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Kendra Wilkinson has had quite a year – she welcomed daughter Alijah Mary and almost immediately afterward rumors surfaced that her husband of five years Hank Baskett had been cheating with a transsexual model! 

Kendra reportedly freaked out as news of the affair and reacted by kicking Hank out of their home and flushing her wedding rings down the toilet. Kendra  reveals that she first heard of Hank’s alleged indiscretions while the couple was at home. “My agent calls, asking, ‘Is Hank around you right now?'” Kendra recalls. “I was playing around and said, ‘No.’ Hank leaned in and I said, ‘Why? What’s going on?’ “

Kendra shares that she felt the bottom drop out from her life – and although Hank repeatedly denied the affair, she was in a tailspin. And luckily Kendra On Top cameras were there to capture it all! 


“I just asked, ‘Hank, did anything happen?’ ” Kendra shares. “He said, ‘No, are you kidding me? This is insane!’ So I believed him.” Except 24 hours later Kendra had a change of heart and asked Hank to move to his parent’s New Mexico home and take their son Hank IV, 41/2 with him while she stayed behind to battle the media spotlight and care for their then two month old daughter. Kendra says she wanted to shield Hank IV from the publicity. 

Never for a second did she considering abandoning reality TV, however. Of course! “I agreed to shoot the show because being alone at the moment was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life,” Kendra admits to People. “The producers came to me, and were hugging and holding me. They asked, ‘Do you want to film this?’ I said, ‘Bring the cameras to me … I can’t be alone right now.’ ” 

Thank goodness Kendra had her friends, the cameras, on hand to be a beacon of support during this family tragedy. And thank goodness this is recorded for their children’s sake! 

As for where she stands now in her marriage to Hank, Kendra acknowledges she’s confused. “I really don’t know what to believe,” she confesses. “But this is real life. This is really what’s happening. It’s been the hardest four months of my life.” 

Hank continues to deny any cheating ever took place – despite leaked texts, etc. 

Kendra On Top premieres Oct 3rd on WE TV. A preview is below! 

[Photo Credit: WE TV]


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