Jenelle Evans On Why She’s Not Pursuing Custody Of Jace: Her Mom Will Be Lonely

Jenelle Evans Baby Shower

There are two episodes left of Teen Mom 2 season 5 – and we’re in for more of Nathan Griffith – in all his control freak and passive aggressive glory – bashing Barbara Evans and pressuring Jenelle Evans about getting custody of Jace. Because he thinks he’s God’s gift to parenting. In a preview of tonight’s episode, we see Jenelle come up with another reason why she doesn’t want custody of Jace: she’s worried her mother will feel lost without him. 

Three minutes after Nathan and Jenelle started dating, they decided to start a family together. Why? Well, besides the obvious lack of maturity and brain cells, because they each lost custody of their first child so they wanted one to call their very own. Seven minutes after this brilliant plan was made, Nathan started to put pressure on Jenelle to “take Jace back” from Barbara.


In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, Nathan says they need to make a plan and Jenelle lists a bunch of reasons why now isn’t a good time to move Jace in with them. She wants him to spend his first year of school with Babs, she wants to buy a house first, and the list goes on. Nathan calls her ignorant.

“I feel kinda bad for my mom,” adds Jenelle. “I mean, I know he’s my child and stuff, but I feel like she is going to feel lost.” Nathan says, “So just because the woman is lonely is why you feel sorry for her and the reason you do not want custody of your son … That’s kinda what I heard.”

Nathan continues, “He’s your son, you’re doing great, you’re not on drugs, you have a beautiful child, he has a younger brother, and now’s the perfect time but you’re stalling out for some odd reason. It’s not your mom’s choice anymore.” With no emotion what-so-ever, Jenelle says “you act like I never want to get him back” in response. 

Ugh. News Flash Nathan: 1) Regaining custody of a child isn’t that easy; it’s not the same as sending your dog to the farm for the summer. 2) Why aren’t you as obsessed with getting custody of your own child? 3) Stop pressuring Jenelle to do something she’s obviously not ready to do; hasn’t Jace suffered enough? 


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