Kim Kardashian Wants To Be Taken Seriously And Respected For Her Work!

kim kardashian wants respect at the recode social media conference

Kim Kardashian is trying to make a name for herself outside of vapid sex tape star, dramatic divorcee, and reality TV harlot. The name she is trying to make for herself is Mrs. West: fashion savvy, business maven, who is a force to be reckoned with! And she wants people to respect her work. 

Kim is tired of not being taken seriously and blames Keeping Up With The Kardashians for putting a negative connotation on all she has accomplished

“I pride myself with my work ethic, and I work really hard,” Kim says. “I think when people hear that I might have gotten success off of a ‘reality show,’ they take that as a negative. We’re in our tenth season. We have more episodes than ‘I Love Lucy.’ We have so many milestones that people don’t think about.” Milestones… um… divorces, butt injections, child slave labor, and selling out your most intimate personal moments for attention. Got it! 

Kim says she is proud of the “well-shot, well-lit home movies” which is what she considers KUWTK and cites the ability for her family to “share” and treasure these moments on film for the rest of their lives. 


“I wake up every single day at 6 am, and go to the plastic surgeon’s office gym, make sure the nannies are dealing with igNori, get my daughter up, feed my baby, look at social media selfies film all day, sometimes don’t finish until 8 or 9 pm, and that’s every single day, six days a week, for five months straight while we’re filming … I don’t think reality TV gets the respect it deserves,” Kim insists,  speaking to Code Mobile at their social media conference.

No, Kim, – that is where you are wrong – reality TV can garner respect, it is YOUR behavior that makes people lose respect for you. Case in point, mom of the year, dressing your daughter in age-inappropriate sheer ‘sexy clothes’ to match your own and forcing her to attend a loud, jam-packed, fashion show at 11pm and being swarmed by paparazzi so YOU and Mr. Napoleanye can get attention. Of course, I am not surprised you don’t get it. 

Kim also defends building her career on over-sharing. “I’ve always just been open. I’ve been super-open with my life, and that’s just who I am, and that’s how my family is, too,” Kim says. I mean except when it comes to showing her daughter being cared for by the army of nannies Kim and Kanye employ! Don’t want to over-share about that! 

As for social media, Kim is also proud of her accomplishments in that realm! She says she loves “communicating with people”  via twitter and Instagram, which can be “an amazing focus group.” Glad Pimp Momma Kris is training Kim in how to use those buzz words like “Focus Group.” Do you think they used vocab flashcards?! Something tells me Kim things a focus group is a group that focuses only on Kim because she certainly is NOT learning from the commentary on say, how to dress or how to behave, or how to disappear! 

Kim continues, social media “allowed my career to sustain, and I’ve adapted to the change of it all.” She maintains that even she keeps some moments private – like the time she spends with her daughter. Riiiiight. And her favorite app: Instagram. Cause she can photoshop her butt selfies!! “I think you can be really creative with photoshop, and a little more intimate. It has more texture than just words, obviously.”

Kim has rules, though – she doesn’t want to “oversaturate” her feed so she has “a three-image rule. In the same setting,” I dunno… I feel like she over saturates with the filter called “NOT REALITY” you know the one where she looks like a 22 year old with no cellulite and size 0 thighs. 

Kim also shares her favorite social media gadget – a Blackberry. “It’s my heart and soul, I love it and I’ll never get rid of it,” she gushes. Yes it’s far less disposable than husbands. And we all know there is nothing Kim loves more than herself

Interesting tidbit garnered from this interview: Kim’s videogameKim Kardashian: Hollywood has dropped significantly in rankings since it’s debut in June. The app has taken a lot of flack for forcing young users to pay for features that allow them to mimic Kim’s life (sex tape, excluded, of course) and Bloomberg reported it could take in an estimated $200 million in revenue. But unfortunately that was before sales started to fall significantly. Kim insists they are “on the rise” again and working to incorporate new features like the opportunity for users to FaceTime with Kim – for a fee. 

One thing Kim will never share is how much she earns from all her over-sharing endeavors. “We’ll never talk dollars and cents … It could be more. It could be less. It’s been very good to me.” Above, Kim speaking at the Code Zone conference. 

Oh and below is Kim appearing on Two Broke Girls

[Photo Credit: Instagram]