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Is anyone else worried that someone is really going to get injured (injured bad!) on this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? These broads love to fight! Wait, how am I just now noticing that this is the first L&HH franchise that has boys men featured in the credits? I must overuse the fast forward button! Anyhoo, the show resumes with Teairra Mari and Hazel fighting over stolen thunder and non-existent relationships, when Ray-J arrives to dump on the party. Literally. He tosses a box full of Teairra’s things on the floor of the tattoo salon, telling her that he hated her blatant disrespect at his launch party. Ray-J has returned her Monistat and various other lady parts over the counter medications. At this point, Teairra tries to charge him, and he promises producers that he won’t hit a woman. Even though Hazel is still upset with her friend, she goes to bat against Ray-J. Her sometimes/former/friend/roommate deserves better treatment from this “has been.” Her words, not mine.

Nia is still upset with Soulja Boy for lying to her about another woman. He is just ready to move past the silliness. She looks like a young twenty-something lying in bed with a very tatted twelve-year-old. It’s creepy how young he looks. But hey, when he’s forty, he’ll finally look of age! Soulja placates Nia by promising to step up to the plate and change his flirtatious ways. He’ll even change his number if she’ll just stop nagging him! Meanwhile, Apryl is concerned about Omarion’s upcoming tour. She certainly doesn’t want to be left alone with his hateful mother. Omarion hates being caught in the middle of the two ladies in his life.


Even though she supported her friend in the Ray-J battle royale, Hazel is still peeved that Teairra doesn’t value her relationship with Berg. She invites mutual friend Jazz (yet another name for me to keep up with!) to chat over pedicures regarding the situation. Jazz believes that Teairra’s underlying issue is alcohol. A tearful Hazel reminds Jazz that she’s always the one who stands up for Teairra, yet Teairra gives Hazel the brunt of her anger. Hazel feels like she should love her friend from a distance, but that’s hard when they share the same apartment.

Speaking of apartments, Masika is shopping with Mally Mall to get him some furniture for his new digs in Los Angeles.  He showers her with compliments while they test out sectionals. Masika reminds Mall that she is no longer dating, flirting, or hanging out with guy friends. She’s all in, but she doesn’t want him to feel any pressure. He appreciates her honesty, and he is quick to say that the pair are dating. I notice he didn’t say “exclusive,” not that the men of this show even know the definition of the word. 

lhh hollywood mally and masika

Across town, the former B2K boys are double dating. Fizz knows that Omarion and Apryl are bound to hear an earful from his girlfriend Amanda regarding the drama with his ex Moneice. Fizz wonders about his lady’s whereabouts the past few days, and Amanda admits to meeting with Moneice. I love that everyone is pretending that Amanda is just sharing this news for the first time at this dinner. While Apryl refuses to bash her crazy friend Mo, she’s proud to learn that Moneice didn’t get physical with Amanda. As much as he hates to do it, Fizz feels like he needs to talk to Mo on Amanda’s behalf. The couples toast to “no drama with the mamas.” Cheers!

Mally is meeting with Nikki and trying to rectify the issues in their relationship. Nikki’s chest is all over the place, isn’t it? Boobs much? She questions him about the “jump-off” he met through Bieber while Mall promises that the duo never had sex. Sure, he hooked up with Masika, but he’s willing to be honest. He and Nikki were on a break, and he wants her back. Masika is a thing of the past. Is this fool serious? I’m not even sure which one of these yahoos is the fool…the middle aged dude who is poaching girls off a skeezy teen pop star or the woman who believes his bold faced lies. Geez.

lhh hollywood teairra

Hoping to mend their friendship, Hazel drops in on Teairra at the studio. Teairra explains that she didn’t like Hazel talking about Berg at a party that was solely supposed to be about her removing her Ray-J tat. Teairra can’t understand why Hazel doesn’t get that her relationship with Ray-J was head and shoulders more important than Hazel’s hook-up with Berg. It’s like comparing a lasting marriage to a bad blind date. Hazel storms out of the studio. It’s lather, rinse, repeat with this format!

After Moneice disrespected Amanda, Fizz feels the need to speak with his ex. He wants to motivate his son’s mother to do what’s right for Cameron, but Moneice sees everything he does as a dig. Fizz reminds her that Amanda has stepped up to the plate. Mo doesn’t support Cameron financially, yet she’s wearing new shoes. Fizz is amazing as he tries to communicate with Moneice. He wants to know how he can help Moneice better bond with their son, but she seems more focused on bringing up the past issues in their relationship. I heart Fizz. He’s mature. You know who isn’t mature? Soulja Boy. He’s hosting a weed-fueled day party for this birthday. How is Nia’s daughter supposed to live there? Soulja can’t help that his friends threw him a surprise party! Nia is far too negative for his taste at the moment. 

lhh hollywood leslie

Before Omarion goes on tour, he wants to make things right between Apryl and mom Leslie. Leslie doesn’t want anyone to take her place. She’s number one. When Apryl tries to speak her peace, Leslie totally shuts her down. When Omarion tells his mother that she shouldn’t be getting the financial support he gives, and Leslie gets excessively angry. She’s entitled to his help! Leslie should be Omarion’s priority above Apryl and the new baby. This woman is more delusional than a football team of Dees!

Morgan wants to get to the bottom of Ray-J’s encounter with Teairra. His assistant believes that his vengeful retaliation was out of line. Ray isn’t too keen on Morgan defending his ex, and Morgan is appalled by his drunken behavior. She has an opinion on his behavior, but he is now questioning her loyalty. Hazel isn’t feeling very loyal either, so she’s moving out of her apartment with Teairra. Unfortunately, she forgot to tell Teairra. When Teairra arrives home to a moving truck, she is super pissed. Hazel tries to talk sense to her friend, but reverts to egging her friend into a fist fight when Teairra gets exceedingly ugly. Instead, the two just trade “hos” and insults. Classy.


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