Natalie Guercio Ready To Quit Mob Wives? Says The Show Made Her Life “Harder”

Mob Wives Star Natalie Guercio coral dress & floral sandals

Joining a reality show is often like opening Pandora’s Box. And Natalie Guercio has learned this first hand! She hasn’t had an easy time since joining Mob Wives – she’s fought with co-stars, had her boyfriend’s face slashed, and her personal life and mothering insulted. Now Natalie admits she might be done with the show, but she does share that the show has some positives. 

One of the biggest struggles for Natalie, aside from dealing with her standoffish co-stars, was the preconceived notions people had about her, but luckily she was bolstered by hometown support. “A lot of people at home they’re happy for me, because it’s somebody from their hometown that made it on TV,” she shares.

Natalie, who moved from Philly to Staten Island to participate in Mob Wives, says even getting an apartment willing to allow filming was a challenge! “They didn’t want us there. They didn’t want the cameras there,” she recounts. “They would Google the show, they would Google me and it’s like, what the hell – it’s like a job! There’s a law in New York you can’t hold somebody accountable for their legal paying job.” 


The Philly love’s great; it’s awesome. I have people that see me and they’re like, ‘Oh my God. I love you.’ They’ll come up to you, they’ll tell you, ‘Kick Karen’s a$$. I hate her… You’re doing great. I love it,'” Natalie admits. But now that the show has taken a more negative turn, and Natalie is facing heat from co-stars and viewers, she’s starting to have some regrets. 

“A lot of my friends in Philly, they know who I am. They know the type of person I am and a lot of them come up to me and they’re upset with what goes on with the show,” Natalie says. “They don’t like how I’m being portrayed. They don’t like the fights, arguments. They know I’m better than that. They know that’s not me.”

The negativity has Natalie reconsidering whether or not she’ll continue with Mob Wives. She says viewers are even encouraging her to leave! “They’re like, ‘You need to do bigger, better things. I don’t like what they’re doing. You’re too good for that…'” Natalie describes to VladTV. “But, that’s the hand that I’m dealt in life right now. I have to finish what I start – I never quit.”

Another thing that has Natalie questioning whether or not she’ll return was the addition of new castmate Natalie DiDonato. “Nobody in Philly likes her – she has a BIG Philly rap,” she dishes. “Now it’s like if she’s on there, you gotta get off. Don’t be associated with her,” Natalie says her hometown associates have cautioned. “It’s bad with her.” 

But would she leave after this season? “If they want me to come back, the price has to be right,” Natalie warns producers. 


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