Love & Hip Hop Recap: When Push Comes To Shove

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Holy girl power, Bat(wo)man! Last night on Love & Hip Hop, the ladies were standing up for themselves, whether it was with unnecessarily gratuitous clothing optional model or pregnancy shoves. Estrogen was in the air for sure! Rich Dollaz is meeting with Jhonni about her recent apology turned smack down with Precious Paris. Jhonni hopes that Rich won’t find her at fault…after all, she came to the boutique at his request and with good intentions. However, if she’s going to take the heat, she hopes it comes delivered by Rich 50 Shades of Grey style. She warns him that if she’s put in that situation again, Paris will need a stretcher. Rich reminds her that she’s not a gangsta rapper, she’s an R&B performer. She’s a lover, not a fighter. She starts playing footsie with him under the table, and while Rich is adamant he wants to keep their relationship purely professional, he does invite her to sit in his lap for a proper lecture before following her home. Game over.

Ever since Yandy Smith decided that Mendeecees’ intern was her number one target, things have been a bit tense between the newly betrothed couple. She tells him that she met with Remy, and he’s frustrated that she won’t let him handle his own business. Yandy shares that Remy is trying to single-white female her by showing the Instagram outfit that Remy copied for their meeting. Mendeecees believes that Remy is just aspiring to be successful like Yandy, but he’s too tired to argue. He promises to have a talk with his new assistant about the importance of respecting his fiance.


Speaking of respect, Peter Gunz feels as if wife Amina Buddafly has totally disrespected him by telling Tara Wallace that he was bedding other women before Amina came into the picture. Peter angrily confronts Amina, and he admits that it’s hard being in love with two women. Amina bursts into tears over this confession, and he yells that he’s going to do him. Peter is ready to be single, and plus, all he does is make Amina cry anyway, so why would she want to be with him? When Peter says he’s leaving, Amina threatens to take their daughter Corey to Germany. He threatens that she’d better finalize a divorce before then, because she’s not taking their baby anywhere. A sobbing Amina tries to apologize, but Peter chastises her. This is what happens when you snitch!

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Erica Mena’s mother Sonia has come to visit at her daughter’s request. Whatever news Erica has to share, it had better be good since she had to get on a plane to hear it! Erica reminds her of the time when she was nine-years-old, and her mother took her to see Lil’ Bow Wow perform because she was such a huge. Yes, yes, her mom remembers well. Erica thought it was a dream come true when she was asked to be in his music video in 2006, and they pair have been great friends. Yeah, yeah, her mother knows this. Are they in love now or something? Erica hems and haws before showing her doorknob size engagement ring. Surprise! She’s engaged! Sonia wants to know all of the details as Erica rehashes the engagement story. Both women are so excited, but it will be difficult to tell her son. She’s never introduced her to any of the men from her past relationships. 

The boys are having their weekly meeting. Rich jokes that things change so quickly with his friends there is no telling what he’ll learn over these cocktails. Peter has been betrayed by Amina who tried to Jedi mind-trick Tara (not like it’s hard, according to him), and now she’s threatening to take his daughter to Germany. Oh, and he may have said some pretty hateful things to Amina during their fight. Cisco can relate to the baby mama drama and the immaturity that all women seem to be possess. As for Rich, things are good. Sure his ex is now with Bow Wow, but he’s not concerned. He’s more worried about how Cyn will take the news. Cyn, eh? Cisco jokes that perhaps she and Rich should console each other.

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Another day, another wig for Chrissy Monroe. She’s posing in lingerie for a men’s magazine, and she’s prepared to pursue other options if Chink Santana doesn’t follow through with his promises. He’s yet to file for separation as he told her he would, and she’s tired of waiting around for him to make up his mind. Meanwhile, Rich is intervening on his pal Cisco’s behalf and meeting with Diamond Strawberry so Cisco can avoid more heartache. I can hear the violins now. Over drinks, she tells Rich she’s seeking advice as to how to approach her ex. She gives Rich the rundown of how she proved he was cheating by going through his phone after he passed out one night. Oooh, Rich thinks that’s super low. He believes that she’s embarrassed his friend, and Diamond hopes that Rich will be the messenger and deliver a heartfelt note she’s written to Cisco. Sixth grade courtesy of VH1.

