Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: All’s Well That Ends Ambiguously

love hip hop hollywood princess pool

Y’all remember last week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood where Ray-J side stepped Princess’ drink throwing and she landed in the pool? That was hilarious. Last night’s episode begins with Ray utilizing what he’s learned in anger management by just walking away. Princess chases after him, flashing the production crew that tries to restrain her. Ray is so over this relationship. They are finished! Plus, it makes for a good story line with Teairra Mari, right?

Soulja Boy is reevaluating his relationship with Nia after her miscarriage and a bad car accident. Nia and Cameron were involved in an accident where Nia’s car flipped twice. The two are very fortunate that they escaped with minor cuts and bruises! Soulja wants to focus on rebuilding their love and being attentive to Nia and Cameron. I’m so glad they are alright–it’s crazy the real drama that coincides with this heavily scripted mess! Speaking of messes, Teairra is hoping that another showcase will make people forget about her horrendous debut (re-but?) back into the music scene. This time around, Yung Berg is cosigning this debacle, and he’s hoping that Teairra will prove to Sincere that she is worth the trouble after their spat. Berg and Teairra gossip like middle school girls about how he now considers Masika to be his girl, and the fact that Teairra is feeling nostalgic about Ray. They should be passing notes out of a Lisa Frank notebook, don’t you think? 


Fizz is back in the studio working on his music with Omarion. The boys are back! The men talk balancing fatherhood, love, and career. Fizz promises that things are over for good with Amanda, and he confides in his friend about his date with Nikki. He shares that “her body is crazy.” He’s not lying. Omarion wonders if she’s sane, seeing as most of Fizz’s lady choices are both crazy and immature distractions. Um…there is definitely a pattern, I’d say. Always the wisest of the cast (not that it’s a difficult position to fill), Omarion urges his friend to be the bigger person with Moniece and work with her to co-parent Cameron

love hip hop hollywood omarion

Poor Hazel can’t catch a break. She’s running through “friends” like nobody’s business, so she reaches out to Nikki. Her hope is that they can bond over their hatred to Masika. While Nikki knows her loyalty is Teairra, she agrees to meet with Hazel so she can learn about what happened with Maskia. Nikki tells Hazel that Teairra had no romantic entanglement with Berg, but Masika, on the other hand, is totally screwing around with him. The girls laugh about the rumors that Masika is a former porn star. Hazel vows to pay Masika a visit to say her piece, and Nikki promises to cheer on her new pal. Why, why, why does Hazel keep insisting on laying claim to a guy who has made it abundantly clear that he wants nothing to do with her? She’s still pissing on her territory while Berg laughs in her face. It’s tragic. 

So Snoop Dogg apparently has a contract with Mona in which he’s agreed to show up at least once per season per franchise. Ray-J is meeting up with his cousin (like actual blood cousin) Snoop to discuss his altercation with Princess. Are they smoking weed on television or is Ray just vaping on an e-cig? Snoop wisely tells Ray that his problem is that he wants a wife but he’s chasing video vixens instead. He inquires about Teairra, and while Ray  worries a bit about her violent tendencies, he certainly has a soft spot for her lately. 

love hip hop hollywood snoop

Masika and Hazel are meeting up to put the nail in the coffin that was their friendship. Hazel wonders how Masika could steer her away from Berg just to steal him for herself. Masika reminds Hazel that Berg was never hers to steal. Hazel then spews her porn star insults, and we learn that Masika wasn’t technically in porn. She was an “actress” in Playboy’s first scripted series. Sure, she showed her nips, but her Britney was covered. With nothing left to argue, both women resort to throwing shade about plastic body parts. This was a productive five minutes!

Omarion is gushing about fatherhood to Rick Ross, and it’s truly adorable. Mega is the best motivation and inspiration for which he could hope, and he’s really excited to drop his new album. Did someone say fatherhood? Why yes! The show cuts to Fizz playing on the beach with Cameron as Nick Jonas croons in the background. He’s asked Moniece to join them so they can talk through their recent brawl. Cameron’s nanny is in tow so that the two “grown-ups” can chat, and Moniece wonders why he chose such a romantic spot. She is still so hung up on him, and she admits that he hurt her so badly after their break-up that she convinced herself she was a lesbian for a hot minute. The pair agree to attempt a family fun day, and I have a feeling that Moniece is going to get some mixed signals.

love hip hop hollywood fizz moniece

Don’t call it a comeback, but Berg is trying to convince Sincere to get back on board with the Teairra train. Teairra is and ready to redeem herself after the cat-eared fiasco of episodes past. As she takes the stage, Ray arrives at the showcase, and Teairra is determined to use him as her inspiration to rock the audience. She sounds great and then breaks into some Gospel style preaching about being done wrong. After her song, Teairra can’t find Ray in the crowd. She’s shocked to find him in her restaurant with a gift. It’s a piece of luggage, and Ray admits that he should have returned her belongings in a nice bag and in a civil manner. He apologizes yet again. Teairra is moved by his gesture, and when she hears that things are over with Princess, she professes her love for Ray. The two kiss and make up…literally. 

As L&HHH’s freshman season concludes, Soulja and Nia are back on track after realizing how precious life is, and they celebrate this realization with matching tattoos. Hazel vows that she’s not a crazy stalker, she was just led on by a jackass (I may partly believe that), and she’s ready to get back at her haters by winning at life. Apryl and Omarion are a happy family, and Apryl is ready to embrace motherhood in a way that her mother wasn’t able to do. Masika is looking forward to a future with Berg (how’s that working out?), and Nikki is focusing on business…and dressing terribly. As for Teairra and Ray? They tease at being back together. Welp, that was a bit anticlimactic! 


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