Love & Hip Hop Recap: No Dollaz Leads To No Sense

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Something was missing on last night’s Love & Hip Hop, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it was. Did any of the ladies in Rich’s harem of crazy decide he wasn’t worth it? Nope, that wasn’t it. Did we watch genuine story lines fraught with raw human emotions? Yeah, I’ll let you stop laughing before you answer that question. Oh, I know! Peter Gunz was nowhere to be found. Nailed it! 

Yandy Smith doesn’t understand why Mendeecees is taking an issue with her firing Remy. She won’t be disrespected by her fiancee’s employees, and he doesn’t understand how a firing equates to her having Kimbella jump his assistant. Yandy tries to explain that Remy was mouthing off, and she gives her best impression of how Remy reacted to being fired by her boss’ future wife. When she doesn’t win that argument, she changes the subject to their upcoming baby shower. She barely fares much better with that conversation.


In the studio, Cyn loves the song Cisco is producing for her suicide awareness event. She enjoys working with him, and she wonders how the nice guy she knows could ever be involved with such a headcase like Diamond Strawberry. Her level of crazy is best left for the like of Rich Dollaz. Cisco teases that Rich did a good deed by introducing him Cyn. He really likes spending time with her. Poor Cyn is blushing…it’s awkward being hit on by a guy who doesn’t realize you’re playing a lesbian on this “reality” show. As for Rich, he’s growing tired of Diamond’s behavior and the pair has only had one scripted bathroom sexcapade. They are meeting for a drink to discuss her insane behavior at the club with Jhonni. Rich reads her the riot act for her aggressive and possessive actions. She’s everything she claimed not to be with Cisco! This revelation brings Diamond to tears, and she pleads for him to be her friend. She’s been hurt so much. Rich states that she doesn’t need friends, she needs luck, and her wishes her as much before hightailing it out of the bar. 

Chink Santana is exhausted by Chrissy Monroe’s recent antics. She’s been skipping out on birth control, mouthing off about his family, and posing in less than reputable skin magazines. He decides it is time to seek the advice of his father. Chink wants to spend as much time as he can with his dad whose health is failing. His father advises that he needs to follow his heart, but he reminds Chink that he will always consider Chink’s wife to be blood, and blood is thicker than whatever glue Chrissy uses to keep her hair pieces in place. However, if it means that much to his son, he’s willing to Chrissy and promises to be cordial. At the end of the day, he recognizes it’s his son’s decision. 

It’s the evening of Cyn’s suicide prevention event, and she is nervous about having to perform in front of so many people. She is grateful for Rich, Chrissy,and Paris for coming to support her. Precious Paris reveals that the word on the street is that Jhonni has a raunchy sex tape on the horizon. The women tease Rich as to whether he’s her partner in crime in the video. He tries to squelch the gossip by encouraging the women to focus on Cyn’s big night, but he does admit that he’s seen the tape, and he finds Jhonni to be very messy. Cisco arrives with flowers for his protege and the hope that one day they can be together. How sweet…and awkward. Cyn finds his admission to be unexpected, and she’s going to have think about things. Cisco’s not totally out of the ballgame, but she needs to worry about her performance. It’s quite a production with back-up singers, interpretive dance, and some guy with a Casio. Cyn has a great voice, the song has special meaning to her, and it is very well-received. 

Things are back to normal between Yandy and Mendeecees. They are preparing for a family photo shoot when Yandy receives that news that her father is on his way into emergency surgery for a blood clot. His leg may need to be amputated, and Yandy is worried what that could do to her father’s active lifestyle. Mendeecees reminds her that people run track with prosthetic legs, and if they need to, they can move her dad in with their family. She loves that he always puts family first, despite their recent issues. Speaking of dads, Chink sends a car to pick up Chrissy to bring her back to meet his father. She demands to know what is going on, and she is concerned there has been an emergency. Chink asserts that they need to talk. He’s not upset so much with the lingerie spread, but rather she didn’t tell him she’d be doing it…the same goes for ditching her birth control. So he’s upset about a lack of communication? Um, more like a lack of honesty. He reveals that he’s brought her to Maryland to meet his father, and she’s excited about this major event in their relationship. 

Jhonni is being interviewed by an old friend, and Tara Wallace is listening in to see how she can help her client with her public image. Jhonni isn’t ashamed that she did a sex tape for her private stripping clientele, although she hates that the video has been leaked and is making its way around the internet. Tara can’t even focus on this news. She’s got her work cut out for her for sure! Before she can tackle that topic, Tara wants to find out about Jhonni’s altercation with Diamond at her launch party. Jhonni shares that she’s in love with Rich. Oh gracious! This situation is even messier than Tara first imagined! After her successful event, Paris and Cyn are catching up over a glass of wine. Paris is still frustrated with Rich’s lack of focus on her career, she has decided to team back up with her former management team. Enough of the work talk though, Paris wants to know what is going on between Cisco and Cyn. Cyn admits that it is intriguing, but he’s coming on a little too strong. Plus, she’s learned her lesson about mixing business with pleasure.

Chink is nervous about introducing Chrissy to his father. It could run her off or totally disappoint his dad. Chrissy is pleasant, and Chink’s dad is charming. They bond over how stubborn Chink’s stubborn nature and his positive attributes. Chrissy gets emotional sharing why she loves Chink. She’s frustrated that he’s still married, but Chink’s father warns her that if she pushes him too hard to get a divorce, she could push him in the wrong direction. Being overbearing can cause people to put up barriers, Chink’s dad advises. Tender is the way to be! Back in New York, Rich seeks out Jhonni at the strip club to tell her that she needs to stop fighting people at industry events. Rich is met with opposition because Jhonni is hurt by how he has treated her. He tells her he loves her when he wants to get in her pants, but then he pretends like there is nothing between them in public. He storms out of the club chastising Jhonni for her delusions. Is Rich’s peen made of solid gold? Why do all of these women keep getting so hung up on him? 


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