On last night’s episode of Manzo’d With Children, it’s poker night at the Manzo house, Lauren rebrands her store, and Caroline gets her boxing on.
Albie Manzo and Chris Manzo are having their friends over for a casual night of cards and fun. In true high school fashion, Caroline interrupts the party the party in the basement to tell the boys to keep it down.  Brittney is among the guests and Caroline compliments on her top (which happens to consist of a peach-colored Kleenex and some dental floss (bonus: it has pockets!) on her way out. Caroline is a tad concerned as Brit-Brit is showing her face more often than she expected. 

Caroline and Albie head to boxing class the next day to get some much needed aggression out. Yawn. If this is another episode talking about Albie’s dating choices then I’m going to turn off my tv.  Man, do these Jersey peeps know how to stretch the story lines. After a great workout session of Albie punching his frustrations with his family out on a bag and Caroline punching Albie for his stupid taste in women – I think we’ve finally moved on.


Speaking of moving on, we jump to Lauren wanting a fresh look for her make-up bar, Cafface . She wants to change it to Full Blown, a blow dry bar. New name and all! Thank the dear God as Cafface is a terrible name. Lauren agrees as she mentions someone called and tried to make an appointment for the cat the other day. I spit out my drink when she said this because that was the best line of the show. Lauren is a sort of afraid to mention this little idea to her parents as she just wants to get it re-done without the hassle of mom and pops breathing down her neck.  I don’t blame her.  Christopher is the only one aware of this and decides to break the news with Lauren later that evening to Caroline and Al
Turns out Cafface isn’t as successful as Lauren has hoped (gee, my rant about opening your own business with zilch experience is starting to creep up on me again!) and Lauren plans to inject all the cash she has to revamping it into a blow dry bar (thought I’d mention that 3 blow dry bars have opened in the last year within 5 blocks of my house, so we’ll see how this pans out in few years).  Caroline isn’t pissed she just wants to be kept in the loop to make sure Lauren has a plan. Lauren basically says this her last shot to make it and rallies the family around her to help with the re-opening.
Prior to the new launch, Caroline has some coffee time with Jacqueline to discuss her frustration with Albie’s dating choices and Lauren’s new business venture behind her back. Jacqueline gives some sound advice and I’m gonna need a triple espresso too because this scene is as boring as this show can get right now. 
Relaunch day has arrived and Lt. Lauren is calling all the shots! People are dusting off shampoo bottles and getting the blow dryers amped! I even spot Ashlee Holmes working behind the counter (I never thought I’d see the day when Ashlee actually worked.).
Doors open (no room in the huge budget for a new sign Lauren?) and so far business is looking good. Side note: I see a 10 yr-old getting a blow out – WTF??!!? Albie brings Brittney along and to my surprise Caroline is not as miffed to see her. In fact, one of Caroline’s friends makes some harsh comments about Brittney’s looks and Caroline actually defends her. I’m proud of Mama Manzo! The day comes to a close and Lauren is super stoked with the new store (looks the same IMO) and toasts to all her hard work.
Next week, the Manzos head to Texas to get inspiration for their BBQ sauce line. Oh jeez.  (That recap will be up shortly)
Recap Author: Bonnie K.
Photo Credit: Bravo TV
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