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Love After Lockup Recap: Love Don’t Cost A Ring

This season is going by so fast! How is the mid season finale of Love After Lockup already here? The drama in the lives of these couples is higher than ever before. We are FINALLY going to see what Lindsey and Scott are like as a couple in real life. Just when it seemed like she was unicorn, Lindsey’s making her face post prison appearance in this episode. Hopefully these have more luck than Shawn and Destinie. Those two are destined for heartache and financial ruin.

Jessica and Maurice are insane. There was no valid reason to violate his parole. They’re risking everything. It will only take two months max. Wait it out. Tough it out. Do whatever you need to do. However, risking going to prison when you just got released is the most counter-intuitive decision. Let’s not even get started on the new couple Heather and Dylan. She is THIRSTY. That’s all there is to say. What a mess.

Heather & Dylan

Heather Dylan Love After Lockup

Kudos to Heather for waiting so many years to finally be with Dylan. Not many people could stick it out for such a length of time. Hopefully things work out because she’s put so much time of her life into this.

The first thing she wants to do when she sees him is run into his giant muscles. Follow your heart honey. Do whatever your hear desires. They’ve never had sex, so she needs it to happen in the car when they link up. Heather is a little worried however about Dylan’s former reputation. She’s scared he will fallback into his old self destructive lifestyle.

Heather is into vision boards and this relationship with Dylan is the result of that manifestation. Prison bae for the win. Everyone’s goal right there. You do you.

On a more somber note, the story of Heather’s childhood rape is gut-wrenching to hear. Dylan was there for her after she told him the story and only him. That explains more of her connection to him and willingness to stick it out after so many years.

I need Heather to calm down a little. I know she’s excited to see Dylan, but there’s too many tears flowing. She kind of put herself in this position. She’s worried it’s all going to be for not. I already don’t like Dylan. He says he has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Bro, you’re not an entrepreneur. You’re a criminal. Big difference.

You can’t take away Heather’s dedication at all. She visited Dylan every week for the entire duration of his sentence. Who has that kind of time? Sometimes he was over seven hours away.

However, her dedication starts to morph into obsession after Dylan reveals some startling news. She has his name tattooed on her body in three different spots in different languages. Something has been off with her from the start. She gives me the same vibes as Cheryl from last season.

Jessica & Maurice

Maurice Love After Lockup

Do any of us expect Jessica’s parents to react well to Maurice? If they find out how Maurice is actively violating parole, this visit will sour quickly. What are these two thinking by doing this? It’s the worst thing they could’ve done. Riding it out in California was the option most conducive to long-term success.

Maurice makes a stupid choice right out the gate to tell them about the parole drama. What the hell is he thinking? What a solid first impression for parents that were already weary of him. They’ve breaking the rules in a big way right now and need to head back.

The last thing Jessica’s parents want is for her to get roped into legal trouble too. Her parents are trying to be supportive because they love their daughter. She’s making it difficult though. Their first meeting of their son-in-law is already tainted by their foolish decision to cross state lines and violate parole.

Jessica’s mother wonders if Maurice is putting on a show for their benefit. Overall though, his mother finds him to be a sweet man. I get a positive vibe from him as well. I think he makes stupid decisions like violating his parole. However, he doesn’t appear to have any bad intentions when it comes to Jessica.

Her father gives Maurice a talk about his expectations and brings up his lack of male role models. Jessica’s dad might end up being a positive influence in his life and future. I really love that her family is willing to give him a fair shot. This might be one of the few relationships on this show that actually goes the distance.

After a pep talk from Jessica’s father, Maurice is heading back to Los Angeles. I hope he stays on the straight and narrow. If he can tough it out, he has a beautiful future ahead of him.

John & Kristianna

John Love After Lockup

I’m so elated Kristianna was able to have an open and honest conversation with her mother. She doesn’t know how much time she has left with her, so I hope she makes the most of it. She’s never successfully completed a parole, so this time could be her last shot at freedom.

