Atlanta Exes Dish On Their Famous Exes, Each Other, Dating, And More!

Atlanta Exes

Right out of the gate, Atlanta Exes brought drama and viewers to VH1

I imagine being married to someone famous is not always a walk in the park, but Atlanta Exes and Hollywood Exes have shown us that being divorced from a huge star comes with a plethora of challenges as well.

The Atlanta Exes castTameka Raymond, Christina Johnson, Monyetta Shaw, Sheree Buchanan, and Torrie Hart – recently sat down with OK! to talk famous exes, co-parenting, castmates, dating, and more.


Tameka said her current relationship with ex-husband Usher is “more cordial” than the gossip blogs want us to think. “It’s sensational to say we’re at each other’s throats,” she insisted. “The fact is, we’re cool

When asked if they both played a part in the divorce, Tameka said, “Absolutely. It was also timing and public pressure. Women, especially, were not receptive to their fantasy husband being off the market.”

Tameka referred to the cast as a sisterhood. “Torrei and I say a lot of things jokingly and wisecracking with one another would sometimes cause clashes, but the five of us… we have a sisterhood.”

Torrei claimed she and her ex, Kevin Hart, were in a good place and focused on co-parenting their children.

What was Kevin‘s reaction to her joining Altanta Exes? “I didn’t ask for his permission,” she declared. “I live for myself. Kevin has been doing comedy for years and told a lot of jokes about me, so I’m good at taking a joke. There was no hesitation on my part.”

Torrei‘s experience inspired her to write a self-help book, titled Bouncin Back. “It’s about how to get your happy back after a broken relationship.”

Christina admitted that CeeLo Green likes to shower her with gifts. “He takes care of his family and takes pride in the fact that he can do so,” she said. “He does very nice things for me and the kids.”

When asked what went wrong in their relationship, Christina shared, “We got married too young and the ups and downs of entertainment were too hard. We did counseling before, but i wasn’t an option this time.”

Christina revealed that being on the show encouraged her to date again. “You’ll see my dating life unfold in front of the world, which I did not even know was going to happen!”

Monyetta‘s ex-fiance, Ne-Yo, hasn’t had any issues with her decision to do the show. Quite the opposite!

“He was super supportive – he keeps doing shout-outs for it,” gushed Monyetta. “We were best friends before, and we’re still friends. He’s awesome.”

Why did Monyetta join Atlanta Exes? “I’m a firm believe in ‘everything happens for a reason’. The producers approached me after my relationship ended and I thought, ‘You know what? Maybe this is a sign.'”

Sheree, too, said she and her ex, Ray Buchanan, remain good friends. “We have our ups and downs, but we’re pretty close,” she shared. “We have kids and we’re best friends, so I could never have a falling out and not talk to him again.”

When asked if she’s dating, Sheree revealed, “There’s someone I’ve been on and off with for the past three and a half years. He’s younger; I have kids, and I don’t want to be the old lady holding him down.”

Sheree said she feels like she has known the Exes cast forever. “We have five very different personalities, so I have one sister I party with, one I bump heads with, one who drives me a little crazy… but we’ve got a little bit of it all!”


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