Caroline Manzo Talks Fighting Siblings And Why She Shaves Her Face


When last we left Caroline Manzo on Manzo’d With Children, her kids were having a knock-down drag-out fight, regarding her eldest son’s new lady love, Brittany, and how his little sister, Lauren Manzo did not approve. Well, actually, “did not approve,” is putting it kindly.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star, on the other hand had a pretty realistic — which is why we love her — approach to the whole situation. “I get very upset when my kids fight, but it’s part of the growing process of family life. They are a necessary evil. I’d rather my kids argue than dismiss each other’s feelings and let resentment fester without communication. I won’t say too much more until next week. The saga continues and Al and I step in. Things get interesting.”

Interesting indeed, read on to see how Caroline put an end to the drama, plus she also explains why exactly she shaves her face…


“I don’t like to see my kids fight, but I believe that arguments can be healthy in a relationship, as long as there is a mutual desire to talk it out and come to a resolve. I’m happy to say that Albie and Lauren were able to discuss their feelings and bury the hatchet. This make me very happy. On a side note, score one for “Dr. Evil,” aka MOM.”

Score one indeed, I wouldn’t mess with Caroline! If she says fix it, I would fix it!

The Manzo’d With Children star also explains her morning ritual, which involves shaving her face. But, as she explains, she does not do this odd routine because she is secretly the Bearded Lady. Instead, she does it to counteract aging.

“Once again, they’ve got me shaving my face on national television. Let me make something clear and hopefully answer your questions once and for all: I shave my face as a method of exfoliating my skin. I don’t shave because I have a hairy face! I’ve been practicing this for over 10 years, and I haven’t grown any facial hair because of it, and I have beautiful skin with minimal wrinkles. I think this should clarify any questions.”

If it works, it works!  And Caroline looks great. But now that we understand why she does it, the question is: how many women are going to start shaving their faces to shave off the years?


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