On last night’s episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, viewers had the pleasure of hearing James Harris try to ‘rap’ not once, but twice! The man has serious street cred. Not really. But what he does have is an amazing property above the Sunset Strip in Hollywood that he and his partner, David Parnes, are hoping will appeal to young entertainers in the industry. So the boys grab their iPad and run over to a recording studio where they are introduced to none other than the ‘Rack City’ rapper, Tyga.   He lives an hour outside of L.A. and needs a crib closer to the studio where he can crash and party.   The Brits show Tyga photos of the house and schedule a showing for the next day.

Josh Flagg is off to meet with his client, Jas, an architect/developer, who he met through his grandmother, Edith. Jas had done business with him via her building. He has a 1929 Spanish style home in the City of Beverly Hills that he wants to unload.     It is in the lower priced area of Beverly Hills, which is perfect for someone who wants to buy into the lifestyle. But there is a catch. It is a tear-down that cannot be torn down due to the city’s preservation ordinance, meant for architectural treasures. Although this 2426 sq. ft. home has a few interesting details, this home is nowhere near such a treasure and is worth less than land. The interior can be gutted, but the existing exterior must remain intact.   The frustration in that must have gotten to Jas the architect. He will no longer be renovating and moving in with his family. Josh advises him to list the property for $2m. A fair asking price.

Josh Atman finds his client and entrepreneur, Jeff, milling about in his personal automobile showroom. This guy is a regular Jerry Seinfeld with all the different makes and models pristine and lined up in a row. He tells Josh that he is ready to sell his income property, Hillside, which he only bought through him a few years ago. He wants $3.5m firm.

On the day of the Tyga showing, James and David pull into the driveway only to find Josh Altman living in the house across the street! How did they not know this??!! It is quite the sight to see him and his adorable Chihuahua, Lucky, looking down on them from his side balcony.  The Brits are quite peeved to see him. James cannot believe that this guy shows up everywhere!! I wonder why?! After calling them the ‘Spice Girls’, Josh and the boys engage in some verbal sparring. Finally, the boys move on and open up the 4200 sq. ft. home that is listed at $5.488m. Rapper Tyga pulls up to the onyx gates in a rose-colored metallic sports car and likes what he sees. From the zero edge pool and guest house/recording studio tucked into the hills, what is not to like? Should be perfect for his needs.

Heather and the cake designer, Jennifer, are waiting for Josh to show up for their scheduled cake tastings where everything looks so yummy! He is late and, what comes as no surprise to her, he brings along his brother, Matt. Nothing says romance like a third wheel! Heather half jokes about having her and two grooms on top of the cake. In her talking head where, by the way, she looks soft and lovely, Heather mentions that their original plan was to get married on the beach in Cabo San Lucas with just 25 family members and a few friends. Now Josh wants a grand wedding filled with all their clients. I’m getting verklempt listening to her and just want to give her a hug. My advice for the lovebirds – have your intimate ceremony and then celebrate with everyone else later. Yes, that is an option!  

Josh Flagg is all decked out in a roaring 20’s pink vest & pants combo and ready for his brokers open. He has staged the Beverly Hills home with a classic car parked in the driveway and an easel display on the front lawn with historical photos of the surrounding area. His plan is to inspire the brokers with a mini history lesson. The home sits on the site of the former Beverly Hills Speedway with the track still beneath it. Pretty cool to think that there was once an operating race track in the city – kind of like a modern day Monte Carlo!


Josh Altman prepares Hillside for the brokers open. The 4285 sq. ft. tri-level home is the ultimate bachelor pad with views of downtown Los Angeles, a wine & cigar cellar, and a ‘grotto’ on the lower level. This, he explains to Mikey during his brief appearance (sigh) is like the grotto at the infamous Playboy Mansion. Only this ‘grotto’ is a hot tub and not a pool, which is what David and James’ client is looking for when they show up. Apparently, Matt told them that it did have one. Josh asks if they want to see the home and James gives a rather snarky response – ‘why else would we be here?’ Josh calls them a regular ‘Sherlock Holmes and Watson’ setting the tone for Round 2 of their verbal sparring. David has set his sights on Josh and continues to push the envelope with him. He tells his client that they could do a lot better than this property. Ouch. Josh pulls James aside and asks ‘What’s the problem with your partner?’ and questions his partnership with him. James questions his level of professionalism, which rings the bell for the start of Round 3. Oh boys, you should all be taken to task for your level of professionalism. This is just a futile exercise. They all treat their dogs with more respect than humans. However, James does come to his senses and urges David to play nicer in the sandbox.  

Josh Flagg meets with Jas to deliver some news. His colleague, Brandon, has an offer of $1.5m on the table, but Josh but knows that the property is priced perfectly priced where it is.   The sweet and polite architect is not an aggressive person and would willingly take less. In a very funny scene, Josh convinces Brandon that his client, sitting quietly in his office, is a real tiger and will not budge on the price. Of course, Josh being Josh gets what he wants. Full asking price. Jas is tickled pink. So adorbs!

Josh Altman is at Hillside meeting with potential buyers, Viraj and Joe. They are in the business of ‘hangover’ drinks and fittingly looking for a place where they can conduct business and have some fun. The more they look around and talk, it is clear that they are more interested in the partying aspect. This place seems to fit the bill.


Josh meets with his client at a restaurant to discuss Viraj and Joe’s offer before their agent arrives. Jeff is already in a foul mood and is talking with his mouth full. Lovely. When Agent Scott arrives and delivers a $3.2m cash offer, he nearly goes ape sh*t. This is why Josh never wants clients to come along for negotiations as they do not understand the process. Josh pulls Scott aside into a special vodka tasting freezer where he leaves him to go back and calm his client down. Once that situation is diffused, Josh returns to negotiate. Both he and Scott are now in full length fur coats provided for use in the sub-zero freezer. Josh looks like Fred Flintstone in his spotted number. Both ridiculous and hysterical. Josh being Josh gets his client full asking price before they both turn into ice sculptures.

After several showings with various agents and out of work actors, the Brits have received a $5m offer from an anonymous buyer. Apparently, Tyga had passed on the listing. The boys meet with representative, David, who explains that the buyer needs more privacy and will have to change the security and landscaping in order to purchase the house. James and David give young David an education on what is considered an upgrade and not an expense to their seller, Philip (who may be the most low-key client thus far this season). They strike a deal at $5.2m – all cash and a quick close, natch.

Batten down the hatches as next week’s episode looks stormy – an alliance between the agents is forming?? Josh and Heather are competing for business?? Has Madison returned to take on the Brits?!

Recap Author: Maura

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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