Dean Sheremet Opens Up About His Divorce And The Moment He Knew LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Were Having An Affair

dean sheremet

When I think of the Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes love triangle, I often forget it wasn’t a triangle at all…it was a square (or a pentagon if you count the time that Scheana Marie likely over-lapped). With Brandi and LeAnn rehashing every torrid back-and-forth regarding bonus moms and suing Twitter followers on social media while Eddie eyes the next best thing, it’s easy to overlook the quiet doting husband of the one time country super star.

Until now, that is! Sure, you know the name Dean Sheremet. You no doubt remember when the young dancer wed an even younger music phenom. You probably also recall that when said phenom tried her hand at a Lifetime movie (hey, it worked for Tori Spelling for a bit!) and began an illicit affair with her married co-star, Dean remained mum. Even in their divorce, Dean had little to say about his wife of eight years and her behavior. Let’s be honest, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi was likely spewing enough hate for the both of them!


Now that Eddie and LeAnn are married and living the #blessed life (at least according to her Instagram) despite a failed attempt at a television show and Brandi is airing her dirty laundry (no underwear though!) on Bravo, what has become of Dean? Well, first, he’s hot…but then he always was. He’s also become a talented chef and has a cookbook coming out early next year. With books come–say it with me!–interviews, and we’ve hit the mother lode! 

Dean recently gave an in depth look at his life with LeAnn and the subsequent demise of their marriage. He speaks of professional divides, his first impression of Eddie, and the moment he knew LeAnn was cheating on him. His interview with Nat’s Next Adventure is very long, but it’s an interesting read. Dean manages to be honest, endearing, and somewhat of a LeAnn supporter while throwing major shade. I highly recommend reading the entire thing when you have time, but enjoy some of my favorite highlights below!

Citing giving up his career to help manage hers, Dean shares, “As it went on, there were a lot of animosities that built up. I felt like I was never having my needs met so there was fighting. And I was so intertwined in managing her career that I didn’t know how to make the distinction between husband and boss, husband and partner, husband and manager…[At first] it felt like we were a team. As it went on, the team became toxic. But when we were working together, we were brilliant. The dumbest thing she ever did for her career was divorce me. Because we were such a good team. The last hit song she had was when she was with me.” 

He encouraged LeAnn to do Lifetime’s Northern Lights, recalling, “The funny thing is I’m the one who pushed her to do that movie…LeAnn has always had her heart set on acting. But you need to put the work in. I think she’s been so used to everything coming so easy to her that she just assumed, ‘I’ll act’. So I was like, ‘This is a soft way to get yourself on a set, have lines, go through the motions.’ I saw her being ambivalent and was like, ‘That’s not gonna get you where you need to be. Do this movie. It’s gonna be great for you!’”

Of Eddie Cibrian, Dean remembers him being slick, but not someone he perceived as a potential threat to his marriage. He states, “He was a good looking guy. I just remember being like, ‘Oh, God, just another one of those Hollywood pretty boys.’ If you’re in a room with him, he’s probably one of the most charming people you’ll ever meet. But I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw this f*cking table.” However, he is adamant that isn’t hindsight talking. He says that even when they first met, Dean assessment was, “[He’s] a total schmoozer. Very Hollywood. I never bought his schtick. But I wasn’t worried.” In fact, he says, “Never in a million years did I think something like that would have happened. The need for me in her life was so strong.”

Dean discusses when he first realized his wife and Eddie were having an affair. He recollects, “I got really sick and had to go home [to Nashville, the film was shooting in Canada] to the doctor. I was gone for a full week. I’ll never forget this, there was this bar that everyone hung out at after set and I remember coming down the stairs and seeing the two of them shooting pool together. I could just tell by the body language that everything had changed. She’s shooting pool, shooting tequila, in a tight tank, tight jeans, over the knee boots and she’s standing across from him, playing with the pool cue. All of a sudden, there was a huge shift. My stomach dropped. I literally felt like I got hit.”

After LeAnn confirmed her infidelity, Dean took some time for himself but reveals there was a lot of back and forth and uncertainty between the two of them. He admits, “I was confused! If you had asked me years ago, ‘If someone cheated on you, would you stay?’ I’d say, ‘F*ck her. On to the next!’ But I developed a whole new capacity for what I thought love was. I learned so much more acceptance. So I went with the back and forth because I loved her and I was confused too. But she ended up having her cake and it got to the point where I walked out of our home and got on a plane. There was still back and forth but I needed to be away from her. When I was in front of her, I had no power.”

Overall, it wasn’t the affair that hurt Dean the most. He laments, “The cheating wasn’t the hardest part. The hardest part was someone standing in the back of the bus in the middle of nowhere and saying, ‘I don’t love you anymore.’ I would’ve rather she said, ‘I slept with twenty guys.’”

When it comes to LeAnn now, Dean believes that she’s addicted to attention. That revelation doesn’t shock anyone, does it? Regardless, he sympathizes as to why she is the way she is. He asserts, “She really lives on the adoration of others. I could be speaking out of turn but this is my perspective. She lives and dies on the perception of herself. I sympathize with that cause she’s been famous since she was 12-years-old so she doesn’t know anything else. In LA, there’s the paparazzi and that false sense of success, false security that you’re still relevant. If you’re in the magazines, then you matter. And that carried over to the divorce. She became even more “famous”. But she was in the middle of the road in country and she should’ve been owning that format. She’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, has the most incredible voice, she’s flawless. But she got away from doing that and it breaks my heart. She’s gone away from what she was put on this earth to do. It’s all been at the expense of that. I think she learned a really hard lesson because it didn’t pan out the way she wanted it to.”

Whoa. I am fascinated by all Dean has to say regarding his marriage. He seems sincere and upfront, even when giving some major side-eye. It’s pretty impressive that he can do that without sounding like a total ass, but even if he did come across as a d-bag, no one could argue it wasn’t warranted!


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