Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Accused Of Assault…And Falling Into A Pool With His Baby!

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel

So, I received a text last night from my dear friend Will (not Folks–ew–a.k.a. T-Rav’s consultant turned nemesis) asking if I’d seen Thomas Ravenel’s latest campaign commercial. As many of you know, the Southern Charm Lothario and par for the course embarrassing South Carolina politician is running for United States Senate. He wrote, “PLEASE tell me you’ve seen T-Rav’s political ad. He’s holding his baby, talking about how he doesn’t ‘run away from his responsibilities.’ YouTube it. Totally worth it.” (Un)fortunately, I didn’t have to YouTube anything, as the seems to run on a constant loop on any given channel…and he was right–totally worth it.

In the ad, T-Rav goes on to say he’s done things he’s proud of as well as things he’s not proud of (I wonder in which category Southern Charm falls). Well, yesterday news erupted that made this campaign ad particularly hilarious…and it involved Thomas likely doing something he’s not proud of while holding his daughter…allegedly. According to a recent accusation, T-Rav drunkenly fell in his pool while holding his baby (she’s fine!) before assaulting girlfriend Kathryn Dennis’ stylist. Good times!


The Post & Courier is reporting that Lauren Moser was visiting Thomas and Kathryn at his downtown home last Friday night when she claims she was assaulted by the reality star. Were Bravo cameras rolling to get all the action? Nope, but Lauren told police that she had her cell phone videoing the event. I don’t think I need to add that I am not this Lauren…just an FYI. 😉 

Lauren alleges that she relieved the couple’s nanny around 11 PM and waited for her friend to arrive back at the house with Thomas after a night on the town. Stating that Thomas seemed intoxicated, she wanted to wait to make sure that nothing happened as she’d had “run-ins” with him before. Should I mention that Lauren waited three days before going to local police? 

In her statement, Lauren says that T-Rav went to bed only to return a few minutes later with the sleeping seven-month-old when he “yelled to Kathryn that she needed to take care of the sleeping child.” It was after this incident that T-Rav stumbled into the pool with the baby. Lauren states that he quickly handed the child to her mother before storming into the house and slamming the door–twice–on the stylist, hitting her once in the knee and bruising her arm “due to the fact that her hand was raised because she was videoing the episode.” She claims she attempted to follow him inside while recording the incident on her phone “because she felt that more was about to transpire.”

The report continues that instead of leaving, Lauren returned inside “to make sure that the baby and Kathryn were fine before she left.” At this point, T-Rav “returned naked and began screaming (expletive) get your stuff and get out.” Officers noted bruising on the inside of Lauren’s arm. This latest scandal comes on the heels of T-Rav’s former friend and consultant Will Folks (see Season 1, Episode 1) accusing Thomas of sending him threatening texts. For his part, T-Rav released a statement, saying that there is no merit to the claims and adding,”I am totally confident that once the police investigation is completed, the truth will come out.”

Yup, I’d say that T-Rav has certainly done some things he isn’t proud of…and while he doesn’t run away from his responsibilities, he never said anything about tripping into a pool with them. Is it weird that I still find him oddly charming even though I set out to despise him? Probably! It’s a good thing Bravo loves some free publicity! 


[Photo Credit: Twitter]