Kendra Wilkinson’s Marital Troubles Are Ratings Gold

kendra wilkinson and hank baskett - kendra on top

Former Playboy Playmate and all around party girl Kendra Wilkinson may finally be thinking about kicking cheating hubby Hank Baskett to the curb. News of Hank’s alleged affair with a transgendered model first surfaced over the summer, and the couple’s marriage has been on the rocks ever since. And we have been glued to the drama as we all followed along on Kendra On Top.

Although the NFL star repeatedly denied having a relationship with transgender model Ava Sabrina London, Kendra kicked him out of their home, supposedly flushed her wedding rings down the toilet and the couple have been living separately ever since. They were reportedly working toward reconciliation, and Hank had even been planning a ceremony to renew his wedding vows to Kendra.

However, on October 8th an audio recording of an alleged phone conversation between Hank and former flame Ava leaked to the public. In the recording, Hank promises the YouTube model that he will support her financially. He swears on his two children that he will send her payments periodically, although they may be sporadic because he shares a bank account with his wife. Creepy!!


This news may be the final nail in the coffin of Kendra and Hank’s marriage, especially since Hank swore to his wife that no recordings of himself and Ava existed. A source told Us Weekly, “The sense of trust she was rebuilding with Hank is gone again.”

Kendra is reportedly now seriously considering filing for divorce. Despite the anger and hurt she must be feeling, she is taking things slow and not making any hasty decisions. She has said she greatly fears ending her marriage and becoming a single mother. She told HuffPost Live, “Our number one priority is making sure these two kids are raised with two parents, and we want to give them a great life.”

At least all the drama — real or made up, we are still not sure —  hasn’t been bad for ratings. Kendra’s hit WE tv reality show Kendra on Top has been more popular than ever in the wake of Hank’s cheating scandal. Over one million viewers tuned in for the season 3 premiere on October 3. The third episode of the season pulled in even more viewers: 1.2 million, the largest viewership in the show’s history.

Well, Kendra, you did it! Real or made-up, this insane story line practically ensures you another season!

[photo courtesy: WE tv]