tori spelling is crazy

I don’t even know where to begin…

So, a few days ago, Tori Spelling was admitted to the hospital for Ebola flu-like symptoms. TMZ reported that she was even being quarantined. Ok, sounds bad, Tori must be really sick. But now, as the True Tori star tweets cryptically from her hospital bed and her husband, Dean McDermott gives updates interviews about his wife, friends are now speaking out with real concerns over Tori’s mental status.

But don’t worry, cameras are capturing every moment.


Ok, before we get to Tori’s mental state, can we discuss the promos for the new season of True Tori? First there were the promos where Tori has an awkward lunch with Dean’s ex-wife, the woman whom Dean left for Tori after meeting on a TV movie. (So classy! Just like Leann Rhimes and Eddie Cibrian!) Now, in the latest preview, Tori is actually bragging about banging making love to Dean  the first night they met.

“It wasn’t like, ‘oh, just get your rocks off, have sex with someone just to have sex,’ you know? It was a conscious decision, like, fell head over heels for you.” Whatever you think Tori, but you are never going to convince anyone that it is OK to sleep with a married man. Maybe this should have been our first inkling into Tori’s breakdown.

So Tori is legitimately in the hospital, but according to multiple sources who spoke to TMZ, the Ebola scare was “all a ruse, a lie to cover up her crumbling personal life.” Seriously!?!?! Ebola?? For ratings?? This is worse that Kendra and Hank!

OK, so what is Tori trying to hide from exactly? According to the sources there are multiple reasons:

 — She is married to Dean McDermott — Ok, so those are my words, but her friends believe that Tori and Dean’s marriage is “dangerously on the rocks.” And  for anyone who watched season 1 of True Tori, I am sure you are with me when I say, “Duh!!”

 — Financial troubles — Tori was basically cut out of her father Aaron Spelling’s will. Only receiving $800,000 when your mother was living in a $100 million home, is pretty much being cut out. And of that $800,000, Tori has little to none of it left. I mean, if you didn’t need the money really bad, would you film the worst parts of your life for the world to see for $50,000??

 — She is actually making herself sick. The Ebola was never really a thing with Tori, but she was so dramatic about it, staying up late and not eating — and seriously the girl needs a cheeseburger — that she actually compromised her own health. And it may have actually damaged her mental state as well. What does this caption to her photo from the hospital mean?

“This sick in hospital I finally see how quickly life can take it all away frm you. We all need 2 step up frm inside& go 4 it! W/our friends by our side. Sadly I’ve finally faced truth that 1 person will never be there 4 me #TrueTori”

With the Ebola stuff, I just wanted to laugh, now I just really think it is sad…..


[photo courtesy: Tori Spelling]