Shahs Of Sunset’s MJ Javid, Reza Farahan, And GG Gharachedaghi Diss Lilly Ghalichi

Shahs of Sunset season 4

SHAHctober came and went with Shahs of Sunset nowhere to be found due to a strike. The post-production crew was like, if you want us to watch and edit hours of raw footage of these people, you’re going to have to pay us a lot more money. I mean, can you blame them? I can barely stomach the edited version.

Bravo has yet to announce a new premiere date for season four despite the fact that the strike ended in October. Still, the cast is out and about, promoting the new season.

RumorFix chatted with Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Reza Farahan, and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi at Jingle Ball. When asked how filming the new season without Lilly Ghalichi went, Reza snarked, “Lilly who?” GG said, “It’s actually real,” implying that Lilly, who many have considered to be fake, brought down the show. Reza said, “This is the best season we’ve had so far. Bye, Felicia!


RumorFix tweeted a link to the story and video, adding, “HARSH!” Reza and MJ retweeted RumorFix’s tweet, and MJ replied, “Bottom line… Shahs are real friends with real shit. Lilly was roadkill.”

Shahs of Sunset MJ calls Lilly roadkill

So, it seems neither Reza nor MJ took issue with the post, but GG went postal. She tweeted to RumorFix: “GO F*CK URSELF @RumorFix and keep my name out of ur mouth. Let me catch u on the carpet.”

Shahs of Sunset GG threatens RumorFix

The news site expressed confusion and tweeted to GG, “[We don’t] know what you are talking about. We love you.” GG replied, “STAY OUT OF MY WAY! GO focus on some real sh*t like Bill Cosby.”

Shahs of Sunset GG twitter rant

When RumorFix asked GG to email their editor-in-chief, she tweeted, “So u have no f*cking brain to research things b4 u post? Grow a pair and own it. Tell ur editor to email ME b4 writing lies. FU.”

Shahs of Sunset GG tells off RumoFix

As for Reza, MJ, and GG‘s comments about Lilly, whatever. Reza and MJ are just mean and hateful people. When Lilly first appeared on Shahs of Sunset, Reza wanted to “skin her and wear her as an overcoat” because he was so obsessed with her money and beauty. “Lilly is so skinny it excites me,” he said.

Reza wanted to be seen with Lilly. Reza expected Lilly to buy a $$ house from him. Reza wanted to eat, sleep, breathe Lilly. So much so he chewed up and spit out his best friend MJ in favor of his new shinier, richer, thinner sidekick. Who’s the roadkill? Not Lilly! Then as soon as Lilly was like “Bitches be crazy! I cannot stand you people!” Reza slithered back to MJ. Ugh. I can’t. Lilly has a kind heart, real money, a bubbly personality, and successful businesses. Lilly is better off away from Shahs of Sunset, but I will miss her. If I tune in at all.

As for GG‘s rant, it’s a VIDEO. What is there to research? Where are the lies? 


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