Atlanta Exes: Meet the New Ladies!  This is the premiere episode of the spinoff of Hollywood Exes. This series introduces us to the exes of prominent men of Atlanta.   So who are these newbies??? We have Monyetta Shaw, ex-fiancé to Ne-Yo, who is a singer, songwriter, and actor. Sheree Buchanan is the ex-wife of former pro-footballer Ray Buchanan. Torrei Hart is the ex-wife of Kevin Hart, comedienne and actor. Christina Johnson is the ex-wife of CeeLo Green, singer and coach on The Voice. And last but certainly not least,the former Mrs. Usher Raymond, Tameka Raymond. Usher is a very famous R&B singer. He has also tried his hand at acting, and coaching on the voice. He is also Justin Bieber’s mentor; I guess we can’t hold that against him. He has most recently called their marriage his “best mistake.”    

We start at Tameka’s house that she once shared with Usher, and can I say that marrying well should be all the rage if it leads to houses like this. That house is the stuff of little girl and grown groupies’ dreams. Tameka gives us some background. She became Usher’s stylist in 2001. They married in 2007 after she divorced the husband she was cheating on. They went through a tumultuous divorce and a more recent custody battle which she lost.  She has invited the women over for a packing party.


Monyetta Shaw is the first to arrive. She and Ne-Yo broke up, according to her, because he didn’t want to be monogamous. The couple was together for four years, and they had two children. They are still currently staying together, and it works for them. Side-eye, is that so. It is definitely working for him, as he gets to still have her and refuse to be monogamous. Please ladies get some standards. I must say that the heart shirt and the red hat she is wearing is everything, work it.

Torrei Hart, Kevin Hart’s ex-wife is next to arrive. She and Kevin met in community college and were married over eight years. They have two children together. He had an affair that ended the marriage. She has now moved to Atlanta to work on her career. I am not a TV producer, but I would have thought that she would have gotten at least next to top billing considering the fame of Kevin Hart. Maybe she is not on that level because she is new to the area and the group, and has no ATL roots.


Christina Johnson is the ex-wife of and I quote her, “The sexy CeeLo Green.” Cough, Cough, sorry I choked a little on my drink. They were married for five years and the more famous he became, the more he changed. They were divorced eight years ago, and have been together off-and-on since that time. She still loves him.  

Sheree Buchanan, ex-wife of Ray Buchanan, who used to play for Atlanta, also comes to help Tameka pack. She and her ex met while in their freshman year of college. She says that he was the love of her life, with whom she had “a whole bunch of babies.” She says that Ray is a great guy, but he lost himself. As he lost himself, she began to lose herself.

We enter Tameka’s closet and nothing is packed. The group is hoping to get her to get rid of some of the stuff. She says that they are not here to help her purge, only to help her pack. I don’t see any boxes. Did she just compare herself to Liz Taylor??? Liz Taylor was given diamonds so big that they were named after her, you are sitting here with a pair of sunglasses missing one of the lenses and Usher’s leather chaps. Was he in Wild Hogs with John Travolta? JK. She says that she is not hoping that he will come back, though she is holding on to all of his crap. I wonder if this is made-for-TV drama–flashback: Mayte, Hollywood Exes.  

Tameka tells everyone that they don’t hurt like she does. They all suffer from surface wounds according to her. She was “cut, the knife was twisted, and salt was poured in the wound.” It is not clear to what Tameka is referring, until she mentions that her son died. I can’t even speak to a mother losing her son, there is no closer bond. I am truly sorry for her loss. I hope that she is able to heal.        


CeeLo Green, a man with thrice rolled-up sweat pants and very shiny, size three dress shoes on, is his ex-wife’s stylist. Christina wants to date, but CeeLo, even though he is dating, does not want her to date. While this is a double standard, I have to ask: How do you have your ex-husband to pick clothing for you to wear on a date? Attention seeking much? The first outfit was black leather with severe shoulders, great. The second outfit was more like a Last Samurai short set. Let’s leave that, but NO. CeeLo says that it is dope. Does he have eyes? She looks like a poofball when she sits down. I get it, he wants to make her look silly so she will not get any second dates. OK. She sounds foolish. She wants to know if he can send her to Italy to meet an Italian. He, on the other hand, sounds very reasonable as he says that he would like her to meet someone trustworthy and stable. Then, he says that he will come back for everyone once polygamy is legalized in the states, and we are back to reality TV. Reason couldn’t live here for too long.

