Love & Hip Hop Recap: Don’t Mess With Kim

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My eyes! Last night’s Love & Hip Hop started off with a bang, and I’m almost blinded by booty. Thanks a heap, Mona!

Rich Dollaz is attending a photo shoot to check out up and coming artist Jhonni. What in the world is she wearing? Is Miley Cyrus her stylist? Rich reveals that he has history with Jhonni, and when he stopped hooking up with her, she tweeted out his phone number. He likes ’em crazy, doesn’t he? Understandably, Rich is weary to work with her, but it’s a favor for a friend. Jhonni apologizes for her little indiscretion, and Rich warns her that he’s gone at the first hint of shenanigans. 


Mother of the Decade, Diamond Strawberry returns, and even though things have gone south with Cisco, she’s come to the realization that she loves New York. Sorry, hon, but Tiffany Pollard already beat you to that punch. Sure, Diamond misses her mom and daughter in Los Angeles, but they’re only a six hour plane ride away. You’ll be shocked to learn that Diamond has found love again, this time with producer Roc. Thanks to Cisco, Diamond has learned that guys don’t like it if you neglect to tell them that you have a seven-year-old child until you’re two years into the relationship. They also don’t like it when you talk to said child on the phone but pretend that it’s a dog. She’s being open with Roc about her daughter and what she wants in the future. Roc is attentive and mannerly and polite. In the looks department, he’s leaps and bounds above Cisco. 


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Yandy Smith is preparing a feast for Mendeecees Harris and his mother. She’s hoping her future mother-in-law that he’s having issues with his ex Samantha over the custody of Little Mendeecees. He’s too upset to communicate with Samantha and her mother on his own, so he’s enlisted his mother to hold his hand at the next sit down. In Central Park, Amina Buddafly is catching up with her sister who is visiting to Germany. Am I supposed to believe she just gave birth with those abs? Amina reveals that things are still shady with Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace. While she loves being a mother, she’s sick of being humiliated by Peter. She is considering a return to Germany. She wants Corey to have a father-figure, but that’s not really a thing when your dad is Peter Gunz, right?

Cisco is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to his new love and his baby mama. Oddly, neither are willing to be side chicks. Can you believe that? He’s catching up with Rich, and it’s bad when Rich is doling out sage advice. Cisco is irate that his children’s mother is considering dating someone else, and she sure as heck better not bring a new dude around his kids. Rich wonders why what’s good for the gander isn’t good for the goose. He urges his friend to trust his ex-girlfriend’s judgment in who she brings around the children. Cisco refuses to think about it, and he needs to return his focus to mending things with Diamond. Rich casually shows Cisco Diamond’s Instagram feed filled with pictures of her and Roc. Am I supposed to believe that Cisco doesn’t follow Diamond himself on social media? That said, I am loving Rich this season.

Tara, Yandy, and some friends are catching up over lunch. Yandy is excited to share her pregnancy news, and Tara worries that she’s the chick who is always shrouded in drama. She rehashes her conversation with Amina about potentially introducing Peter’s sons to their new sister. Tara’s boys only know that dad no longer lives at home, and they didn’t handle it well. Yandy knows that it has to rip Peter’s heart out being away from his sons (except he sees them and vacations with them a lot these days!), but he should have thought about that before he ripped his you-know-what out of his pants. 

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An angry Cisco invites Diamond to the studio to get to the bottom of her new relationship. She isn’t in the mood to argue, and he wants to know why she’s already dating. Couldn’t she have had the common decency to call and tell him she was going to date someone instead of letting him hear it from other sources? Diamond retorts that he didn’t call her every time he cheated on her and fathered children with other women when they were in a serious and committed relationship. That’s totally different, claims Cisco. He argues he didn’t do those things to intentionally hurt her or throw things in her face. Um, if she was throwing it in his face, wouldn’t he have seen her new boyfriend from her first hand? He then accuses her of not coming to New York for him. Does it matter? He didn’t want her to come to New York anyway! Cisco gets up in her face, and she pokes the bear. The handlers jump in before anything further happens, but he looks like such an ass.

Rich is lunching with Jhonni to discuss their new business relationship, but she doesn’t seem to be ready to move on from their past. She’s hurt that he was screwing other girls while she was in jail. What? Rich reminds her that he’s the one who got her a lawyer. Oh Rich, you never learn, do you? Jhonni apologizes for leaking his number and a d*ck pic or two on social media, and Rich says he’s sorry for hurting Jhonni by keeping her in a rotation. The pair tries to set up some ground rules for the professional relationship. This is going to go well. Across town, Peter returns home to Amina after spending the night with his boys at Tara’s. He assures viewers that she wasn’t home. Peter surprises her by announcing that he wants to bring all of his kids together. He also wants to meet her family. Whoa, hold up, cowboy! Amina needs to trust him before they think about moving forward. 

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In order to keep his talent happy, Rich has decided to plan a fun day for Cyn and Precious Paris with a game of indoor miniature golf. Cyn is planning an event, and he wants her to enlist Chrissy’s help with preparation. Precious is growing impatient with Rich’s promises for a hit record. As Cyn watches, she has flashbacks of Rich’s arguments with Erica Mena, who is noticeably absent this episode. That evening, Mendeecees and him mom are meeting with Samantha and her mother. The foursome starts off with hugs, but Mendeecees quickly recalls the last time Samantha’s mother Kim called him. He felt that she threatened him. Samantha tries to stay calm, and Mendeecees is heated at the idea of only having his son on weekends after having full custody.

Quickly, the mothers get involved, and Mendeecees‘ mom takes it upon herself to throw a drink at Samantha and Kim. Uh oh. Samantha’s mom is one scary lady, and the she’s threatening to kill Mendeecees’ mom while side-stepping security and trying to find sharp objects to hurl. Mendeecees is laughing. Thankfully, there was no one else in the restaurant. Mendeecees and Samantha decide that involving their mothers was a bad idea. He believes his mother was totally out of line, and he works things out with a very excited Kim. Mendeecees tries to explain that things got out of hand. Please bring Kim back for future episodes. 


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