Ramona Singer Talks Dating After Divorce; Mario Singer’s Behavior Turned Her Into Someone She’s Not!

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 7

Ramona Singer is single and officially on the mingle! Since deciding to file for divorce from Mario Singer after years of his infidelities, Ramona has a new lease on life – and love! “I’m definitely out there more – and I’m having fun,” she gushed. 

The new season of Real Housewives Of New York will chronicle Ramona dealing with divorce, including her painfully coming to terms with Mario’s affair after a 20-year-marriage. Especially since, if you recall, the last time Bethenny Frankel was a Housewife Ramona and Mario renewed their vows to stave off that 17-year itch! 

Freed from Mario, Pinot Fabulous has come out of her shell and Ramona’s social life has gotten more turtle-timey than ever. “I have a lot of friends,” she shares candidly, with accompanying crazy eyes – and now life is all about fun! “I embrace all of their warmth and they embrace me. Life is good!” Is Ramona gonna get one of those “Life Is Good” T-shirts? Life Is Good: Divorce! Life Is Good: Pinot! Life Is Good: Friends With Benefits! Life Is Good: Turtle Time 


Ramona admits, however, that life hasn’t always been good – or easy. “Having your husband betray you is the worst feeling in the world.” She describes being “emotionally bruised,” by Mario’s philandering and explains he was “adamant” she not speak publicly about “our relationship and his infidelity.” As a result, she became someone she wasn’t last season to guard the realities of what was happening in her marriage.  “I was allowing my husband to control my behavior,” she acknowledges. 

In fact, Ramona credits her Real Housewives co-stars for helping her navigate divorce and move forward. “All the women on the show, including LuAnn [de Lesseps], were supportive of my situation with Mario,” she tells E! “Without them I would never have been able to handle what I was going through. I thank all my fellow Housewives for their support and continued support.” 

“You have to wake-up every morning feeling good about yourself and saying, ‘You know what – it’s all going to be OK,'” says Ramona of her strategy for moving on.

Speaking of moving on, she’s ready to start dating again if the right guy comes her way. “Just go with the flow and things will happen naturally. Don’t force anything.”

In other divorce news, Ramona may have to give-up her Hamptons home in the divorce process, while Ramona has filed the exes are still finalizing the details and possibly arguing about finances! 

I cannot not wait to see who Ramona ends up dating… And good for her for finally getting honest about her marriage


[Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/Bravo]