Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson Accidentally Shares A Nudie Pic On Instagram!

vicki gunvalson

Well, I can’t unsee what I just saw, that’s for damn sure. When are those crazy kids going to learn that nothing on the Internet EVER goes away, and posting naked pictures is always gong to be a terrible idea. Someone is going to see it and make sure all of us innocent bystander do too. Of course, in this case, the irresponsible party is not a teen, but Real Housewives of Orange County’s OG, Vicki Gunvalson. And I thought Instagram didn’t allow nudie pics…

Poor Vicki was attempting to capture a moment for posterity…that moment being her joy over a gift of swanky headphone’s from Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Unfortunately for Vicki, she took the photo as she was blow drying her hair…topless. Silly Vic didn’t even realize when she posted it that you could see her naked reflection in all it’s glory behind the headphones. Oops! Of course, she quickly deleted the picture from her account, but not before thousands of followers captured the the naughty screenshot!


Jamming to tunes is part of my morning routine, so it’s not weird that Vicki would be rocking out to her new Beats by Dre Solo headphones while she was getting ready for her day. Without thinking (or apparently looking at the photo–didn’t she want to add a filter?), she quickly posted the below picture (sans modesty nipple covers courtesy of RT!) on Instagram, captioning it: “Thank you #bravotv for my Christmas present, love these for all my travelling, #happyholidays #andycohen.”

A mortified Vicki released a statement to Perez Hilton in which she expressed her embarrassment, saying, “I’m a human being and we make mistakes. I wanted to shout out to Bravo for my Beats while blow drying my hair and getting ready for work, I clearly couldn’t see the reflection when I posted the image. I apologize to anyone that saw the picture and am deeply embarrassed.”

I’m not going to lie, Vicki’s rack isn’t anything to be embarrassed about…her ladies are large and in charge…and perky! We all should be so lucky when we’re grandmothers, right? No harm, no foul, Vicki! Just remember, that’s what bathrobes are for!

This has been a PSA for the Internet. #themoreyouknow


[Photo Credit: Instagram]