After Peter’s outburst, Amina is struggling with his feelings for Tara. She is meeting with her husband’s ex to find out what happened when Tara approached Peter with the news of his additional infidelities. Tara is very condescending. She is better because she is able to stay away from Peter if she so chooses. Sure, Tara has had sex with Pater while he’s been married to Amina, but she can abstain if need be. Tara raises her voice to get Amina to see that theses women are in the exact same place. She isn’t trying to keep Amina from Peter, she’s just trying to get Amina to see that Peter left her with two boys for Amina. What’s he going to do now to Amina and Corey? Tara urges Amina to toughen up when it comes to the perpetual cheater. Amina is concerned that Tara is just trying to sabotage her marriage to Peter, but there seems to be a teeny-tiny light bulb flickering above her head. It’s very little though…and low wattage.

A very pregnant Yandy is on bed rest, and she’s stressed out that she’s not able to meet her professional obligations. When Mendeecees questions why she’s at home, she tells him that stress has caused her blood pressure to spike. She’s in bed for a few day–doctor’s orders. Mendeecees wants her to take his advice to heart and put down her phone and place work on the back burner until she’s back to 100%. Across town, Rich introduces Cyn to Cisco. Is there a little love connection in the air? After agreeing to meet to discuss music, Cyn heads to the bar to refresh her drink. Rich hold back Cisco so he can deliver Diamond’s letter. Cisco can’t believe his ex is now going through his friends to get to him. He’s done with Diamond, but if Rich wants to make a bad decision with her, that’s his choice. Cisco is happy to drown his sorrows by getting to know Cyn just a little bit better. Are they trading? 

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Amina is performing her latest song at a showcase, and Peter wants to drop in to see her sing. He’s concerned given that Amina seems to have found her voice…she’s sticking up to him in arguments. Peter can’t imagine leaving her now that she may actually make good on her threats. He needs to make amends. Amina is ridiculously talented, but she wants to know why Peter is at her show. He reveals that even though things are rocky with their relationship, he still wants to support her music. She reminds him that he told her he was leaving her and he can’t waltz back in like nothing has happened. Peter wants to fight for his family, although he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing these feelings with Tara yet. Maybe one day, or maybe he and Amina can be together but can pretend that they’re not together when he wants to see Tara. That’s fair, right? Auf Wiedersehen, Peter! Amina storms off promising to make good on her threat to take Corey to Germany. Minutes later we see her and the baby heading into the airport. 

At a trip to the zoo, Erica is having a heart-to-heart with her son about her engagement ring. He’s not quite sure about this whole “mom getting married” situation given that this is the first time he’s heard that his mom has a boyfriend. She reveals that it’s a bonus as now he’ll have his dad and a great step-dad, and he’s going to be a big brother to Bow Wow’s three-year-old daughter. This seems to change her son’s perception, and it’s truly adorable to see Erica interacting with her precious little boy. 

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Yandy is off of bed rest and at an event when she gets a call from her assistant that Mendeecees is trying to get in touch with her because her son Amir is in the hospital. She’s livid to learn that this was a lie…as she should be! Yandy storms into Mendeecees office to find out why he’d say something so horrible just to get her to leave an event, and he tries to dumb down the story. He claims he never said Amir was in the hospital, but after getting a call from Amir’s school that Yandy was unreachable, he wondered aloud to her assistant, what if we needed to get in touch with her because Amir was in the hospital. Oh, and maybe he did tell Yandy’s driver that Amir had been rushed to the hospital. Semantics. Mendeecees reveals that Amir is in the next room, and Yandy is furious to learn that he’s in the studio. She pushes Mendeecees (pretty hard), and Remy comes to see what all the commotion is about. Mendeecees is laughing at how dramatic Yandy is being, and he tells Remy to go file something before her rage gets worse. Then, Mendeecees gets serious saying that she is putting her career before the kids. She forgot to pick the kids up from school. What was she doing when he was in jail? I’d guess she was doing career and carpool line. Mendeecees needs to make up for lost time, I’d say. Bring it, Mr. Mom! 


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