Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap – Somewhere Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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On this week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner dips her toes in the dating pool, Kourtney Kardashian sends Kim a cease and desist over her video game app, and Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian offend a whole lot of people on Halloween.

Kim’s in San Francisco meeting with the Glu team that was behind her video game to enhance her brand even more. She wants to include a Hollywood app and involve her family to increase her fan base. I’ve gotta hand it to Kim to strike while the iron is hot and literally plaster her image on all products that could possibly have her face on it. It’s quite remarkable when you think about it. She takes the time to thank essentially the entire team at Glu that is behind the success of her game and apps which was a decent move on her part.

Back in Calabasas Scott is on a mission to set Kris up. Helping him out are Kendall and Kylie as they suspect she’s already been out there trying to meet people because lately Kris has been texting and giggling on her phone. Scott decides to “borrow” Kris’s phone to text Kourtney and Kris flat out gives it to him (You’d think her phone is her soulmate – I’m surprised she handed it over). Scott walks off and snoops on it with Kylie and Kendall and they discover she’s been texting a gent named Corey. Kris walks in and busts them immediately, demanding the phone back. Kris’s lips are sealed!

Kim, Kourt and Khloe meet up to discuss their children’s clothing line and Kim asks (demands) the gals to be in her video game and apps. Khloe’s in but Kourt is hesitant because she’s not going to get paid while Glu uses her name and likeness to promote Kim. Kim is peeved because back in the day, Kim would have done ANYTHING to help advance their careers (I actually believed this 100% – does anyone remember QuickTrim?). 

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Back at the Calabasas house, Scott, Khloe and Kylie are hanging out in the kitchen. Kim strolls in with a coat over her shoulders but her arms not in the sleeves. Scott nearly falls of his bar stool ripping into her about how ridic she looks walking around in her house like she just came back from Paris fashion week. Underneath her coat is a ripped up pink sweat suit by Chanel. I can only imagine what the hell that outfit costs. Scott fesses up to digging around Kris’s phone and the texts that surfaced from a guy named Corey (Gamble). Turns out he’s 33 and works for Justin Bieber. Oh good God. Initially, I’m thinking she should be with an older, successful man, perhaps retired and wants to spend his twilight years with a woman his age and they can play tennis and golf, etc. But then I remind myself that this is Kris Jenner we’re talking about here. I don’t think she could keep someone’s attention long enough to suffer through her blabbing about her kids’ careers all day long. I’m not sure she brings that much to the table besides the momager angle which makes me think that this Corey guy might be perfect for her!

Khloe hangs out with Kris later that night and Kris confirms that she has been texting and out to dinners with Corey. This is kinda creepy weird on a few levels, but I’m happy to see people moving on finding happiness. Nothin’ wrong with that people!

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Scott and Khloe are in Canada hosting a Halloween bash and coincidentally Brody Jenner is the DJ for this event as well. Brody can booze so Khloe is hoping Scott stays on the wagon in the midst of the all the alcohol and partying. Khloe plays it safe dressed up as a cat (meaning a black body suit and little cat ears) while Scott and his friend dress as up as sheiks. Scott’s costume is great and Khloe learns a huge life lesson about what people really think about her when she posts the exact same picture as Scott on Instagram and the hate fest begins on Khloe. She posted the picture with the title “Sheik pu**y” of her and Scott in his Arabian garb and the hits just keep on coming from commenters. Scott did post the same picture without the offensive tagline and people just love him. I think people do just hate the Kardashians, but damn that title was in terrible poor taste of Khloe and sometimes she needs a bit of a reminder of how insensitive she can be. The party hosting goes off without a hitch (with the exception of a crazo fan that wanted to jump Khloe), Scott stays sober (yay!) and Brody pretends to DJ. I say this because I have such a hard time anyone can do any job successfully while downing shot after shot of tequila.

The next day, Khloe hits the red carpet for some press event and she gets ambushed by an entertainment reporter that it’s confirmed Kris is dating Corey Gamble. Khloe puts on her best game face and hides her surprise and shock while answering the remaining questions. She marches up to her hotel room and speed dials Kris complaining to her about no heads up with the dating news. Kris starts stuttering into the phone telling her it will be cold coffee by next Tuesday, but Khloe wishes she still would have had been debriefed prior.

Afterwards at home, Kourt chats with Khloe about getting a letter from her attorney asking permission to use her name and likeness for Kim’s video game. Kourt shuts it down and Khloe doesn’t have a problem with it so she’ll do it. I’m not sure where the Kardashians draw the line with what they do and don’t endorse anymore, so I’m shocked to even hear that Kourt gives a crap about where her image lands these days. It’s smothered on every damn thing it could possibly be on.

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That night, Khloe makes a pit stop at the DASH boutique to find an outfit for the NBA game she’s headed to with her BFF Malika. A few of the DASH dolls (aka salespeople) are of Middle Eastern decent and it’s been bugging Khloe about the backlash from her Halloween Instagram post. So she asks the girls what was so offensive about her sheik pu**y comment and they tell her it was offensive to use those words in their culture. Khloe gulps and apologizes to the world for her post as she didn’t mean to offend anyone. Jeesh, I’m trying my best not to fall asleep during this episode, but YAWN, big time.

It starts to barely pick-up when Kim stops by Khloe’s house with Kourtney there to yell at her for not doing the video game/app deal. Kourt is all “I just don’t want to do anymore random projects, okay?” and Kim is all, “We’re a family, we do stuff for each other the time. I made you, I can break you” type-stuff. I’m starting to feel like Kourt wants to slowly fade out of the limelight, meanwhile, Kim can’t get enough of it. ALL. THE. TIME. She is perplexed why Kourt won’t help her out as a favor.   Kim – lay off. Not everyone sells their soul for a dollar. I’m going to be on team Kourt for this one. More importantly, where the hell can I get two giant glass jars of perfectly arranged Oreos and gingerbread cookies like Khloe has on her kitchen counter…

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A few nights later, Kim is hanging with Khloe and Scott expressing their creepy thoughts about their mom dating and she decides to stop by Kris’s home office to settle this video game thing once and for all. Kourt sends Kim a cease and desist letter to lay off about the video game and Kim has had it. Kris reminds her that she is uber preggos and the hormones are making her emotional. Feeling a tad bit bad about it, she heads over to Kourtney’s house and apologizes for being snotty about the game and Kourt decides to participate in the stupid app after all. Ugh, just when I thought I was witnessing the demise of the Kardashian empire slowly starting, Kourtney messes it up and gets back on the sellout bandwagon. Ugh.

At the end of the episode, the crew heads to Vegas to host a party with Kim. Khloe and Kris are there alongside Kris’s new main squeeze Corey. First, they have dinner at Tao where Kris tries to play all cool and bring up the time she was forced to do a keg stand. IMO, this is Kris’s desperate attempt to appear cool and I just roll my eyes thinking of Kris doing a keg stand. Corey is all smiles during the dinner and Khloe and Kim approve of him considering how happy it makes their mom. They all dance the night away and I will continue to dream about those damn cookie jars.

So far, this season’s trailers have not lived up to their editing powers. Next week, it looks like Kris might have a health scare and Scott makes a bad decision to buy expensive cars without telling Kourtney.


Recap Author: Bonnie K.

Photo Credit: E!