Love & Hip Hop Recap: Wigging Out

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So, Love & Hip Hop has its own resident Kim Zolciak. Last night’s episode was hair-raising for sure! I’m not sure which is worse…the cheating men or the women who put up with them! Um, is this Chrissy woman trying to be the next Rashadah Ali with her horrible wigs? This frizz nightmare is so distracting…as is the side boob and sagging cleavage. She’s meeting with Cyn at a hookah bar so they can complain about the craziness that is Erica Mena. Cyn looks fabulous from the shoulders up, but her jean shorts just look like heavy diapers. Cyn shares that she’s been working on her vocals, and Chrissy suggests she enlist the help of Rich Dollaz for an album. Chrissy feels very diabolical at the idea of bringing together two of Erica’s exes. 

By the skin of his teeth, Peter Gunz makes it back to the States from Barbados just as Amina Buddafly goes into labor. In the delivery room, Amina questions Peter about his trip. Now that Tara Wallace has basically told him to hit the road, Peter reveals that he’s spoken to Tara and he wants to make things work with Amina. He reveals he’s happy to have closure with Tara, but he isn’t ready to admit that he was with Tara in Barbados. He doesn’t want to stress out Amina any further. However, he tells Amina that Tara his ready to move on, so–Congratulations!–he’s ready to give more energy to their marriage. Of course, all Amina hears is Tara kicked him to the curb so she’s sloppy seconds, which is what she should have heard because it’s basically what he said. 


Doing some soul searching, Erica decides to seek the advice of ex Rich Dollaz. She wants to know why she seems hellbent on ruining every relationship she’s ever been in because of the outside influences. Rich reminds her that her career has been built on her over the top persona, and that personality out in the club is bound to make her significant other very jealous. Erica loves how much Rich understands her.  The following day, Chrissy is meeting with Chink to apologize for her meltdown at his studio. She is wearing yet again another tragic wig. Her short hair is so much more becoming. Chrissy is still having issues trusting Chink given the fact that he’s still married. He isn’t willing to force his divorce, and she just needs to be patient. Not wanting to argue, Chrissy changes gear and tells Chink she’s ready to have his baby. You can see him step on the invisible brakes. He’s not on board for a baby quite yet.

Yandy Smith is meeting with her best friend Candy from college to reveal that she’s pregnant. Candy questions what will happen with Mendeecees’ upcoming trial. Yandy admits that they don’t like to talk about it, and the unknown is a black cloud over their home. Candy encourages the couple to consider all of their options–best and worst case scenarios–and then focus on having the best relationship they can have in light of their circumstances. 

At the gym with Rich, Cisco is rehashing Diamond Strawberry’s party where he revealed that he fathered a child with another woman during their relationship. He fills in Rich on his situation with his children’s mother. They have been together on-and-off for seventeen years. She lives in Atlanta (will we see her befriending Joseline Hernandez sometime soon?), and Cisco visits monthly to see his two children. While they aren’t together, he and his ex still enjoy each other’s company, if you catch my drift. Not surprisingly, his ex doesn’t know about Diamond, and Cisco tells Rich he’s ready to come clean. 

Amina and Peter’s daughter is absolutely beautiful, and Peter has decided in the last few minutes that he’s ready to be a happy family. We’ll see how long this lasts. Speaking of babies, Chrissy is wearing a new wig (just as bad as the others!) and freaking out about her biological clock. She has learned from her doctor that she may have some issues getting pregnant, so she is ready to dive right in to starting a family of her own. Chrissy meets a friend for lunch and reveals that she’s stopped taking her birth control pill. She’s forgotten to mention that to Chink. A crying Chrissy shares that she’s terminated a few pregnancies, and she’s now ready to be a mom, regardless of whether Chink is in agreement. Her friend tries to talk some sense into her, but we all know it’s wasted breath. 

After talking to Candy, Yandy approaches Mendeecees to get his thoughts and fears about their future. Both realize that they’ve been scared to talk to the other because they were concerned the other wasn’t ready to discuss such things. I know that he’s probably a big Skeeze (and he’s facing some major jail time), but I find Mendeecees to be somewhat adorable. Taking Chrissy’s advice, Cyn has invited Rich to dinner to clear the air. Off the bat, he apologizes for his part in all the bad blood between them. She proposes a collaboration between them. Cyn isn’t trying to become the next pop star, but she’d like to write a tribute song for her brother who committed suicide. She’s like to put the song on iTunes and donate the proceeds to a charity. Rich realizes that she’s serious about business, and he asks her to be the face of his new liquor. This is going to go over well with Erica for sure!

Chrissy decides to come clean with Chink about her birth control. You’ll be shocked to learn he’s not happy about it. He is worried that he can’t trust her now. He’s still married for goodness’ sake! Chink says that if and when he files for divorce (that was quite a loud “IF”), it will be on his terms and he doesn’t appreciate being tricked into anything. Chrissy breaks down in tears, but he’s not going to be guilted into fathering a child he’s not ready to have…he just hopes she’s not already pregnant. 

Cisco heads to Atlanta to meet with his baby mama Tasha. I feel like they are meeting on the set of the reunion, not in an actual hotel room. He asks about his babies, and she shares that the baby is growing and his daughter constantly asks for him. It’s like they haven’t spoken in years yet he said they see each other every month. Cisco appreciates how Tasha has always been there for him during the hardest times in his life. Tasha is no fool, and she sobs that she can’t trust Cisco as she knows he a creeper even if she doesn’t have proof. He tells her about Diamond, and Tasha is pissed to realize that he was seeing Diamond when he was supposed to be with her. She begs him to let her move on…she’s ready to bring a stand up man into her life. Cisco goes ballistic at this news. He may not want to be with her all the time, but that doesn’t need she shouldn’t keep waiting for him!

Rich is terrified to tell Erica that he’s working with Cyn, and he’s even more frightened to reveal that she may be the face of his new liquor. As he should be, right? He tries to soften the blow with the news that he and Cyn are doing a record for charity, not for money. In fact, they don’t even have a contract. Wait what? Why does Cyn not need a contract, yet Rich spent an entire season trying to get Erica to sign one? Rich believes that he’s being kind by trying to talk to Erica about this, but Erica, as you can imagine, doesn’t agree. She storms out after threatening to confront Cyn at the liquor launch party.


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