LeAnn Rimes

Leave it to LeAnn Rimes to cause a scene wherever she goes! This weekend LeAnn was in Phoenix where she sat in the audience for an intimate David Gray performance. And unfortunately LeAnn forgot that DAVID was the star of the show! 

The LeAnn & Eddie star happened to be seated in front of KNIX radio host Matt McAllister, where she talked through the entire performance and sang loudly to all the songs. David must have heard her because he invited LeAnn to come up on stage and sing a duet with him. But LeAnn seemed to forget that she was only invited to perform for ONE song because according to Matt she continued to belt out songs from her seat in the audience. Well – at least LeAnn can actually sing (and she knew all the words to every song)! 


Matt shared his “disappointing” LeAnn experience with his instagram followers and then again the next day on his radio show. “Not only did David Gray put on a great show last night, but he surprised everyone by inviting Leann Rimes on stage to sing a duet. Unfortunately then she proceeded to sit right behind us and talk through the rest of his set. You would assume a musician would know better? @thisismybliss #davidgray #comericatheater #datenight,” Matt revealed


leann rimes performs at david gray concert; accused of being rude

Above, LeAnn performing on stage with David. 

Matt describes David and LeAnn’s performance together as “great” but that’s where the greatness began and ended with LeAnn! After leaving the stage in what Matt describes as a movie theater sized venue, LeAnn had FOUR security guards with flashlights escorting her back to her seat – through the audience! 

“She talked for the next hour,” the radio host recalls. “She sat there and talked… like it was her show. She was speaking so loudly it’s almost like she wanted everybody to know she was there.” LeAnn – attention seeking? No… Matt continues by describing that LeAnn was “singing the songs actually louder than he [David] was.” Luckily LeAnn left before the show was finished. Matt says he just wanted LeAnn to #ShutYourPieHole, but alas – she didn’t! 

Of course, LeAnn, full-time social media follower, heard that Matt was talking smack so she phoned in to his radio show to defend herself! 

When called out directly LeAnn politely denied talking throughout the show, but admits to singing. “I really wasn’t talking except to figure out when I was gonna go back stage,” LeAnn insists. “But I was singing because I’m a huge David Gray fan.” LeAnn did apologize for her behavior, stating she was just so excited to be there and may have been too enthusiastic. 

LeAnn also revealed that she’ll probably be recording with David! LeAnn also insists she stayed for the entire show, but was on the side of the stage for the end of the performance. “No more talking crap,” LeAnn admonished Matt, laughing. “I will come kick your ass!” she teased. 

Matt claims that LeAnn initially reacted on twitter, but her tweets on the matter seem to have been deleted. BTW: You may remember David for his huge early ’00s hit Babylon

Below are Matt and LeAnn’s radio exchanges! 

[Photo Credits:  Judy Eddy/ & Instagram]