John and Kristianna are trying to devise a plan to both have sex and fill out job applications. They aren’t breaking any rules per se, but I don’t think this is what the halfway house had in mind. Kristianna has a history of failing at parole, so why do anything that might jeopardize it? It’s a very unnecessary risk at such a sensitive time in her rehabilitation.

At a restaurant for lunch and a job application, Kristianna is caught by the parole officer. They don’t buy her story about being there for an application whatsoever. She was trying to skirt the rules a little, but she did ask for an application. If they would’ve followed the rules from the jump, they wouldn’t be in this situation. Think before you at. It’s as simple as that.

Kristianna calls John with an update, and she’s not doing so hot. She’s struggling emotionally at this halfway house, and John worries she might relapse. She’s facing so much pressure in there, and he’s losing his mind. If Kristianna leaves, she could face eight years in prison. That’s something to think about.

Scott & Lindsey

Lindsey is allegedly actually finally coming home. Scott shouldn’t hold his breath though. We’ve been down this road before. Wait until you actually see her before you buy the cake. I can’t believe she’s for real getting released and going to live with Scott.

She will have to wear an ankle monitor on home confinement as a condition of her release. These two haven’t spent any time on the outside together. They have no idea if they’re compatible living with each other. This is a one combustible recipe for disaster.

Did anyone else think Lindsey was never really getting out? Her energy is way too chaotic for me. She’s all over the place. I think she’s purposely acting over the top because she’s on the show, but damn girl relax. The only positive thing about this is how happy her little girl is to finally get to see her mother. It’s about time.

Because of the pandemic, Lindsey has to quarantine and still can’t see her daughter right away. They’ve missed so much time already, so this is a blow. The way this current state of the world has affected everyone is beyond belief. Lindsey is straight up nuts though.

What Scott doesn’t know is Lindsey’s history of dating rich older men. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve struck gold. If there was any doubt that Lindsey was a gold digger, it’s been erased. Scott, please run as far and as fast as you can.

They have NEVER met in person. This is what happens when you don’t think things through folks. Lindsey is talking like she actually loves Scott. I find that difficult to believe. They finally meet face to face and share many passionate kisses.

Lindsey is disappointed to not have the red carpet rolled out for her upon her release. It was super last minute, so I don’t know what she’s expecting. Her rage increases when she finally sees the inside of her “dream house”. It’s unfinished. There’s so much wrong with it. I was prepared to judge her reaction, but I don’t blame her one bit. Scott had more than enough time to get this done before she arrived.

I really want to be against Lindsey here, but you an’t fault her for being grossly underwhelmed. The house looks like trash. What was the point of her sending what she wants for it if he wasn’t going to do it? There’s nowhere for her daughter to even sleep? This home is disgusting. Run for the hills Lindsey.

Scott calls Lindsey ungrateful which sends her into a frenzy. He tries to comfort her, but she doesn’t want his hands on her in any way. She expected to leave prison and enter her dream home, and this is a nightmare. Lindsey has gone from one hell to another.

Shavel & Quaylon

Shavel Love After Lockup

So much s**t is going to go down when these two families meet for the first time. Quaylon’s family doesn’t want him in his hometown. Shavel’s family doesn’t think he’s ready for the task of father or husband. Something’s gotta give. Someone isn’t going to get their way with this, and it’s going to cause a fight.

The party starts off peaceful, but you can’t help but think it’s the calm before the storm. She bought him this vehicle when he doesn’t even have a license yet. I get what she’s doing in theory, but it’s too much too soon. Slow down and let the relationship marinate.

Shavel’s cousin still isn’t buying the act he thinks Quaylon’s putting on. He thinks it’s only a matter of time before the true colors show themselves. We’ll see. So far Quaylon seems mostly genuine. However, there is a red flag on the field after he gave his mom and Shavel differing stories about his future. That’s something Shavel should keep a mental note about.

