Amy Johnson And Kelley Johnson On Surviving Below Deck Drama; Amy Would Have Quit Without Kelley’s Support!

amy johnson and kelley johnson below deck season 2 reunion

It was rough waters for rookie reality TV members and siblings Amy Johnson and Kelley Johnson, who relied on each other to survive a tumulus season of Below Deck – which included gossiping Kat, heartbreaker Jennice, and crazy crazy charter guests! 

Amy and Kelley reflect on their first season and how they processed working in such stressful circumstances. It turns out having a blood is thicker than water ally definitely worked to their advantages. Neither shares whether or not they’d come back for another season, however. If they’re invited, that is. Rumor has it Bravo plans to shake up the crew every season to prevent the drama from going stale, but keeping a couple key players like Captain Lee and Chef Ben Robinson

Amy admits she had reservations about joining the crew of The Honor. “For me, [the cast] already had this established relationship so they were really in tune — especially with Captain Lee. When your leader already feels the vibe with those three, it was kind of like odd man out and [I had] to prove that I can earn his respect.”


Kelley felt he had the opposite experience. “I don’t think it was too hard on my part. It was also really helpful at the same time, because they would give us tidbits of helpful information,” he describes. “It was easier on us because they had already experienced it.” 

Both siblings agree they definitely needed each other for support. “I don’t think I would have stayed if I didn’t have Kelley; it would have been too much. It was overwhelming — just a really busy charter season with hardly any sleep and 24-hour turnarounds. Then you have the second job with cameras in your face and the pressure. It was just so intense that, if I didn’t have Kelley, I might’ve jumped off ship and swam ashore,” Amy admits. “I think I have more emotional breakdowns on the show than she did,” adds Kelley. 

In fact, Amy still has trouble processing all the drama she faced at the hands of Chief Stew Kate Chastain and Kat Held. “It was so intense and the venom I was feeling from the interior team — I didn’t know how to handle it,” she shares with WetPaint. “I don’t normally not get along with people like that, so it was a crazy experience.” 

Post reality TV both siblings have had different reactions. Kelley feels embarrassed by some of his on-screens behavior. “I’m having to rewatch me being emotional and I wonder why was I doing that,” he confesses.

But Amy, believes actually living it was the hardest part. “I’m not great with working with so much tension and animosity; I get along with people. If there’s a problem, let’s sit down and talk,” she explains. “There will be disagreements — that’s inevitable — but it’s how we resolve it and get past it that defines your character and defines the working environment. For some of our co-workers, it was, ‘let’s sweep it under the rugs and let’s not talk about it.’ And I don’t operate like that.”

“Looking back, I wish I could have maybe operated like that some because what I know about some of them now only made it worse because that’s not their personality style.”

Amy says watching the show has been a teachable moment for her.”Watching it back has been such a great learning experience because it’s such self-reflection. The hardest part for me was being on a team but feeling so outside of that team when we all have the same goal but there’s no camaraderie.”

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