Kim Kardashian Complains That Daughter North Has No Privacy

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Keeping up with the lies tales of the Kardashians is a full-time job! Kim Kardashian just landed her second Vogue cover, which makes me think the Vogue conglomerate is just trolling the public.

In the article Kim spills all about her personal life while complaining that North, her favorite little accessory which she constantly parades about in her never-exhausting quest for attention, doesn’t have privacy. Kim obviously has never bothered to learn the definition of “irony.” 

Kim insists she and Kanye West are not only obsessed with looking at each other and using each other for publicity, but obsessed with using their daughter too! “We’re obsessed with our family, we love our daughter so much. We’re kind of obsessed with each other,” Kim gushes of her life. 


We are absolute best friends; we know every last thing about each other […],” Kim describes of the husband whom she never sees when a paparazzi camera isn’t around. “We have good communication, and I think that’s so important in a relationship, and we have so much fun together.” By good communication does Kim mean fully committed to keeping up the ruse? 

The eternal Keeping Up With The Kardashians star then says that sometimes she just wants to go home and chill with her reality TV cameras because her home interview booth is her sanctuary! “I like sharing my world with people,” says Kim. Although sometimes it all gets a little draining and Roboto-Kim has to be plugged in by Kanye for a recharge! “We’ll be at a party, and it might seem like the best party, and we’re whispering to each other: ‘Let’s just go home’, because we want some alone time.” HA! HAHAHAHAHA! Home with Kris Jenner?! 

Kim adds that while she loves being in the public eye and having people know her ever nook, cranny, and surgically altered or photoshopped crevice, she feels bad for North, the unfortunately recipient of all of mommy’s constant famewhoring. “I wish there could be just maybe a little bit more privacy just for our daughter,” Kim tells Australian Vogue. “But it is what it is. She’s going to grow up to be a strong girl.”

As for Vogue they claim Kim made the cover because she’s fascinating. Not at all because they want to copy Anna Wintour‘s self-admitted PR Stunt in the hopes of generating some outrage. Too bad – Anna beat you and now we’re over it. And Kim’s photos are hokey and cheesy and fake as hell with all the airbrushing – so I guess that makes it a perfect representation of Kim, herself. 


[Photo Credit: WENN]