Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick open this episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons as they are house hunting in the Hamptons.  Apparently, Kourtney is super keen on having a house in NY now to maintain the memories and ties Scott has there since his parents have passed.  Kourtney would like to deal with his parents estate first, but Scott is just not ready to unload the home and go through it.  

Upon returning home, Khloe cannot believe that they are thinking of buying a home since 24 hours prior – they were at each other’s throats (she is such a great voice of reason, that Khloe!).  Kourtney acknowledges that it’s pretty messed up that they haven’t resolved their issues but they’re going to have their third kid soon and it’s not like they don’t love each other.  Um, what???  People have kids and get divorced/break-up all the time.  Khloe gets on the horn with Kim and the most intelligent notion to  come out of their mouths is that they both agree Scott and Kourt need therapy ASAP.  Read my mind!

Kourtney is in the backyard playing with the kids when Kim shoots her a facetime call and asks if she can host North’s first bday party at Kourt’s new house in LA.  Kourt says no because construction is going to start and she doesn’t want a party there while she is out of town.
Later that day, Khloe tells Kourtney that she’ll be hosting a a radio show with Scott and is waiting on their mom, Kris to negotiate the deal.  In a very awkward, Jerry Maguire “Show-Me-The-Money” convo with Kris and Khloe we wait to hear if a radio show is happening. Kris’ feedback is that Scott might be a loose cannon and could be a liability.  Scott grills Khloe later that day about the gig and Khloe breaks the news that Scott is a no-go as a DJ partner.  Scott is bummed but handles it well and I think he would have made a hilarious co-host.
Kourtney opens the evite (seems a little cheap and dated for a Kardashian to send evites, no?) for North’s birthday and that beotch Kim went ahead and booked it at Kourt’s new house despite her not being allowed to.  Kourtney is livid and decides to crash the party in LA in-person.  Kourt invites Scott to join her and he informs her that he cannot go with as he has his bday party hosting job at a club.  She takes the kids and heads back to party crash North’s shindig. This has disaster written all over it.  Scott at home (alone) with his friends in the Hamptons ready to partay!!!  
Back over on the West coast, Khloe is checking in on the construction of her new house and it appears to be coming along very well.  The Kardashians are accumulating quite the real estate portfolio.  Finally, Kourtney busts Kim red-handed in her backyard calling her out about having the party  without her permission.  Kim, being a terrible actress, feigns surprise and shock and here we go.  Kim stomps off into the kitchen and sulks about not having anywhere to have this party (I doubt that there is NOWHERE in all of LA to throw this kid a party) and literally, sad piano music cues in.  Kim whines about having to live at Kris’ house for over a year – can you imagine living in one room for a year (except that this one room happens to be in like a 20,000 square foot palatial estate)??? The horror! What has Kim done to deserve such squalid living conditions??!!  Kourt hears this sob story and can’t believe she forgot the despair Kim has been experiencing and is totally ok with it now.  Phew! Crisis averted!!
Oh man, meanwhile back in the Hot Mess Hamptons, Scott is BOMBED and his security guard has to carry him upstairs to his bedroom and put him to sleep.  It turns out that was at like 10am because by the time dinner time rolls around, he wakes up and ready to BBQ and drink some more (this is pathetic).  Turns out Kourtney’s friend, Allie and her bf come by to check-in on Scott and report back to Kourtney. Scott is over 30 (right? am i wrong?) and he is THAT guy at parties.  Why do you need to be that drunk to have fun at his age all the time.  Even Allie is pleading with him to be normal so they can hang out.  Scott clearly needs help.  Later that evening, he has a facetime session with Kourtney while he is hammered in the shower and oh jeez…  Scott and the gang head over to 1OAK and celebrate his birthday and after 87 drinks and three bottles of pills he checks himself into the ER.  This is just awful and he has some serious self-reflecting to do.  It’s pretty clear that he realizes this and he decides to check into a 30-day rehab facility or lose his family.  It must have been some cray-cray partying because next episode he goes starts treatment and Kourt starts therapy! We might be getting someone after all people.  Stay tuned.
Recap Author: Bonnie K.
Photo Credit: E!


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