Kanye West On His Seventeen-Year-Old Sister-In-Law And Rumored Older Boyfriend: They’re “In Love”

Kylie Jenner

I always say that nothing this family does surprises me, but it doesn’t mean I can wrap my head around their horrible antics and anything-for-fame mentality. In my mind, parents should be parents first, not friends, and certainly not people who see their kids only as dollar signs. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m talking about the Kardashian klan, and specifically Kris Jenner and her youngest daughter Kylie.

Obviously, given her older siblings “fame,” Kylie grew up a lot differently than other girls her age. Most seventeen-year-olds aren’t plumping their lips and jet setting around the world. Also, most seventeen-year-olds aren’t dating twenty-five-year-old rappers with a baby…and if they are, it isn’t with their family’s blessing. Yes, I know I don’t have kids, and yes, technically, at eighteen, she’s considered an adult. Sure, people will say that in a few years, that age difference won’t matter. My friends and I weren’t saints at seventeen, but our rebelliousness was more about splitting a wine cooler among three people or toilet papering the homes of boys (our age!) we thought were cute. Don’t think I’m just Katrashing Kylie because of her family…I felt the same way when my revered Lizzie Maguire was dating the Madden who’s now married to Nicole Richie. It’s just ew, and being famous isn’t a pass for ew. Even more ew? What Kanye West had to say about his young sister-in-law’s romance…although that doesn’t surprise me either.


The rapper is probably more famous for the idiotic things that come out of his mouth and dressing wife Kim Kardashian in the eye-gouge worthy ensembles than for his actual art music these days, and his recent verbal vomit won’t likely go over well with matriarch Kris

E! has the breakdown of Yeezy’s recent interview with Power 105’s Breakfast Club. His chat with the radio morning show was prerecorded and edited, but even in the edited version, Kanye was making waves. When speaking about Kylie and Tyga, Kanye defended their age gap, asserting, “They’re closer in age than a lot of relationships I know,” adding, “I knew Tyga was smart.”

Yeezus even joked, “I think he got in early. I think he was smart.” When the hosts revealed that they had interviewed Tyga a few days earlier and he vehemently denied any romantic involvement with the teen, Kanye tried to backtrack, saying, “Yeah, I can’t speak on the man’s relationship.”

If that wasn’t controversial enough, TMZ reports that a portion of the interview that had been edited has now been leaked. In it, Kanye is asked if he thinks the relationship is inappropriate, and he responds that they are in love. You know, there is nothing sweeter or more endearing than a man (especially a man with a young daughter of his own) laughing about another man being in love with a teenager and praising him for “getting in early.” I may sound like a bitter old biddy, and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if Kylie was twenty and Tyga was twenty-eight, but it’s just so ew. 

While it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, Kanye did say another thing in his interview that made me laugh out loud in regard to his daughter North, so I have to share it. Yeezus believes it’s about time for him to collaborate with Disney (because that situation with Adidas worked out so well!). He shared, “I’m a family man. Thank you for Frozen, that’s like a second nanny!” Second to his first nanny, of course, who is probably the only person on the plant who has seen little North smile!

The entire interview is actually pretty fabulous fodder in Kanye’s normal self-important ego trip. That guy…is he punking us all? 


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