Tori Spelling Hopes To Continue Reality TV: ‘It’s Therapy For Me’

Tori Spelling True Tori

Good news: Tori Spelling is out of the hospital. Random news: She’s sporting new grey hair extensions. Bad news: Tori Spelling is making the press rounds to promote the new season of True Tori. Yesterday, she appeared on Today, and Hoda and Kathie Lee coddled the special snowflake beyond belief. Tori’s first post-hospital interview came hot on the heels of several secret sources spilling their guts to Us Magazine.

Here’s a source, there’s a source, everywhere there’s a secret source…

One source claimed Tori and Dean McDermott are barely speaking. I believe it. Dean was in the building but he did not sit with Tori during her interview. A second source shared, “There appears to be no love between them. When the cameras are off, they’re cold toward one another.” A third insider insinuated that Tori‘s recent grab for attention hospitalization for ebola/bronchitis/mental breakdown was the final nail in the coffin. 


The insider shared, “Dean has physically been there for Tori at the hospital out of a sense of obligation and it was obvious and very depressing to Tori. His thoughts were elsewhere while he was at the hospital and he was not attentive to her. He looked for every excuse to leave and pretty much stayed there as minimally as possible. He didn’t spend the night there with her at all. Tori was forced to sleep alone while Dean went home to their cozy house.”

Fast forward to the Today interview, Tori denied (more like, sugar coated) the claim, “Dean was by my side daily. He proved it. He was home taking care of four kids. He really stepped up. And that was the big thing on the show this season. I was like, ‘Step up and take care of the kids. You’ve been away. You’ve been dealing with yourself for so long. Come back to us.’ And he has in a big way.” 

Tori cited “severe bronchitis” and “repressed emotions” as the reasons for her hospitalization. “My kids had it and i just thought that I could do it all. Take care of them, put everyone else first and me last, and it just hit me the hardest. Also, there’s an emotional component to this, and I’m just learning that. At 41, I’m realizing now that my emotions – you can repress them for as long as you want – come out in certain ways.” 

When asked if her mom, Candy Spelling, visited her in the hospital, Tori said, “Um.. it’s not something I’m willing to get into out of respect.. but nothing happened in the hospital.” Hoda repeated, “So you didn’t hear from her or anything?” Clutching Kathie Lee‘s hand, Tori whispered, “I have not.” Let me tell you, Tori channeled some serious Lifetime Movie dramatics for that one. 

Tori admitted what we all already knew – she loves the camera – and she borrowed a few lines from fellow famewhore Kendra Wilkinson. “For me, it works. It’s individual. I know it’s not for everyone. People say, ‘Why do you want your relationship playing out on TV?’ I came from a family that didn’t talk about emotions. We repressed things. This was a vehicle for me to feel like a safe atmosphere where I could share. It’s cathartic. It’s therapy for me.”

When asked about her kids – does she recognize them without a flashing red light on their foreheads? – Tori said her four kids are her everything. #SideEye “The children are great and flourishing, and that’s what’s important. Our everything are the kids and that’s what comes first, and when it’s not about that anymore, then this all goes away.” 


Photo Credit: Instagram