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Hey, anyone want to change Love & Hip Hop Hollywood to the Fizz and Omarion Hour? Who’s with me? Last night’s episode starts with Teairra Mari wanting to get back on stage. She’s planning a showcase with promoters Miss Diddy and Sincere.  She gets a rude awakening from Sincere who informs her that she’s not famous enough to fill a big venue, and Sincere reminds her that she hasn’t had a hit in ages. He recommends a smaller, more private gathering. Sincere has a soft spot for Teairra’s boobs, but she can’t get over his massive ego. Despite all of their misgivings, Sincere agrees to help Teairra relaunch her career and she begrudgingly accepts because she needs it. 

Yesi and Morgan are meeting for lunch to dish on Morgan’s recent conversation with Ray J regarding their working relationship. Yesi is still encouraging Morgan to branch out on her own, and she invites her friend to do red carpet interviews at an upcoming Powerhouse event. Morgan wants to run the idea past Ray as he’ll be working the event as well, but she’s quickly persuaded not to bother…and why should she? She’s convinced that Ray J will be happy for her new opportunity. Foreshadowing at its finest, Mona!


Across town, Fizz is trying to take his old friend Omarion’s mind off the fact that his mother is a whole bag of crazy. The guys shoot tequila and vent about their lady situations. When Fizz admits that Amanda hasn’t been super stoked about moving in together, and he tells Omarion about Amanda’s infidelity. She didn’t just cheat, she took her cues from Mally Mal with a secret love shack and a dude on the side. Omarion is shocked to hear this stories, and he’s worried that his friend may be blinded by love. Fizz believes that Amanda is one of the first girls who liked him for him and not his fame, as she had never heard of B2K when they met. I just adore Fizz. 

Masika’s friend Sam has approached her about a business opportunity. She worked for him as a bottle girl in the past (perhaps that’s how she met the Biebs?), and now Sam wants her to be a part of his new “super classy” Vegas strip club that will cater to celebrities and athletes. Sam proposes that Masika be the face of his club, and while Masika promises she never has and never will be a stripper, she is just fine having her mug on any billboard advertisement. Sam, who is a horrible actor by the way, drops the bomb that his club is on property owned by Nikki’s family. Will that be a problem? Masika recaps their recent beef over Mally Mal, but Sam doesn’t care. He wants Masika in on his venture, and Masika doesn’t mind the idea of her pictures being all over Nikki’s parents’ building. love and hip hop hollywood masika

Moniece is blowing up Fizz’s phone while he’s on a date with Amanda. It’s the perfect segue into his concerns that Amanda isn’t very interested in helping out with Cameron. She says she’s not ready to “play Mommy” and he’s upset because they aren’t “playing house.” He has a family and a son who is a priority. Fizz also questions Amanda’s fidelity, and she hems and haws about how he needs to move past her last mistake and learn to trust her again. Regardless, Fizz can’t stay upset with her for long, and the tiff turns into a make-out session.

Who knew? Ray J was not, in fact, happy about Morgan’s turn as a celebrity correspondent at the Powerhouse event. She’s supposed to be his assistant. He’s thirsty. Whoever will fetch him his water? He may become dehydrated since his assistant is taking off for the day to traipse around the red carpet. Shame on her. When Ray complains to Yesi, she takes full blame for Morgan’s new found independence, and she offers others to fetch him some H2O. Ray doesn’t care, he is pissed at Morgan, and she’s not going to hear the end of it. The three of them sit down together, and Ray is acting like such a child. Yesi encourages the pair to talk out their issues, and she exits to give them privacy. I can’t be sure, but I think Ray just fired her, and Morgan is left in tears. 

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At a photo shoot for the new club, a naked Masika is naked in a bathtub full of diamonds. Nikki has been calling her, and Masika invites her to come chat. After her aggressive behavior the last time they saw each other, Nikki has been thinking that perhaps Masika isn’t lying about her relationship with Mally Mall. The two women have a composed conversation, and when Masika talks about Mall pulling her hair, Nikki is convinced that her true love did indeed bed Masika. He loves to pull hair. In an effort to show Nikki that she can do better, Masika shares Mally’s text messages to her after they called it quits. Nikki doesn’t want Masika to see her upset, so she claims that the texts don’t bother her at all and they prove nothing. Masika wishes Nikki luck and assures her that she won’t be messing with the lying, cheating Mally Mall ever again before she heads back to her rhinestone bathtub. 

It’s the night of Teairra’s showcase, and she’s wearing cat ears. People are literally laughing as she belts out songs. Sincere is seriously reconsidering his decision to help her. Hey, at least she commits to those terrible notes. After the show, Miss Diddy thinks that Teairra tried her best and will likely improve as she gets more comfortable performing in front of groups. Sincere thinks she’s a big ol’ ball of hot mess. He suggests that Teairra hit the gym and she decides to hit him instead. Granted, he was acting like a total punk, but there is no need for violence. Miss Diddy tries to calm Teairra as she and Sincere hurl insults at one another.

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Fizz and Amanda are shoe shopping for Cameron, and he’s so happy she’s stepping up to the plate and even going to some of his son’s games. Amanda still isn’t sure she’s ready to be a mom. At twenty-five, she wants to have some fun! However, she’s willing to try. Unfortunately for Amanda, she takes a call on speakerphone and it’s a reservation confirmation for a Miami restaurant. Her indiscretion lives in Miami, and Fizz dares her to show him her call log. Amanda keeps claiming it’s a wrong number. She threatens Fizz that if he can’t learn to trust her, perhaps they shouldn’t continue seeing each other. How could she be unfaithful to that sweet face?

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Nikki has enlisted her mom to help her interrogate Mally over dinner, but she wants her mom to let him enjoy his meal before starting in on him. Mally arrives and I question once again why women are actually fighting over this dude. Geez! Nikki’s mom can’t wait for dessert before she starts in on how he humiliated her daughter with the Masika nonsense. Nikki is upset that Mall continues to lie to her face, and he storms out of dinner after telling her she’s the lowest thing he’s ever met and he never wants to speak to her again. Classy!


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