josh altman and matt altman negotiate a fast sale

If there’s one thing Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles agents like, it’s a quick, clean sale! However sometimes they have to really put their hardened negotiation skills to the test. On last week’s episode Josh Altman was able to get a deal closed in less than 30 minutes, while newbies David Parnes and James Harris had to pull a lot more tricks out of their sleeves to appease a difficult but important developer! 

“Being in the real estate business for over a decade now, we have had deals that happen as quick as what you just saw and others that take years…yes, no joke, years,” Josh says. “You never know where you next deal is going to come from and how it will play out.”


However all’s well that ends well! Josh’s client Katie was thrilled with her $16.5 million dollar property and the new British transplants credit it to Josh. “My clients are amazing people and even though Katie’s husband was tough on the phone, we have since become very good friends and have had a couple vacations with them (especially since I had to make it up to Heather).” 

Also subscribing to the all’s well that ends well ideology are David and James. “Finding our friend and rockstar developer Zach Vella and his fiancé Michelle their dream home in one of the most coveted areas of Bel Air was no small undertaking,” concedes James. “Developers like Zach look at homes differently and want to pay wholesale, as they will most definitely want to make it their own. We had to pull a rabbit out of a hat and find him exactly what he wanted.” 

It’s all about the process for a client that is willing to wait for the right property. “Sometimes success comes from trial and error. While it was super stressful when Zach wasn’t interested in the first two properties we showed him, it also allowed us to whittle down even more specifics about his needs.” 

“In this case, the third showing was a charm! Stradella had the location, privacy, style, and epic views Zach and Michelle were looking for. It even needed a bit of remodeling, an opportunity for Zach to add his own touches to their home,” adds David. “Once we saw even the slightest enthusiasm from him, we knew we couldn’t lose this deal and had to secure Stradella as a ‘steal.’”

“We highly respect Zach Vella and value working with him. In the end, taking the calculated risk to go in at $11.5 as the final offer further secured our business relationship with Zach, and he actually cracked a smile…we think,” celebrates James



[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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