Kandi's Wedding

Notably missing from yesterday’s post of Todd Tucker‘s friends and co-stars offering their condolences following the sudden passing of his beloved mother, Sharon, was a statement from Kandi Burruss‘s mother, Joyce.

Joyce has since shared her thoughts with TMZ.

Mama Joyce, who was a wretched witch to both Todd and Sharon on Real Housewives of Atlanta, said she regrets how she treated Sharon. She added that she “wishes they’d patched things up before Miss Sharon died.”


That said, Joyce went on to reveal that she will NOT attend Sharon‘s funeral, out of respect for family and friends who might not appreciate the presence of her permanent bitch face, and that she plans to send flowers instead.

Joyce also said that she hopes to build a better relationship with Todd

Your thoughts on Joyce skipping Sharon‘s funeral? Do you believe her “out of respect” line? Or is she staying away only because she’s worried about herself and how she’ll be treated? Should she be there for Todd and Kandi?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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