Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Kathy Wakile Shares The Sweet Inspiration For Her New Dessert Cookbook

kathy wakile cookbook cover

She may have gotten downgraded to a “friend” of the housewives of this season (maybe on the Real Housewives of New Jersey it’s being relegated to a “relative” of the housewives!), but Kathy Wakile is using her free time constructively. Kathy has finally penned her first cookbook regaling her love of dessert making. Her cannoli kits have even been featured on RHONJ.

Maybe it’s because she’s sweeter than her co-stars (bad pun!), but Kathy is excited to feature her in  bite-sized bits of deliciousness in“Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts that Keep Life Real Sweet” (St. Martin’s Griffin, $26.99), and she’s not even trying to compete with another cast member/friend/relative who is also delving into the dessert realm after building her food empire. Table flipping anyone?


In a recent interview with, Kathy sweetly dismissed any intent that her book’s bio was a dig at Teresa Giudice’s latest foray into petite fours and layer cakes. Her write-up reads, “On the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kathy Wakile is the one and only dessert expert,” but Kathy denies that it’s a slight directed towards her cousin. She tells the site, “In all fairness to that. I wrote this book and my bio was written way before I had any idea that [Teresa] had any baking knowledge.” Ouch?

Citing that the show reminded her just how much she loved baking, Kathy reveals, “It was something I took for granted; it’s something that’s part of me,” adding, “When the viewers saw it, it was something special. The viewers encouraged me and motivated me to start this chapter, to start this book.”

While Teresa’s line of cookbooks are her renditions of classic Italian dishes, Kathy is putting a creative twist on old favorites by drawing from husband Rich’s Lebanese background and creating brand new desserts along the way. She shares, “A lot of them were things that I was making through my life as a housewife — a real housewife — but I never wrote things down. I would just wing it and come up with them as I experimented.”

The reality star even tackles the infamous pizzelle, pairing it with cinnamon, marshmallow cream and ganache. RHONJ fans will remember how heated Teresa became when Kathy questioned whether Tre had borrowed from Kathy’s mother to create her cookbook’s version of pizzelle.  When asked about the story, Kathy recalls it differently, saying, “I really don’t know what’s in her cookbook.”

Kathy continues, “Every Italian in my neighborhood uses the same recipe. … I tweaked it with the cinnamon.”

Regardless of any family feuds (let’s be honest, it’s more fun to create drama where there is none!), Kathy just wants families and friends all over to enjoy her tasty, tiny treats. She asserts, “That’s the best part about my cooking, sharing the love.”


[Photo Credit: Kathy’s Instagram]