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Love & Hip Hop  Hollywood gets more and more ridiculous every week…so why do I love it? That’s easy…just ask the former B2Kers! 🙂 Last night’s episode begins, and the unveiling of the Face of Ace of Diamonds has totally floored Nikki. She can’t believe that Masika thinks her face will grace any inch of property owned by her parents. Hazel is spying from the bar, and Teairra can’t be bothered with her former friend. The fireworks between Nikki and Masika are going to be far more exciting. All four women (for lack of a better word) come together to air their issues. When Hazel tries to talk a big game about Berg and Teairra, Masika then recites the laundry list of rumors that Hazel has been spreading about Teairra. Is this really a club opening because no one seems fazed by these four crazy women screaming in the bar? Plus, there only seem to be about five other people there. The evening is taken over as the girls gang up on Hazel, leaving Nikki a bit disappointed she wasn’t able to go off on Masika as planned. 

After her smack down by Moniece, Amanda wants Fizz to put his baby mama in her place. She’s been trying to reach him, but he’s been ignoring her since she stepped out on him again. Amanda glosses over what she and Moniece were saying to each other before the hair pulling occurred, and she basically tells Fizz he needs to check his ex. Fizz reminds Amanda that she shouldn’t have taken it upon herself to meet up with Moniece (especially when they were on a break), and all she hears is that he isn’t on her side. 


Apryl is about to give birth at any second, and she and Omarion are talking about family dynamics. She reveals that she doesn’t have much of a connection with her mother, and while Leslie is bat shiz cray-cray, Apryl is a bit jealous about how close Omarion is with his mother. Apryl and her sister were raised by her grandparents while her mother raised two other siblings. Her father was in jail most of her childhood, but she has no idea as to why any of these things happened. Apryl is hoping to get some answers and closure when her family comes out to Los Angeles for the birth of her son.

Soulja Boy is heading out on tour, and Nia plans to nest while he’s away since she isn’t able to accompany him and make sure he keeps his hands to himself. Soulja tells Nia that he thinks she should postpone moving in as his home may not be super safe while he’s out of town. After all, he doesn’t live in a gated community, and his crazy fans could be stalking him. In fact, perhaps Nia shouldn’t move into the house at all. Maybe they should slow down and look for a new place together…with a man cave…where he can smoke weed all day. It’s the little things. 

Ray-J is regaling Berg and Sincere about his serious jail time, and he’s facing charges the following day. Poor Ray-J can’t even enjoy the story spoils of his arrest given that he only spent nine hours in a Beverly Hills lock-up. There is no street cred in that game. Berg tells his friend that he’s been working with his ex Teairra, but Berg assures Ray that they are NOT doing the hippity dippity…just trying to come up with some good music. Ray is fine with them creating a hit, he just hopes Berg doesn’t get hit by Teairra in the process. Sincere laughs at this revelation since he was last one subjected to Teairra’s fists and violent temper.

I think I may actually faint from shock if I ever see Nikki wearing something that isn’t sheer. She is livid that Masika is on a billboard for a club that leases its property from her family. Nikki begs her mom to use her clout to have Masika taken down, but her mom says it’s just business. She can’t do anything about this video vixen harlot gracing billboards on Sunset Boulevard, but she can gift her daughter with Masika’s mugshot for petty theft. Across town, Fizz approaches Moniece about her altercation with Amanda. Moniece shares her frustrations with Amanda’s inability to parent her child, and Fizz doesn’t take kindly to Moniece trying to dictate who can or can’t date. After exchanging some heated words. Moniece storms out of the restaurant, but not before threatening Amanda. She is cray, but I love it. It’s all scripted, so that’s fine, right? 

After being put on probation, Ray is very grateful for this new lease on life. He is thankful for no jail time and promises to use anger management to his benefit. He’s so serious. Please. Meanwhile, Teairra is trying to play peacemaker for Nikki and Masika. Masika tries to play nice, but it quickly escalates when Nikki proves that she can’t play nice. When Teairra is trying to maintain the calm, you know it’s bad. Nikki starts going off about Masika’s mugshot, and Masika pops off that she was arrested at sixteen for shoplifting. Teairra interrupts to remind her friends that everyone has a mugshot and everyone has had a little nip tuck. Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not, because Nikki stomps off after promising to replace Masika on the billboard. She’s like a human cartoon!

Ray is meeting with his father about the recent events in his life. He hates that he’s embarrassed his family, and his father isn’t shy about saying how ashamed he and Ray’s mother are over the incident. He thinks that anger management will good for his son. As they talk about Teairra, Ray admits that he’s done some things to his ex that make him feel badly. His father encourages Ray to apologize…and to quit playing the victim all the time. Great advice!

The big day is finally here for Omarion and Apryl. Her water has broken, and their family and friends wait downstairs as the pair waits upstairs for the doula to arrive. Sweet Omarion has never loved Apryl more, and he is thrilled that the couple found a happy medium with his mom Leslie. She won’t be present in the room for the birth, but she’s holding court downstairs while awaiting her grandson’s arrival. Apryl is questioning any future kids due to the pain of natural child birth, and to that I saw, um epidural? Omarion and Apryl slow dance in an effort to connect before the baby arrives, and the next thing I know, the couple is sitting in an inflatable pool. I have to give credit to Omarion…that’s true love–sitting in lukewarm birth juices. I kid, I kid, and that is one adorable infant!


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