Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm Cast Members Evacuate Charleston To Avoid Hurricane Florence

The Southern Charm cast members are used to weathering storms. Usually they’re storms of a dramatic nature, but this time there is an actual hurricane that they are trying to escape.

As Hurricane Florence ramps up and heads ashore, plenty of cast members fled to safety and made fun trips out of escaping the Charleston, North Carolina area.

Ashley Jacobs crying

Oh PUH-LEAZE. Just in case you thought Ashley Jacobs would go quietly back to California to SAVE PEOPLE’S LIVES as a nurse, you’re completely wrong! She’s begging for a chance to be allowed to return to Southern Charm and redeem herself. She also thinks the other cast members would welcome her back! Bless her heart…

It’s been obvious as of late that Thomas Ravenel and Ashley will do anything to stay on TV: breaking up, making cheating accusations, apologizing to Kathryn Dennis, and getting back together and possibly engaged, but now Ashley isn’t trying to hide her intentions. “I wish they had the decency to contact me and give me a chance,” Ashley complained about Bravo, “because I would like to have a redemption story, the same way Kathryn did.” 

Thomas Ravenel & Ashley Jacobs Engagement Rumors

In today’s era of scandal, the most important one to follow is what exactly is going on with Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs. Are they fake together, are they fake broken up, are they even real people, or is this an optical illusion of what happens when you consume too much bourbon? Whatever the case, it appears Thomas and Ashley celebrated something together this weekend that may or may not have been an engagement, or at least that’s what they want us to believe!

By now you all know that Thomas quit Southern Charm (aka was possibly fired in the wake of his sexual assault investigation) and is feuding with Whitney and Pat. They think he’s scum; he thinks they lied to make him look bad. We also know that Kathryn Dennis now has 50/50 custody of their children and has banned Ashley from being around them. Rightfully so!

Southern Charm Cast Member JD Facing Sexual Assault Allegations

Unfortunately, the sexual assault allegations are all too common among Southern Charm cast members. Now JD Madison, who frequently appears on the show as Thomas Ravenel’s confidante, has been accused of sexual assault.

Did Ashley Jacobs Cheat On Thomas Ravenel? She Denies It!

Lord, I cannot imagine how there is even ONE person in the world willing to date Thomas Ravenel or Ashley Jacobs, but now Thomas is implying that he and Ashley broke up because she cheated! Who on earth is this man?! JD?!

Last week Ashley revealed that she and Thomas had split, and promised she would be “OK” driving her little Honda and working to save lives as a nurse. She also asked if her followers knew any single men. #PerfectGiftForSomeoneYouHate

Shortly after Ashley’s proclamation, her social media seemed to apply she had gotten back together with Thomas, but now it’s the former Southern Charm star’s turn to confirm the break up. 

Ashley Jacobs Apologizes For Criticizing Kathryn Dennis’ Parenting

The one good thing about Ashley Jacobs’ presence on Southern Charm was her ability to bring the fandom together. No, she isn’t some great leader or inspiration, but everyone with eyes and ears couldn’t help supporting Kathryn Dennis after all of the insults Ashley threw her way.

Ashley criticized Kathryn’s parenting. Several times. She even had the audacity to refer to her as an egg donor. The Southern Charm cast members and the fans couldn’t help being disgusted with Ashley’s vitriol. When she filmed the reunion, after watching the episodes and seeing the viewer feedback, Ashley continued to stand by her words. Now she’s singing a different tune and apologizing to Kathryn…. Well, she posted on social media, from her public account instead of talking to Kathryn one-on-one.

Thomas Ravenel Announces Departure From Southern Charm

The writing has been on the wall for a while when it comes to Thomas Ravenel’s future on Southern Charm. The original cast member is in the midst of some serious legal trouble. He did not appear on the most recent reunion episodes. The cast (and viewers) cannot stand his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs and all of the venom she spewed at Kathryn Dennis– the mother of Thomas’ two children. The deck is really stacked against him.

It also seems like the rest of the cast has pulled away from Thomas. This could mean some good drama for the next season, or it could mean the end of Thomas’ reality TV tenure. It seems like it might actually be the latter.

Thomas Ravenel Claims That There Have Been A “Lot of Lies” On Southern Charm

Everyone is guilty of posting on social media and deleting right after. However, most of us are not well known reality TV stars with thousands of followers. Even before getting the chance to hit “delete post” someone can take a screen shot. Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel posted about and deleted some shade directed at the show and the mother of his children Kathryn Dennis.