathan stay sober (and he’s out drinking all day!). And next season Adam Lind is going to be conducting safe driving classes. Anyway, Nathan flips out. 

Jenelle’s house is filthy, they’ve adopted a few more pets (did I see a kitten and some hamster cages?!), and it appears that all their Rent-A-Center furniture has been repossessed – gotta pay all those attorney fees. After their argument about drinking, Nathan and Jenelle agree to stop fighting and don’t want to argue once Kaiser is born. Yeah, OK… cause you can ask Kail all about how non-stressful a newborn is to a relationship. Basically Nathan and Jenelle want Kaiser to grow up and not end up like them – or Jace, aka “a bad kid.” To be clear, Jenelle doesn’t care that Nathan drinks too much – she cares about what time of day he drinks. 

Leah has a job – finally – to help pay for Ali’s medical costs. But of course Leah works at a tanning salon, so there goes extra money for medical supplies! That’s like enabling. She’s more tangerine than ever. She’s going to turn into a dried apricot. With Barbie colored hair. Ali’s legs are hurting a lot so Leah lets her stay home until she gets her wheelchair. “I was sick with my bones,” Ali explains. 

Corey is still not accepting of Ali’s diagnosis and blames Leah for trying to explain to Ali what she has, believing she’s being a negative nag. “I don’t wanna be the bad parent,” Leah complains. Oh Leah – you are. No matter what. Because you set a terrible hair example for your daughters. And I swear she’s gong to start working at Wet N’ Wild cosmetics next and then we’ll all really be in trouble! 

Later Corey hears back from insurance that they won’t pay for Ali’s wheelchair without additional proof of her diagnosis. That is atrocious! If insurance denies it they will have to pay $20k for the chair out of pocket. Leah reminds Corey to contact the insurance company to make sure they get the chair for Ali’s safety and health. And it seems like Corey is coming around to the idea that Ali not only needs the wheelchair, but wants it to feel independent. 

Leah thinks it’s Corey’s fault the insurance denied Ali’s chair because he isn’t “pushing” them enough and getting the updated tests to them. Leah gets emotional and wants anti-anxiety medicine because she thinks she’s going to have a nervous breakdown. “No one really understands,” Leah cries to a friend and vows to do everything she can to get Ali her wheelchair. 

Kail Lowry and Javi are surprise, surprise – not getting along. Having a new baby and an entitled attitude will do that to a relationship. Javi announces that he’s leaving for 4 weeks for training and Kail will be all alone with her benefits kids for a month. Kail didn’t look too sad to be away from Javi, but she did look pissed to be saddled with childcare. 

However, Kail wants to prove to us she’s changing – she’s inviting Jo AND VEE (and her pot mask?) to Isaac’s 4th birthday party. Because she’s finally – finally! – over Jo, and is willing to accept Vee (and her pot mask?). This is progress. Clearly Kail is using the Dr. Phil Home Counseling App too. Act forgiv’in, y’all, even if you want to poison the folks lemonade! True to form, Kail does not care what Javi might think about having Jo in his home. #SomeThingsNeverChange Vee does not believe Kail is willing to accept her and doesn’t want to go. Vee thinks it’s a trap. Vee knows Kail all too well. What was that crazy silver tube coming out of the spice rack in Jo’s apartment, btw? I have a feeling Kail will grill him about it at the reunion! 

Ultimately Jo and Vee do not show up to the party – and neither does Isaac because he sleeps through most of it. When Isaac wakes up he’s grumpy and sulks through opening his presents – clearly he inherited the Snuffy Eeyore gene from his mama! Kail is also annoyed that Jo doesn’t care about his son enough to make it to the party – the party that is TWO HOURS away from his house! 

Chelsea is trying to buy a house, but temporarily loses her job when the licensing board finds out she did make up for a friend’s wedding before passing her exam. Even though she did not get compensated the Department of Labor is contesting her license. Oopsie!

Chelsea has to petition the Department of Labor in order to get everything cleared up. Add to that Adam is still a loser who is spending more time with the corrections department of SD than with his daughter Aubree. Despite all the drama, Chelsea buys her house – and convinces friend Chelsey to be her roommate/Aubree au pair. 

Chelsea gets a letter from the DOL that states they have more questions about the wedding and based on twitter (Twitter: ruining the lives of c-list celebrities everywhere!) and tweets her friend Landon made to Chelsea about their future business together they believe Chelsea has been illegally working before passing her boards. Chelsea calls Randalicious about hiring a lawyer to contest this. In the middle of all the drama, which Chelsea is mishandling while driving, she didn’t seem to notice that Aubree unbuckled her seatbelt. I guess she learned that from Adam

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