Kim Kardashian To Produce A New Reality Show, But Will She Take The Ice Bucket Challenge?

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Kim Kardashian — the undisputed queen of reality TV thanks to Keeping Up With the Kardashians — is ready to step out from in front of the cameras and put on her producer hat for a new reality venture.

Although Kim has waded into the waters of producing reality TV before — remember the short lived show about her publicist/best friend Jonathan Cheban — this time, Kim has more experience and a completely different show concept.


According to sources who spoke to InTouch Weekly, Kim has decided to take the reins on the new show, which is a role usually assumed by her momager, Kris Jenner.

Kim is teaming up with an unnamed friend to produce a show called Young Bosses, which will feature up-and-coming young entrepreneurs.

Kim has decided that it’s time to begin a new career without being under the thumb of her mother,” a Kardashian insider dished. “Kris built a reality TV empire, and now Kim is planning to do the same — without her mother.”

Or perhaps she is just planning for her future after the end of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, after all the end may already be here. The girls have refused to start filming the new season until they can figure out who has been stealing from them.

With all that is on her plate right now, it makes you wonder if she has time to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. She was nominated by a fashion icon, that she reportedly looks up to. So you would think that when Sarah Jessica Parker — Mrs. Sex and the City herself — nominated Kim yesterday, she would listen…   Stay tuned, we will let you know if Kim accepts the challenge to dump a bucket of ice water on her head and/or donate to the ALS Association.

The photos above and below are of Kim attending an event last night in LA for Artist In Residence Donald Robertson. 


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