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Are y’all back for round two of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? I have to thank the readers for reminding me where I’d seen Teairra before! Mona loves to recycle! Let’s get started with last night’s episode, shall we? Ray J’s party is a mess of crazy. Morgan tries to calm Teairra Mari, but she gets increasingly agitated as she keeps getting pushed and swatted. This is why Morgan has distanced herself from her former friend…she always gets physical. Ray J is yelling obscenities at his ex as she’s escorted out of the party. While Teairra is pissed at Morgan and Ray, her true hatred is directed at Ray’s new love Princess.

Moniece and Apryl are meeting at Hustler so that Moniece can do some research for her sex toy line. Apryl is getting turned on looking at the toys because she’s become increasingly horny in the later months of her pregnancy. That isn’t too much information at all. As the women chat, Moniece asks Apryl about Fizz’s new girlfriend Amanda because she’s heard that Apryl and Amanda are friends. Moniece has reached out to Amanda, and she’s got some harsh words the woman who is hanging out around her son. Apryl urges Moniece to take the high road and be nice to Amanda since getting along would be in little Cameron’s best interests. All Moniece can promise is that she won’t wipe the floor with Amanda’s face.  So technically Amanda isn’t Fizz’s new girlfriend. He admits they have been together for two years. Fizz wants Amanda to spend more time with Cameron, but she is hesitant given the potential baby mama drama. Amanda reveals to Fizz that Moniece e-mailed her and wants to talk. Fizz warns Amanda that his ex is likely to pop off on her. It’s dangerous. Amanda believes that this is a sign that Moniece is maturing. 


We next meet Nikki aka “Miss Nikki Baby” (does anyone really call her that?), and she may be one of the richest folks this franchise has seen up to this point. She manages three of her family’s strip clubs, and she’s on-and-off with music producer Mally Mall. She’s at one of the clubs meeting with promoter Sincere Show. He does actually call her Miss Nikki Baby, so I stand corrected. Nikki is hoping to expand her family’s empire into the music industry by getting some of her “girls” into music video. She tells Sincere that she and Mol are currently on a break, even though he’s trying hard to win her back with flowers and jewelry. Sincere hopes she’ll stick to her guns…he likes single Nikki.

Yung Berg (birthname: Christian) is introduced, and it’s clear that L&HH Hollywood is following the footsteps of this past Atlanta season…having too many stars to keep up with along the way! He’s a rapper turned producer turned hit maker who is working with Puff Daddy (P Diddy?), Rhianna, and Lil’ Wayne. He’s also been hooking up with Hazel-E. Berg has been helping Hazel with her new music, but she wants more from their relationship that Berg is willing to give. He’s honest about keeping his options open . She should just be happy that she’s in his rotation. Excuse me, but why does she want a relationship with a guy who just admitted to bedding a bevy of chicks each week. When she threatens to hold out on him, he teases that he’ll try to be better. Hazel is giddy, and she assures him she’d never really be able to put their sexual relations on ice. Why does she think he’s a catch?

yung berg

Morgan and Teairra are meeting to discuss what happened at Ray J’s party. Morgan reminds her friend that alcohol makes her a violent person, and she doesn’t want to be a part of that. Both women agree that they have love for one another and will be loyal to the other, but they can’t seem to repair their damaged friendship. I’d say they are agreeing to disagree, but they are definitely just agreeing…and they still aren’t getting along. Go figure. In Las Vegas, Masika is visiting Mally Mall, and she is a video vixen who wants to become a legitimate actress and singer. Someone needs to tell Nikki that Masika is also Mall’s girlfriend. He got her phone number from Justin Bieber, but she refuses to elaborate. What?? I need details about that little d-bag. Masika is helping Mally find a place in Los Angeles. She doesn’t want to fall too quickly because she knows Mall has the reputation of being a playboy. 

Teairra pops in on Hazel’s rehearsal to thank her roommate for having her back at Ray’s launch party. She wants to have a tattoo party to rid her body of the Ray J tat she mistakenly got. Hazel shares that Berg seems open to maybe, one day, at some point, never not really to being exclusive. Teairra doesn’t want to sugar coat anything…Berg just isn’t that into Hazel. She believes her friend needs to stop wasting her time with a player Hazel doesn’t want to hear her friend’s advice given the fact that her relationship history isn’t very stellar either. 

Yesi is a radio personality who is hosting Nia and Morgan on her show. Nia dishes on her relationship with Soulja Boy, saying she’s very “don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to Soulja’s extra curricular activities. Yesi asks Nia about some recent photographs of Soulja with another woman. These pictures are news to Nia, and Yesi pretends to be horrified that she is the bearer of bad news. Morgan is shocked by the ambush, and Nia determines that it’s time for her and Soulja to have a little conversation. Later, in Beverly Hills, Nikki and Morgan are shopping together. Nikki wants to get to the bottom of some gossip she’s been hearing about Mally and some video vixen named Masika. Nikki wants to know this girl thinks it’s okay to be messing with her man. Morgan hints that maybe Mally made Masika think that she was his girlfriend. Nikki won’t hear it. She wants to put this chick in her place. Poor Morgan wants to know why she is always stuck in the middle of girl drama…especially girls fighting over less than attractive guys. 

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Moniece is having little chat with Amanda, and right off the bat she believes that Amanda should feel grateful that her face is still intact. She’s trying hard to be civil, bless her heart. When Amanda questions why Cameron spends ninety-nine percent of his time with his father. Moniece starts going off, and like any good VH1 extra, the man sitting directly beside her at the bar remains totally unfazed. I have to applaud Moniece because she refuses to get physical and removes herself from the situation while screaming nonsense about green cards. Baby steps, at least! Speaking of confrontations, Nia wants Soulja to explain himself regarding the pictures in question. Soulja didn’t do anything wrong. He and this chick are just friends, and it’s not like he posted it on his own Instagram account (now that would be just plain stupid). Soulja is over the accusations, and he storms back into rehearsal.

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After little screen time, Ray J wants to vent to Sincere about Teairra’s outburst at his party. It was so embarrassing. He hopes that she’ll get what’s coming to her with this crazy behavior. Oh please. Perhaps she’s about to?? Teairra has her best friends holding her hands as she gets her Ray tat morphed into “X-Ray.” Really? Hazel is still whining about Berg, and Teairra  reminds her that Hazel’s relationship with Berg has never been serious enough to warrant a tattooed mistake such as her own. When Hazel snarks that she would never get a dude’s name tattooed on her body, Teairra starts to lose it. Right before the women can start to brawl, Ray J bursts into the tattoo parlor and dumps a box of Teairra’s stuff on the floor. Classic. 


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