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There is a crazy story on TMZ this afternoon that says that The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Apollo Nida went AWOL and didn’t turn himself in this afternoon as planned.  The story goes on to say that he forced himself into Phaedra Parks’ home and got into a spat with her over money and her refusal to bring the boys to visit him in prison.  The story is reportedly false. 

Police were called to Phaedra’s home this afternoon but were there for just a few minutes since it was just her faulty alarm system, not an altercation with Apollo.  He has reported to prison as planned and has started his eight year sentence without incident, according to Tamara Tattles’ sources who witnessed him pulling into the gates at the prison in Lexington. 

We were hoping for some photos this afternoon of Apollo arriving at the prison, but so far no go.  We’ll keep you posted with any other updates and news as it breaks this afternoon.

UPDATE:  Even Us Weekly is now saying that Apollo didn’t report to prison on time and confronted Phaedra at her home.  They say that police left quickly because Apollo and his friend had already left by the time they arrived.  At this point in the game, who knows what the real story is.  And the show is filming everything, so there’s also that tidbit to consider – some of it could be entirely for drama’s sake for the show!  They could’ve pretended that he failed to report and just filmed it all early this morning before he was to actually report…  I honestly wouldn’t doubt anything involving fakery and false storylines.

2nd UPDATE- CNN reports that Apollo DID report to prison this afternoon and is now inmate #65725-019. 

 3rd UPDATE – CNN now changed its tune and says that Apollo DIDN’T report for prison.  This is getting nuttier by the minute, y’all! 

4th Update: All we can get out of Phaedra’s rep (who also used to be the rep for Brandi Glanville and Golnesa from Shahs) is the same response he gave CNN.  “I can confirm we had an incident at Phaedra’s house today that occurred after 12 noon.  I don’t have any information on his whereabouts right now; you would have to contact his lawyer for that.” 


Photo Credit: Bravo TV


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