Nathan Griffith Slams Barbara Evans For Not Providing A Stable Environment For Jace; Says He Can Do Better!


Jenelle Evans just reproduced again y’all! This time the partner in that deed was on-again/off-again boyfriend (and jail bird) Nathan Griffith!

The couple welcomed son Kaiser Orion Griffith on June 29th after what seriously seemed like the longest pregnancy in the world. 

Despite the fact that he is probably abusivedoesn’t have custody of his daughter, and that he is awaiting trial for his THIRD (yes 3) DUI and Jenelle is getting arrested, getting married, shacking up, hanging out at the court house, and failing drug tests while her mom Barbara Evans raises her 4-year-old son JaceNathan is complaining that Barbara isn’t a good parent! Irony, right?! 


Selling Sharing their baby photos with a tabloid the Teen Mom 2 stars talk labor a second time and what it’s like to actually raise a kid, instead of you know shoving them off your parents while you go get drunk (and disorderly! And tweet it!), Nathan reveals that Jenelle’s labor was no picnic. Oh really? “She was screaming for about eight hours,” Nathan shared. “For me, it was a bunch of mixed emotions. I cried when she was in pain and I cried when the baby was born. I was just a mess!”

Kaiser weighed in at 7 lbs, 10oz and despite Jenelle possibly using while pregnant, “There were no drugs in her system and the baby tested fine for everything,” Nathan told OK! Magazine. “Jenelle is really focused on staying healthy and drug-free. She’s on a really good path.” 

Now that the two are on the right track (allegedly), Nathan says they plan to get custody of Jace. We’ve heard this before…  Barbara does not appear in the family photos at the hospital for a reason – Nathan says the aren’t presently speaking! And it’s all Babs’ fault for not thinking Nathan is Jesus Reincarnate! 

“We definitely have our differences. I want custody of Jace. He listens to me, and I’m a good role model for him,” Nathan believes. “She just yells at him. I look at him as one of my kids, so I want him in a more structured and understanding home. When he’s with Barbara, it gives me an unsettled feeling in my stomach. I love her and I respect her, but she hasn’t grown up yet—and I don’t like that.” Barbara hasn’t grown up? BARBARA? 

If this is not the most ludicrous, despicable thing I have ever heard, I really don’t know what is. Nathan the loser, I remind you, is JOBLESS, living off MTV and Jenelle, has a record, and lost custody of his own daughter for driving drunk… reportedly with her IN THE CAR. Sorry for the all caps but this deserves a rant. We all know about Jenelle’s stellar track record. Barbara has stepped up for Jace, and she’ll probably be stepping up for Kaiser Roll-A-Joint

Oh and speaking of which, Nathan swears he’s gonna like get a job soonish and propose also soonish. Nathan is planning to go to college for Civil Engineering, although you have to have a working brain for that so not sure how that’s gonna work. Meanwhile Jenelle is finally back in school to complete her medical clinical assistant degree. We’ll see how long these two stay on the right track. 

As for proposing, Nathan is coy. “It will be a surprise to everybody until the day I do it,” he teases. “I guess you’ll find out!” Gee… I just cannot wait. I’m sure it will be happening in front of MTV cameras however especially since this joker can’t afford a ring

[Photo Credit: Instagram]