Last week on Manzo’d With Children, we left with Albie Manzo and Lauren Manzo fighting on the deck about her disapproval of Albie’s new girlfriend, Brittany. Albie stormed off and went crying to Caroline about how people need to just stay out of his business. Lauren (having no friends) calls her fiancé, Vito Scalia crying about how mean Ablie was to her. Caroline Manzo doesn’t want Albie and Lauren to fight and certainly doesn’t want either of them to not speak to each other ever again. So mama Manzo tells Albie to get over himself and tells Lauren she should have not called Albie a d%*k and a douche and to make peace otherwise they are all kicked out of the house (yeah right, Caroline).

This big blowout causes Albie to make a 911 call to Amber, his life coach, for a home visit STAT! Amber uses her jump to conclusion mat to discover that perhaps Caroline and Lauren are too involved in Albie’s life and their motivations are more about themselves than Albie’s well-being. Bingo. Well, hopefully Albie will be able to resolve this issue with Lauren in a civilized way.


Meanwhile, Albert and Caroline decide to jar her sauces and sell to the masses (another housewife selling sauce? I mean, really??!!). Caroline is kinda freaking out about it and I’m kinda freaking out about the fact that she is shaving her face during this whole scene. Al’s in bed and Caroline is in the bathroom with her purple Venus razor shaving away. God bless her for letting that film roll! She’s in the kitchen working in her jarred masterpieces and in walks Christopher cracking jokes. I used to think Christopher was the black sheep in the family but now he is becoming the most sane.

After a hard day’s work of sauce-making, Caroline retreats to her room with Al to further discuss the Lauren/Chris situation. Caroline is mostly defending Lauren and Al is essentially taking Albie’s side. Both want the kids to make-up and move on. Unfortunately, Al kinda preaches about how he raised near perfect kids (none have a college degree, but I digress) and they will manage to work things out. Boy, mama and papa Manzo sure have big egos about their child-rearing capabilities!

Downstairs, Vito and Lauren are playing kissy-face on the couch while Chris air barfs in the background. Lauren asks the question of the day to Chris why he doesn’t bring any suitors around for the fam to meet and Chris almost chokes on his drink stating the obvious. Essentially, he’s seen the charade that Albie has gone through over the years and he wants no part of it – Amen Christopher!! 

Later that day, Lauren and Albie make amends in the kitchen about their fight (it was actually an incredibly mature discussion) and all is good again in the Manzo household.

Next week, looks like Brittany is still hanging around and Lauren’s opening a new boutique (I’m pretty sure I saw Ashley in the clip) – should be interesting to see if she calls it Cafface 2 (do no do that.).


Recap Author: Bonnie K

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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