Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Recap – Downward Spiral


This season on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is like the final season of Parenthood. Waiting for something awful to happen. Unfortunately, we already know how things end on this show and we must wait to exhale every time Josh Flagg comes on the screen.   Every phone call, every conversation, every mention of his grandmother’s name, Edith, is gut wrenching. And this week’s episode is no different. We know that her health is failing. And we know that Josh is carrying on with his work and life because that is what she would want him to do. While it is hard not to see how much pain he is in, the show must go on. A little trip down the Pacific Coast Highway just might be the distraction that he needs right now.

Back in Beverly Hills, David Parnes, who is out for a jog with Maxi and Bella, is summonsed by James Harris back to the office.   Their ‘Rock Star’ client, Zach Vella, is in town from the East Coast. Yes, that Zach Vella! Fredrik Eklund’s number one developer on Million Dollar Listing New York. Where is Fredrik?? Why is he not with him in California? Ryan Serhant would be there if it were his client, right? Well, not so fast. This time it’s personal. Zach is searching for a place to put down roots with his fiancé, Michelle. Our poker faced developer is looking for a turnkey 4-5 bedroom home with lots of privacy and an ‘LA feel’ in Trousdale or west of Bel Air. ‘Find a steal’ he tells the boys. Easy peasy! James is concerned as there is a drought of inventory in the market for $10-15m homes in these areas.


Josh Altman and his ex-fiancé, Heather Bilyeu, are still trying to figure the way forward in their relationship. As of last week the wedding had been called off. Heather confides in him at dinner that her father was a workaholic, which impacted her childhood and also led to her parent’s divorce.   She does not want to repeat their mistakes. Josh grew up in a similar environment where the men’s credo is ‘enough will never be enough’. He just wants to provide for Heather, which is sweet. There is obviously still love between them and he says that he will try to be more present and agrees to go to therapy with her. Once he wraps up a few listings.

Josh Flagg heads south to Redondo Beach to meet with his new clients, Bob and Sharon. He has agreed to help them sell the home as a favor to their daughter. And who wouldn’t want to be the listing agent on a 9200 sq. ft. beachfront home?! However, this property will not be a slam dunk sale.   While it is structurally sound, Bob and Sharon, albeit a sweet and elderly couple, are very colorful and have unique taste. Her peacock blue cowboy hat and matching eye shadow should have been a dead giveaway to the surprises Josh finds lurking around every interior corner – ‘look there’s a frog’!   Nice to see his humor even during this dark time. Though, Josh will have to work his magic in order for Bob and Sharon to relocate to Indian Wells and be closer to all of their grandchildren. Luckily, they understand the challenges of their home and agree to list it for $7m.

The Altman Brothers head out to meet with their new client, Katy, who is visiting from the U.K. But as soon as they walk out the door, Josh and Matt are accosted by her security detail, patted down and then pushed into her husband’s high end mobile office. Most likely bulletproof, too. Apparently, some high end clients need this service. Her husband, Andrew, is a tech Poobah and I am curious to know more. Have you noticed the number of tech Poobahs on MDLLA – Sam, Florian, and now Andrew?! Bravo may as well just move the show to the Silicon Valley/San Francisco area as that’s where the money is – cha-ching! For now, Katy, Andrew and their little cutie pie lapdog, Pumpkin, want to spend their time in Los Angeles, close to a ‘cool’ location where they can walk to amenities. Oh, did she mention that she has two days to find this spacious 5-6 bedroom home with lots of outdoor space to entertain?! The budget is wide open, so that helps.

James and David bring Zach to the first of three homes. A 5600 sq. ft. home listed at $14.5m has everything that he said that he wanted. This modern stunner is in the heart of Trousdale, has amazing views and tons of privacy. The floating spa and zero edge pool are spectacular. Though, all he can muster to say is ‘pretty view’. And the topper – he now wants to do some remodeling! WTF?? So much for turnkey! So the Brits show Zach a second home in the Hollywood Hills. ‘Why are you showing me a house in the Hollywood Hills?’ he asks. The boys thought this tri-level $13.5m 12,000 sq. ft. home would be the perfect project for him, but they thought wrong. ‘No privacy, no land. More like a bachelor pad’. Ahh but that infinity pool was fantastic. Swoon. James and David are left scratching their heads. And David does a spot on imitation of their client as well. Hopefully, Zach has a sense of humor. It’s hard to tell.

Josh Altman now has less than 48 hours left to find Katy a home and not miss his therapy appointment with Heather while doing so. The first home he shows his client, with apparently no budget, is an opulent $60m estate sitting on 1.5 acres smack dab in the middle of Sunset Boulevard. Why not start with the best? This is the modern day version of the Dorothy Chandler estate. You can see that it will be something special once it is completed. An indoor pool and grand ballroom spacious enough to entertain up to 250 guests, what is not to like?! Apparently the fact that it is not turnkey, according to Katy. It wouldn’t be the hefty price tag, now would it?! Raises eyebrow.


Josh Flagg has Colton meet him at his unique listing in Redondo Beach. He needs his expertise on how to stage this home for the brokers open. As suspected, this house is un-stageable, it’s ‘like putting lipstick on a pig’ Colton snorts. Sad but true. It’s as if marble vomited all over the inside. How do you cover up that much marble? Josh knows that he will have to target renovators/developers and focus on the square footage and beach. Maybe Agent Marisa Zanuck knows someone? She pops by to have a look and collect her monthly Bravo paycheck.

James and David show Zach and Michelle the third and final property – a $13.5m, 7900 sq. ft. home in Bel Air with complete privacy. This 80’s modern home is a project, but not too much of a project. Just the right amount for Zach, James presumes. ‘It needs a facelift’ says Zach.   It is not until he sees the views that he perks up. Well, as much as Zach can show any enthusiasm. ‘You should have started with the views’ he says. And with that he wants to put in a lowball offer of $11m – that’s $2.5 under asking! The boys are reluctant to go back to the seller, but he is a ‘Rock Star’ client after all and will defer to him. After some nail-biting negotiations, which infuriates the selling agent, James and David’s gamble pays off. They seal the deal at $11.5m all cash with no contingencies.

Josh Altman has less than 18 hours to find a property for Katy, Andrew, and Pumpkin, who is getting tired of the search. He has focused the price point lower and zeroed in on the perfect quintessential Beverly Hills home just around the corner from the famous hotel and in walking distance to Rodeo Drive. This $16.9m, almost 12,000 sq. ft. home seems to fit the bill for their needs. Pumpkin seems to be comfortable there, too, and starts to nod off. It truly is a beautiful home. Just a quick call to Andrew before she heads to the airport and, hopefully, they can seal the deal. And Josh can make his therapy appointment! With little time to waste, Andrew tells them to get the deal done at $16.5 or he will find another agent. Josh closes the deal and makes it to his appointment with Heather. Phew. We all knew he would, right?

Josh Flagg is having no luck with his marble manse in Redondo Beach. He’s already had several showings cancelled. With Edith on the decline and his parents moving out of his childhood home, what is poor Josh to do but buy Colton a brand new Mercedes?! While the gesture is beyond sweet and Colton is a happy camper, it is clear that Josh is about to implode as we see in the previews next week.  

Also up next week is Daymond John from Shark Tank. Should be interesting to see how that plays out!


Recap Author: Maura K

Photo Credit: Bravo