Shavel and Quaylon’s mothers spar over the gift giving from Shavel. His mother thinks it’s a bribe, but her mother thinks he could be a user. Family drama! Let’s go! I would pay top dollar to watch Shavel and Quaylon’s moms duke it out over their kids. Make it happen.

Shavel’s cousin confronts Quaylon outside over the legitimacy of the relationship. He thinks he’s using her and says it right to his face. Someone is looking for a fight here. It would be wise of Quaylon to not lose his cool. He doesn’t want to end up back in prison before his life on the outside even gets started.

Quaylon respects everyone’s feelings about him, but he won’t go out of his way for them. They could at least give the man a chance to prove himself. There’s no need to jump down his throat the first time you meet him.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Love After Lockup

Destinie is still incensed about Shawn’s credit card getting declined. I’m actually with her about this a little bit. It’s really embarrassing to get all the way to the register and not be able to purchase your items. However, I think Shawn is totally lying through his teeth here. He definitely cancelled the card on purpose to reign her spending habits in a little. Well played sir.

There’s almost no chance that these two are going to work out. Somehow Destinie is pissed off Shawn was talking to his ex at the beginning of his relationship with Destinie.

HOW CAN SHE BE MAD ABOUT THAT? She was sleeping with multiple women in prison behind his back. Destinie was literally planning a date in secret earlier this same day with the furniture saleswoman. I’m amazed at the lack of self awareness exhibited every week on this show.

Shawn is in denial abort his future with Destinie. The writing is all over the wall that this relationship is not meant to be. They’re both pathological liars.

In the worst move of his life, Shawn decides to buy a ring for Destinie. Why are you doing this to yourself man? His friend thinks it’s a horrible mistake, and it’s hard not to agree. They can’t have one conversation without tension. That’s not the solid foundation you build a future on.

Shawn has spent so much money on Destinie since they met. RED FLAGS GALORE. Unfortunately for Shawn, he’s in a very precarious position. If he ends things with her now, he’s definitely going to lose his money. He is almost forced to stay with her at this point out of fear she’ll run and cost him the $50,000.

Once his ex finds out about his plan to marry Destinie, things are going to get a lot more complicated. She could try and stop him from seeing his kids. Plus, we have no idea how Destinie will react to their close connection. Somehow she is the jealous type even though she’s sleeping with women behind his back.

Destinie’s going to drain Shawn’s bank account at the rate she’s going. Destinie reveals in her interview that she used heroin just three months before her release. He has no idea.

Shawn gets a call from his ex Kelly while blowing up an inflatable unicorn. He tries to go outside so Destinie can’t hear, but she follows him demanding to know who is on the phone. SHE FREAKS OUT AND BEGS FOR A PLANE TICKET AFTER LEARNING WHO HE WAS TALKING TO. That’s a little ridiculous. She has to know that he needs to have a good relationship with the mother of his children.

It makes no sense that she’s freaking out over this. She was plotting a date with another woman not so long ago. She looks like a total psycho having an issue about this. Her reaction is pure insanity. She won’t listen to reason. She’s taking this little tiny thing and blowing it up massively out of proportion.

Scott says he’s done with this show after Destinie hits him in the face many times. She’s insane. I don’t want him to lose all of his money, but this is not a good fit. Being in a relationship with her is like sleeping in a lion’s cage. Watch out.

Tyrice & Chanda

Chanda Love After Lockup

Tyrice looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much older than Chanda. To my surprise, Tyrice doesn’t just want to sleep with her immediately. He says there’s more to this than that. I’m seeing some personal growth from him. Golf claps all around.

Chanda claims she sees a future for them, but she seems in this for the money. It wouldn’t shock me one bit if Tyrice never sees her again. She was talking to so many different men in prison. Her use for Tyrice has expired. She’s going to look for the richest mark and stick with them on the outside.

SHOCKER, Tyrice cannot get in contact with Chanda. He’s never going to lay eyes on this woman ever again. That’s it. She got what she wanted out of the relationship. That’s all folks. THE END.


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