Dean McDermott Has Had Enough Of ‘True Tori’

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Dean McDermott has certainly been put through the ringer over the last year. After the news broke last December that he had cheated on his wife, Tori Spelling, the troubled couple chose to document the process of repairing their fractured marriage and Dean’s time in rehab on the Lifetime reality show True Tori.

To say that the show is hard to watch, is putting it mildly. On the heels of his wife’s week long hospital stay for a mental breakdown variety of sicknesses, Dean announced that he is leaving True Tori.


In a candid interview with Access Hollywood, Dean opened up about why he decided to leave the show. (Are you really leaving the show if you are not getting paid to be on it?)

“We have five more shows left. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep opening a vein, opening my soul and sharing my feelings and thoughts and demons with the world. I don’t watch it. I can’t. It’s really difficult. I can’t do it anymore, for my soul.”

The fact that Dean can’t watch the show speaks volumes. Could you imagine going through a tough period in your marriage and then having to relive it while the rest of the world (or at least their viewers) watched? No thank you!

The most disturbing revelation in the interview is the fact that the aftermath of this affair led Dean to contemplate suicide.

“I almost lost everything, everything that means anything to me,” he said. “I don’t want to ever do that again. I don’t ever want to be in that dark place again where I wanted to take my life.”

“I was driving around in my truck with a loaded 9 mm. I was put on a 5150 at the UCLA psych ward. [My son] Liam had a performance and I didn’t want to miss that performance… I had plans that night to do it.”

Well thank goodness — for the sake of their family — that Liam had a performance that night!

Despite saying he will no longer appear on True Tori, Dean does think his marriage will survive. Perhaps they should try and fix their problems without cameras rolling…..


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