Manzo’d With Children Recap – Dating Disapproval


Nothing like the scent of fresh-washed laundry! What’s better than to have your mom do your laundry for you – at the age of 28, no less? This week’s episode of Manzo’d with Children starts with Caroline Manzo tending to her cubs’ (aka Albie and Chris) clothes-folding duties and chatting it up with her hubby Al Manzo. Al thinks the boys will be staying with them for 6 months – MAX! The fact that Caroline is even folding their laundry is code for her never wanting them to leave, IMO. Suddenly, a black tank top, ahem, a black female tank top, is found amongst the basketball mesh shorts and boxers. Caroline wants to barf at the sight of it, but is going to wait for the owner to claim it before she raises hell trying to figure out where it came from. Hint: Albie has a girlfriend. But man, wouldn’t it be kinda fun to meet Chris’ girlfriends once in awhile? 

Finally, we see Albie and Chris at work! Apparently, Little Town NJ, their bar that they are partners in, is doing so well they’re opening location Number 2! Exciting! The boys roll up to Meadowlands horse track, where their sister property is under construction.  I think “property” is a strong word, more like semi-permanent beer tent. Well, I should really say pergola (this is from hours of HGTV watching) with an adjacent beer truck. Although this screams cheap-looking disaster all over it, it’s not a terrible idea and I’ll explain why. Given the decent outdoor months of horse-racing weather in NJ is limited to maybe May-Sept – it’s not the dumbest idea to have an inexpensive set-up to capitalize on the crowds and the large profit-margins draft beers provide. Building a brick and mortar at a seasonal venue could have been financial ruin, so I commend them for not being completely egotistical and opening a Vegas-size location at the tracks. Could it have looked a little nicer (sans crappy floppy sign and picnic tables)? Absolutely – but again, I still chalk this up to these guys being a bit naive when it comes to business acumen (i.e., Chris runs to his dad for help finding the beer truck.  You don’t know a single person in a Jersey that could have a beer truck, Chris? What about asking a beer distributor that you work with at Little Town to refer someone?). 
The hilarious part of this episode is when Caroline and Al meet Albie and Chris for lunch post-construction meeting (of course at Little Town #1).  Caroline’s visions of grandeur are totally shot down when the boys break the news that location #2 is more like location #1.25.  To her shock, the boys aren’t building “the biggest beer garden in all of Jersey” as she had thought. Nope. You can see the twinkle in Caroline’s eye fade upon discovering this news.  Grand opening is in 5 days so let’s hope it goes well.

The next night, Vito and Lauren are eating again and invite AlbieChris and some friends over for a nice summer dinner BBQ in the backyard. Albie’s big surprise guest is Brittany, his wrestling ring girl girlfriend. She is quite the looker – great body, great hair, pretty face – she’s a 10! But Lauren, being Lauren, already hates her.  Brittany is not the sharpest tool in the shed (she admitted to attending “school” to become a ring girl), but it doesn’t seem like Albie wants to marry her so I say let the kid have some fun! It’s summer Lauren, chill the f out.  Mama Manzo meets Brittany that night and it’s a cold reception from Caroline. Again, chillax Manzo women! Caroline takes her beef with Brit upstairs by venting to Al. In amazing Al fashion, he doesn’t blame Albie for a single second why he’s dating Brittany – she’s hot! Caroline remarks that she was a hottie in her heyday too, but at least she wore some clothes. Which is true, Brittany could handle wearing a maxi dress or jeans – but again I can’t blame her, she has an amazing figure. 

Albie is picking up on the bad vibes from Caroline and Lauren so the next day he decides to check-in with his life coach (curious, did she think moving home at 28 was a good idea??). Anyway, happy to know Albie is getting some outside perspective on his life decisions – I’m a fan of life coaches. The lady tells Albie to ignore the haters and focus on his own happiness. Agreed.
Later that night, Little Town #2’s big opening day is here and everyone shows up to support Albie and Chris. Brittany manages an appearance. Lauren makes some snide remarks to Brittany’s face and even Caroline thinks Lauren is out of line. Lauren – stop being a creepy, over-bearing sister and let it go. Jeesh. 
The next morning, Albie is pumping iron in the Manzo home gym and Caroline interrupts to give him some unsolicited dating advice about how looks fade and blah, blah, blah. Albie tells her in a nutshell to just let him do his own thing and butt out! Afterwards, Albie is outside on the deck minding his own business when Lauren walks over and continues with the dating advice train (I think Vito has been her only boyfriend so this makes Lauren an expert???). God, they have met Brittany TWICE and this is just unbelievable.  Lauren and Caroline need some friends and hobbies. Albie can’t take it any longer and blows up on Lauren.  Albie calls out Lauren on her selfish motives of why she doesn’t like Brittany.
Mainly, Lauren wanting her kids to be the same age as his kids, so he better find a wife soon and Brittany is not going to be her. Ouch! Albie storms out and has had it with their two cents. Next week, Caroline gets involved as she is smelling a Dina-like feud brewing between Lauren and Albie and she cannot have her kids fighting like this!
Recap Author: Bonnie K.
Photo Credit: Bravo TV