Kourtney And Khloe Take the Hamptons Recap – Nice Try, But Terrible Acting


On Last night’s episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons, Kim Kardashian accuses her BFF of being a leak to the press, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian discuss the future of their relationship and the sisters launch their baby clothing line for Babies R Us.  

It appears the therapy session Kourtney had with Leigh was helpful.  She went “very deep” with Kourt – like followed up with more than one question that everyone else asks her and then they just drop the subject.  Hopefully, this will give Kourt some clarity.  Jonathan Cheban, Kim’s BFF is in town and they are going to go out in NYC for a fun outing.  Kim really wanted to just have a spa day but Jonathan has other plans in mind.  Oh boy, this sounds like it could get crazy! Not really.

On the other rehab note, turns out Scott wants to come home after 5 days away.  Ugh, Scott – STAY.  How can rehab be such a voluntarily thing for such life threatening situations???  He’s already en route back to the Hamptons.  He feels like 5 days was PLENTY of time to refresh and get home.  Who doesn’t feel better after 5 days of just healing and resting in a secluded resort?  He is completely missing the whole point of rehab and this is like a rerun that wont stop playing.  Groundhog Day at its finest.  I want to change the damn channel.  Right now.  A juicy tidbit, while chatting with Khloe during his drive back – apparently Kim told the entire planet Scott tried to kill himself and Scott is pissed.  Um, when you drink like 37 beers and down 3 bottles of pills, it will come off to people as if you were attempting suicide.  He’s all annoyed because it might ruin his career of night club appearances. Oh Jeez.  At least he has the sense to not come back to the beach house and he’s perusing the area for a new rental home.


Next up, Kourt has been ignoring Scott and needs to vent to her therapist.  Kourt is ready for some change and who knows if Scott even knows what’s at stake.  Scott comes home and take the kids for a spin in the boat.  Kourt is emotionally drained and doesn’t want to talk about anything and reluctantly goes for the ride.  Afterwards, they chit chat in the bedroom about what the next steps are and both Kourt and Scott make valid points about their relationship. Scott doesn’t want to live in the this endless cycle of bitching at each other all day every day.  He doesn’t want to self-medicate his grief over his parents’ death anymore and needs to just mourn.  Kourt feels like change is up to Scott for the most part.  And here we go. Again.  Yawn.  They decide that Scott can stay at the beach house and to just take it one boring day at a time.

The next day, Kourt, Kim and Khloe are headed to the Babies R Us in NYC for the launch of their baby clothes line.  (Isn’t the market saturated enough with baby clothes designers? Do we really need more pink leopard onesies out there??).  After the launch, Kim tells the ladies she’s meeting Jonathan for their fun night out in the city and Kourt scolds her to not spill any beans about her and Scott.  Kourt is annoyed as Jonathan has been rumored to be a leak to the press.  This.  Such BS.  I saw a documentary about the paparazzi that clearly showed that the Kardashian PR peeps call and tip the paps 24/7 to stay relevant in the media.  Like I’m really supposed to believe that after 18 reality shows and non-stop self-promotion they are actually concerned about press leaks.  Give me a break – this scene is so fake I can’t handle.

Meanwhile, Scott has to host a party in Atlantic City and he admits that it’s not the perfect timing but he wants to keep his obligation and he’s not going to drink.  It looks like he kept his word and the party-hosting went off without a hitch. 

Kim hops into Jonathan’s car after the baby clothes promo event and they are off to the Jersey Shore boardwalk for some authentic ‘Merican partying.  Kim is all “Whatevs” and they head out to his crash at Jonathan’s friends’ home.  Once they arrive to his friend’s place – it’s got to be a joke.  Jonathan hob knobs all over Europe and his friend’s house is essentially his grandmother’s and it’s straight out of The Goonies meets Duck Dynasty all in one (Imagine deer hooves as a coat rack hooks on the wall).  What the??  I’m just shocked this is his connection to the Jersey Shore.  It’s seems very not 22-carat engagement ring quality, you know? An important clue about the leak sitch – Kim blabs to Jonathan about Kourt’s therapy and about 8 seconds later Kim gets a call from Khloe telling her that Kourt’s therapy sesh is all over TMZ.  Kim is all, “I didn’t say anything except that Kourt has a therapist”.  oh. my. god. How is Kim this dumb? I feel like Anna Faris is acting as Kim as I watch this and is spoofing her.  But no, Kim is actually this stupid.  Either that, or this is an elaborate plot to create fake drama for the show.  Both are totally viable answers. 


What happens next is about the WORST acting I’ve ever seen.  Kim calls out Jonathan about the therapist story and asks to see his phone to check who he has been texting.  First of all, they can’t even have this convo without laughing because it is so staged.  He fake throws donuts at Kim acting all offended and walks out because if he stuck around, he’d bust out laughing. Kim, decides to be all CSI and places a phone call to her publicist to dig up dirt about who is spreading the rumors to the press. Kim went through Jonathan’s phone and found nothing (he is a PR person and probs knows to delete $hit asap) and her publicist tells her the paps figured out Kourt was seeing a therapist on their own from her previous visits with Leigh.  Good God, I’m getting officially dumber from watching this show. What a ridiculously painful segment to sit through.  I have to also note that Jonathan and Kim spend their morning on the boardwalk eating churros and getting escorted by the police as they “hang out” on the strip and go on empty carnival rides while people stare and take pics with their phones.

On a positive note, Scott goes to an AA meeting.  His take-away from the AA meeting seems pretty obvious that people’s lives were hell when they drank and things got better when they stopped drinking.  Oh Scott! If it were only that elementary and easy.  He is minimizing AA to such an embarrassing extreme that he needs to just stop talking.  AA is so much more than what he is portraying and the pain and anguish that they, their friends and family go through is quiet a long and arduous road.  He makes it seems like he can be “cured” overnight.  I might be reading too much into his scenes, but it just seems like he’s taking the whole AA process too lightly. 

Next week French is making a music video (still can’t understand what’s he mumbling in the clip) and Scott doesn’t show up to the shoot for his guest appearance.  Khloe is miffed to say the least.  Stay tuned. 

Recap Author: Bonnie K.


P.S.  For those who’ve emailed us about Kourtney’s robe, we’re digging around and trying to find it for you!  We’ll keep you posted!


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