Torrei and Christina meet at Torrei’s condo. Torrei says that she just moved into her condo, and is in Atlanta to start off her career separate from her ex, Kevin Hart. She says that she was a huge part of Kevin’s success, but he had an affair.   They have been divorced for a year and a half. She has now decided to put a lot into herself. When she met him, he was working at a sneaker store, and not even thinking about comedy. She was 20, and he was 19. Some horrible editing happens because she is all of a sudden crying about how someone should not be able to be around her kids if she had an affair with him. It is unclear when she started crying or to who she is talking about. I will let you speculate about that; but I can say that while Torrei was crying, Kevin was giving his girlfriend of five years do the math an engagement ring. Sip that piping hot tea. According to Torrei, “these women,” come in and destroy a family over money. Note that she does not give a name, and Kevin has said repeatedly that though he did cheat, it was not with his current fiancé.


Monyetta is having crackers and fish. Since when does that go together? Is that like catfish on a Keebler? I digress. Ne-Yo’s mom, Lorraine, and his sister are visiting for family dinner Tilapia on Toasteds. Lorraine offers Monyetta great advice– Ignore him, move on with your life, and he will either come running back to her or he will not care. Either way, she will have her answer about where they stand. GOLD STAR Ms. Lorraine. Finally, a women who can offer advice to a woman, and not just co-sign for her son (take notes Momma Dee).   She even tells her that all work and no play will lead her to be a dried-up granny, and that Mr. Right now can be fun.  I like Ms. Lorraine.

Tameka and her adult son, Darrin, meet to talk about Kile’s World, a charity that is the namesake of her son that died in a tragic jet-ski accident. They have an event coming soon. Darrin expresses that he is proud of his mom. He gushes about his younger brother Kile and how he was, “uniquely made and uniquely him.” It is great to see Tameka be so strong. The family seems to be recovering from the devastating loss.  


Sheree, Christina, and Torrei meet for drinks at Aspen Bartini. According to Sheree, the ballers are always at the strip-club. Strip clubs are obviously a hot-spot in Atlanta (ask Apollo). Sheree also suggests the church. The life of a southerner: sin on Saturday, get saved on Sunday. One man comes to flirt, he may be of the too short variety that Sheree has just complained about. Torrei also did not like his “Steve Harvey’s top-off.” Ha-Ha, so funny OR maybe not.

Tameka and Sheree are searching for Sheree’s 12 year old daughter an outfit for her birthday. Somehow, Sheree wants her daughter to wear less clothing that Tameka does. I would agree with Tameka that the clothing store was not appropriate for a child; however, Tameka begins to make statements like, a kid mimics their parents. She also implied that Sheree did not set a good example for her child. Wherever the line was, Tameka just Jackie Joyner Kersee jumped over it. She continues to go in on Sheree about partying with her 21 year old daughter and about Sheree taking shots with her daughter. Tameka believes that a 21 year old drinking shots is on the fast track to pregnancy. Say what now?

Sheree and Torrei meet; and Sheree complains that Tameka was too judgmental on the clothing and on her 21 year old daughter. She says that someone who has been judged for her parenting skills should not be judging her. Oh, snap. My question is, “If you guys are long-term friends, why wait to the camera comes on to degrade her?” As they say, “With friends like these, who needs enemies. Torrei advises Sheree to talk to Tameka just as she has talked to her.

All of the women meet, and Tameka again is down on Sheree who she says is in “all of her Arabian finest.” Sheree is wearing a white bra which Tameka says should be banned in all fifty states and is illegal in at least three. Tameka is really coming for Sheree. No one said anything about Tameka’s fake beauty mark on the side of her mouth which should be banned intercontinentally. She directs her comments towards Sheree and says that some people are tacky as shit, need makeovers, and don’t know it. Torrei defends Sheree. The shade is real… it was a total eclipse.  

On the next episode, Tameka may have asked someone if Sheree has slept with Usher (is this the root of the problem?). Tameka is on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Torrei and Tameka have a disagreement, and someone is being held back from Tameka.

TELL US – What do you think of the new ladies? Is Christina seeking attention from CeeLo? Should Monyetta take Ne-Yo’s mother’s advice? What do you make of Ushers ex, Tameka?         

Recap Author: Tiffany L.

Photo Credit: VH1      


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